Ass Play And Exhibitionism
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Added: 14 Mar 14
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Description: Bradley is a daring boy, hauling out his tasty cock on the balcony and jacking off for all to see. His exhibitionist streak is sexy as hell, but once he's given all curious potential viewers a horny outdoor show he's heading to the bedroom for some real horny action.
Enrique's Shower Solo
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Description: I can't say enough about this incredibly cute Asian boy. He loves being a star and he loves being desired and he loves a hot cock up his fuckable ass. But when there's no live cock, he plays with his toy in the shower. Watch the extreme close-ups of him as he penetrates his delicious hole with the black soapy dildo. It's very obvious he enjoys being watched and wanted.
Rodney at Sex Toys
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Description: Met this guy while he and his lady were shopping my store for sex toys. Gave him a card, and called that afternoon. He's yearning to go both ways, but hasn't gotten up the courage yet. Calls to do a Buddy film, then cancels. He'll come around.
Pre-party porking
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Description: The boy fingered, toyed and then fucked his older lover's ass from all angles till both exploded with cum at the same time
Drilling Ass
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Devin Draz Fucks Hollister
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Description: In and out his cock slides over and over. They fuck all over my lucky couch in every which way. Hollister moans and yelps, Devin does what Devin does best, and completely dominates blondie with his man-stick. After they are both red in the face huffing and puffing from the work out, Devin climbs onto the back of the casting couch. With both hands around his cock, bellowing at the top of his lungs, calling to his little bitch, Devin dumps a hot straight man's load all over Hollister's face. Not one protest escapes from Hollister's lips, he counters with a nice big squirt of his own all over his flat little stomach. Who says I don't share? I let Devin play with my new toy for hours, on the condition I get to watch of course.
Sam Pounds Robert's Ass
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Description: Getting fucked relentlessly, Robert soon collapsed on the bed with his ass in the air. Taking advantage of the tired hunk, Sam pounds his cock even further into his new toy occasionally pinning Robert back down onto the bed. Finally giving Robert a break, Sam pulls out of Robert's sore ass and cums all over Robert's sweaty face. Sam shoots globs of steamy, white jizz with each stroke of his cock. Robert seems almost a bit deaf after having a huge puddle of creamy, sticky ooze that filled his ear like a deep pool of cum.