Joey & Preston 2
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Description: On his belly, full of Preston, Joey is pounded nicely. The camera goes in “deep” to get it all. Finding “the spot,” the top strokes Joey's cock while massaging from within. Joey then goes missionary and is “taking all of that, aren't ya.” As these two work together, their arousal builds while changing positions and speeds. Preston works on Joey's hole, tapping that sweet ass. Zooming in, the bottom grabs the bed for leverage as the top holds tight onto Joey's hips. To stroke one out, they lie side by side and touch. As they blow together, they agree their “online days” are over, but their “hook up” days have “cum.
Passionate Pleasures #1
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Description: We welcome Shosei on the right and his partner for today, Ryo. These sexy twinks for just want to get to the sex, but the director chats them up a bit about what they would like to do. Shosei usually tops, and that's just fine with Ryo, whose hole is puckering for a dick. In the tub, washing each other first, the boys explore one another as their passions grow. The two kiss, touch and orally delight one another in such a loving manner. Shosei is able to swallow Ryo all the way to his balls; as the bottom boy watches and enjoys, he holds his partner's hand. Ryo takes in the top's thick shaft and bobs, happily. Docking their dicks together, the pair soap up one another, then move to the bed for more “probing.” They are so into one another, the world falls away; they adore what the other has to offer. Both dicks stay hard as their focus remains pleasuring the other. Shosei then has Ryo on all fours, lubes up the bottom's sweet hole, and fingers him pa
Str8 Loads 2 Cody - Cody's Third Visit
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Description: On Cody's third visit I introduce him to a vacuum pump to make his dick rock hard. Watch how he likes to touch my head as I go down on him. I get a little bold and take out my dick while I'm blowing him and he's OK with it! He shoots a nice load on my face and down my throat. Cody left for Tennessee right after this last visit and I don't know if I'll ever run into him again...but I'll bet he remembers getting some of that good old New England hospitality. I flip the camera's view screen around so Cody can see himself and he gets a kick out of that, then, while Cody is smoking a cigarette, I introduce him to the pump. Cody's jaw drops wide as the suction builds around his boner, so he must be feeling good. After playing for a while I go back to the old fashioned way and suck Cody's dick. As the session nears the end, I pops out his own hard on and Cody's eyes go wide. You only see my cock briefly, but I must be well equipped to get that reaction from a str8 guy.
He's So Ticklish - Ricky, Mike and Jose
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Description: On our weekend away on a tiny remote island in the Pacific, we brought Jose with us and he wanted to be nude this time. So no problem! We strapped his gorgeous, smooth, golden brown body down on the bed in our little cottage and we tickle tortured him senseless. Jose has to be the most ticklish guy in all my experiences. The slightest touch on his silky smooth skin sends him into hysterics. This is a delightful 20 minutes of pure guy tickling that you must not miss. What's a better fantasy than to take a hot, young cutie to a remote island, strap him down and tickle him senseless! Fulfill that fantasy with this clip.
Fingering Dean to completion
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Description: It'd been so long since I'd heard from Dean that I figured his happy-ending massage had crossed the line so far beyond his comfort zone that we might not ever see him again. Little did I know! He got in touch not too long ago saying he was ready for something more. And when he said "ready" he definitely wasn't kidding. Dean showed up with a week's worth of cum stored up and was already pitching a tent in his shorts when he walked in the door.
Muscle Pup's 3Way
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Description: I first met this furry, Brazilian piece of man when I was fortunate enough to do a shoot with him for Fort Troff last summer. We hit it off right away on and off camera and I developed quite the crush on Tony so we stayed in touch. A buddy of mine was hosting a Halloween party and needed hot guys so I suggested that Tony and his boyfriend come up to work and also do a video. Come to find out this was their first threeway! They roughed me up so good. It was so hot having them take turns on my hole and fuck me relentlessly until I couldn't take it anymore and then keep going.
Latin Stud Gets Plowed
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Description: With Marco's sexy body within kissing distance, Holden can't resist the temptation and reaches out for Marco's bulging shorts with his face. Holden digs in Marco's shorts and pulls out a thick Latin sausage to feast on. Holden licks his lips and goes to town, but it is Marco who turns out to be the really hungry one. He wraps his expert lips around Holden's pink cock, slurping down blondie's meat deep in his throat until his lower lip touches balls. Marco gives Holden's tip one final spit and spins around to glide his ample ass onto Holden's stiff cock. Marco's long logs splay wide as Holden's meat thrusts farther and farther into his void. On his knees and on his back, Marco gets a proper pounding with Holden at the helm. Holden springs up to climax and juices a stream of hot joy into Marco's awaiting mouth. Ropes of stud cum stream down Marco's cheek. Marco seals the deal and busts his own surge of jizz all over his sexy six pack.
Str8 Loads 6 Paco - First Time - Part 2
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Description: A visit to the local Adult Video Arcade paid off when I discovered Paco coming out of a viewing booth (he had a "bodyguard" watching his door so he wouldn't be bothered!). We struck up a conversation over a cigarette and I discover - what a coincidence! - he wants to be a porn star! Paco is 19 years old, 5'8'' tall, 150 pounds and he's a soccer player in college. He seems pretty cool on his first visit and it doesn't take long to realize that big surprises do often come in small packages...He lets me touch his cock to measure it - 9''x6.5'' - so I start to stroke and then suck the ''monster''. ''Where are all the hot co-eds?'' he asks...Paco's girlfriend starts to page him but that doesn't stop me from throwing his legs up and giving his ass a tongue bath! He says he's curious so I take out my cock and he starts to suck it! Paco tells me how he likes it done as I stroke his monstrous cock with both hands, and when he's ready to cum he pitches a huge load on the bed and in his hand.
Mount Fuji
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Description: In the school locker room, Fuji gets undressed. As the air cools off his skin, his cock hardens; we've all been there. He just needs to shoot one off. In this video, as Fuji works his meat, and ass, maybe he's not the only one who needs to release? As our hot twink has got a hole that begs to be ridden and a cock that needs a licking, I'd say he's a perfect “gym buddy,” up for any game. “Riding” his hand, his body tightens and releases very nicely in a super sexy pose. If you're not touching yourself right now, you're not seeing what I'm seeing. Thumping his cock against his stomach, he is playing my song. Sitting on a bench, Fuji continues to rub himself in all the right places. Once up on his knees, he's able to “explore” his hole for all to enjoy. Fuji is definitely a bottom with a cock that is as hard as wood; I wouldn't mind “nailing” him. Between tapping his hole and jerking his cock, I'd say this boy was born to please.
Personal Touch - Brett
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Description: Plopped in front of the TV, Brett works his cock thru his jeans before setting it free. After giving it a good wanking he spurts a load onto his stomach.
Twink with a muscle jock
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Description: Scott Reeves is busy with his morning fitness routine of push ups and sit ups when suddenly he is interrupted by Eric Flynn who has just come out of the shower. Eric simply cannot resist touching Scott'€™s well shaped body and you'€™ll notice the surprise in his eyes while taking out Scott's big uncut penis. Both are eager to work on each others cocks while Erik wants more...Scott's big cock in his ass. Eric cums first in Scott's mouth and than offers his hole again as he enjoys taking every bit of that thick cock inside of him. Scott fucks our hungry bottom boy and shoots his load all over Eric hole. Nobody Does It Like BelAmi!
18 Boy - Handjob Adventure
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Description: - Derek Gustafson is sexy and he know it. He loves to flex his muscles for you and lift weights to pump up. He cannot wait to get a handjob and he loves to get his body touched and massaged. His dick gets hard instantly. Watch him getting a handjob, and there is more to come soon!
Bad Boyz Club - Cory
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Description: Cory has just played a tough game of ice hockey with his friends and now he's stripped down in my bedroom working his 7+ inches. He wants to stroke off quick and join his girlfriend at the mall but I make him hold for a few more minutes. I finally let him bust and Corey spills a huge 2-day nut on his chest. When I try to massage his balls he pushes my hand away and barks ''No! Don't touch!''.
Gay Asian Customer Service
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Description: This restaurant seems to attract the sexiest, cutest gay Asian boys. Another cutie walks into the bar and it's quite early and no other customers are there. The cute hunky bar tender lays his eyes on the stranger who just came in to refresh himself with a cool drink on this warm day. He serves him a cool sweet drink, and begins to serve him also with a cute, seductive smile, and some sensual touching. Refreshment comes in many forms he tells him, and the bartender and stranger can no longer hold back. The clothes begin to come off and the stranger starts sucking his enormous Asian cock. Things get steamy and they're laid out on the counter eating each other's asses and before you know it, our bartender is tending the stranger's ass with his fully engorged cock. He pounds his ass good and the scene concludes with a massive load blown all over the stranger's torso. Now that's what I call customer service!
Prostata From Indian Massages
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Description: Prostata massage from india, direct from the most erotic and sensual land, India.
Anal Massage That Works
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Description: Intimate anal massage from India shows how to make this massage really work for your lover.
Triston Pounds Skyler
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Description: Skyler wanted a taste, got his new friend back up on the couch and swallowed the hot uncut cock in front of him. Not wanting to wait any longer, Skyler gets Triston's cock nice and wet and takes a seat right then and there, riding away like there's no tomorrow. He didn't even have time to get his pants completely off. Triston finally flips the boy on his back and gets his legs up in the air. He goes to town, pounding away relentlessly as Skyler moans through it all. He didn't even touch his cock as he sprayed his stomach with white hot jizz. Triston wasn't quite done yet though, as he flips Skyler into ***gie-style and fucks him until he's ready to shoot himself, all over the little twinks mouth and face. I love a happy ending.
Anton and Calvin
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Description: Hung UK fucker Anton Dickson touches down at the club and shows off an impressive uncut 9-inch cock
Triston Fucks Clayton
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Description: Triston picks up Clayton, throws him on his back to slide that huge cock in further and fuck him even harder. After fucking Clayton like a living sex toy, Clayton can't hold back any longer. Shooting out hot man gravy all over his amazing 6 pack, he explodes without barely even touching himself. Triston keeps fucking him and then feels his own urge to blow, pulls out, rips of his condom and erupts a white creamy load all over Clayton's stomach, relieving his swollen penis head of all its juices.
Gay Threesome Anal Bareback
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Description: Hardcore gay fucking threesome with nasty sperm in the ass action. See two horny studs fuck this gay tight hole and unload sperm inside. After a whole day working at their own work and got home these two barebacked gay lovers are so excited to relax by having gay fucking starts with touching their big cock and blowing followed by a lusty anal fucking with creampie and facials