Duncan Black & Levi Karter Flip-Fuck
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Description: Duncan Black & Levi Karter first met at a shoot in Atlanta months ago and they haven't been able to stop flirting and sex-texting each other since then. Levi keeps saying that Duncan is "the exception" and Duncan can't stop talking about how cute he thinks Levi is. Together, they just can't keep their hands off each other.
Daddy Mike Fucks Dexter - Part 1
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Description: Dexter had been texting me for months that he wanted me to fuck him. Well, the time has come. What I didn't know was that this was his first time to feel a cock up his sweet gay Asian ass. I knew this was going to be one tight, tasty ass. But I had to prime myself up with some tickle and foot worship. Dexter then sucked my cock nice and hard so I was ready to fuck this boy.
Jonny Kingdom and Kayden Gray
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Description: With the juice still flowing into the machine, Ashley needs more fit fuckers to have a go on his machine, this time he texts blond stud Jonny Kingdom who just so happens to be with young muscle man Kayden Gray. Up for something special from the London scene, Jonny persuades his friend to join him for something special, and they both rock up to the apartment, desperate to see what's going to happen! As they sit down, they're face to face with the thickest dildo they've ever seen on the end of the infamous fuck machine. As they strip naked together, Kayden is well up for getting down and dirty with Jonny, who wouldn't be with his lean trim body, matching with Kayden's hot built body and thick dick. Jonny pushing Kayden's head down onto his long shaft, stretching his throat as he goes. Fingering Jonny and getting him ready for his thick shaft and long dick, Kayden goes to town on Jonny's smooth hole, giving us perfect visibility as Jonny's stretched around Kayden's meat, fucking him hard
Kayden Gray, JP Dubois and Lucas Davidson
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Description: The next day, and Zac is gone, leaving just a note for Kayden on the table where all hell broke loose. Coming down slightly less hung over, Lucas and Kayden have a chat, and Kayden lets the secret of last night out, with Lucas going to ask Niall himself if it's true. Spotting another chance for some hot fucking, Kayden pursues and gets his own way, as always and gets Lucas on his knees sucking his giant dick right there in the barn, in full view of the cottage, and all of them in there! Getting off on the risk, Kayden's morals are out the window and his dick is shoved down Lucas' throat. In a further twist, he texts his mate JP to join in the fun, and as Lucas has his eyes closed and mouth full of dick, Kayden pulls out and JP slides his own dick into his mouth! With the act already done, Lucas gives in to Kayden's demands and gets spit-roasted, his ass split by Kayden's dick and mouth stuffed with JP's dick, everyone's favorite dream come true, it's no wonder Lucas didn't put up much
Curtis Back For More
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Added: 28 Oct 13
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Description: Curtis sent me a text recently and wanted to come back and play around some more. This video involved two different sessions. If you listen closely to our conversation throughout the video you can hear him ask me questions about certain sexual things and tell me some of things he likes. I found out he likes to have his ass played with and managed to get the tip of my finger in his asshole. He loves having his balls caressed and my hands rubbing all over his body. The second part of the video you will see him standing jerking his cock when he blasts cum all over the floor!
Antonio, Dimitri and Brandon
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Added: 23 Jan 14
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Description: Brandon Hawk is in for a wild Latin ride. Antonio Biaggi and Dimitri Santiago answer a text from Brandon who desperately needs to get his asshole pounded. Once these two tops arrive, they take turns fucking Brandon in the stairwell before moving the action inside where they both breed Brandon's selfish hole.
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Description: Landon's second video was shot in mid-May, and I inadvertently neglected to run it. That was a few weeks after my surgery and a few weeks before Landon's surgery. So, I'm happy that I was able to capture Landon's final scene of him being penetrated. Unfortunately, a medical condition precipitated his surgery and forever altered his sexual proclivities. As Landon' recently said to me when we were catching up on his health & life post procedure, "No more putting anything up me bum. I'm strictly a power top, now." That cracked me up... And it further exemplifies why I enjoy working with Landon. He's real. He's honest. And he's direct. I discovered that first-hand a couple of weeks back when a girlfriend & I decided to have vino & dinner at a local hot spot where all of the beautiful people work -- including Landon. So, as I'm texting Landon across the restaurant to tell him to work on the HELLA HOT bartender to get him to shoot a video, Landon walks up behind me. I showed him the te
Grant rides a Dildo
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Description: Grant is back again and this time he brings along one of his dildos. When we asked him about doing a scene with a dildo, he was a little hesitate about doing it because he is mostly a top and not too experienced in putting things up his asshole. We chatted with Grant a bit and asked him about his last hookup he had done. He tells us it started out with some ****** texting, which lend to his hot tub and eventually his bed. It sounds like the two of them had a lot of fun that night. Grant shows us even a top can pleasure himself with a dildo up their hole. He thrusts it in and out of his ass, making the cum build up in his balls. He finishes himself off with a huge load of cum all over his chest.
Choking on cock
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Description: Aden sent a text recently: "I'm horny as hell." Elegant in its brevity, I knew exactly what that meant and pulled out the cameras! Sure enough, Aden's thick 7-inch cock was already hard and bulging through his jeans when he showed up at the door. As I began peeling his clothes off and wrapped my lips around his shaft, Aden's mouth dropped open and a shiver ran through his body. Moving down to his balls, Aden could barely contain himself as I slowly sucked and licked them. I couldn't wait to get a taste of his hot ass, so I pushed his legs up and stuck my tongue up his crack. Aden looked like he was in heaven, so I had him get up on his knees for the full rimming treatment. Aden stood up and let all hell break loose, grabbing my head and pounding the back of my throat with his cock. In full face-fuck mode, Aden pulled out suddenly with a gasp and shot a load that flew over my shoulder and left my face covered in creamy white cum.
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Description: Back in late August, I was perusing the personals on Craigslist to look for potential models when I surfed across this ad: "broke straight guy - 21 - Straight broke guy looking to do whatever is necessary to make 2000 by the end of the month so text me with yalls idea" The accompany pix looked promising, so I filed it away for future exploration. As this past weekend rolled around, and it had been a week of cancellations
Ashby Red and Maximus O Connell
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Added: 13 May 13
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Description: Ashby Red and Maximus O'Connell were looking forward to hooking up in Dallas over the TBRU weekend. After a lot of texting back and forth, they ended up getting some hot and freaky afternoon fucking onto their busy schedule. Tattooed, rough-and ready Max eats Red's ass like a fuzzy peach before getting his thick dick deep inside, bareback and free. Red loves getting the hard shaft pounded inside his hot wet hole and he puts on a stroke show for Max, jacking himself off while his pink fuckhole is pounded into submission.
Johnny Francis and Nick Quik
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Added: 28 Apr 13
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Description: Tattooed bear cubs Nick Quik and Johnny Francis have been lusting for each other since meeting online at Bear411. After a weekend of back and forth flirting over text messages, they finally hook up in a secluded backyard. The pair don't waste a lot of time on foreplay…they're bears hungry for meat. Rock-n-roller Nick devours Johnny's stiff cock while stroking his own rigid member. Johnny's eyes roll back in his head as Nick shows off his dicksucking skills, but Nick's meat won't be ignored. It's Johnny's turn to eat, and he gobbles Nick's cock and buries his face deep into his heavenly asscrack. Nick is finally ready to serve up his thick rod to Johnny, and he pounds the furry cub's wet hole until they both shoot a thick, hot load.
Brazilian Bus Boy Pt 5
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Description: I whipped out my hog and face fucked him for a bit. I texted Hunter to come down for a taste and he did. We agreed that we needed to fuck this boy, pronto. It was pretty crowded in the restaurant so we made plans to meet later in our hotel room.
Straight Boy Ass Tease
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Description: 19 y/o Skyler replied to one of my ads and sent me a link to his Facebook page. I must admit the picture he had there didn't do him justice and I almost turned him down. Luckily he sent me a few more recent pics. I couldn't believe the difference and knew I had to film him. Turns out there were 2 guys on his Facebook photo and I was looking at the wrong guy all along! He had really gone at it pretty hard with his girlfriend on Valentines Day so we figured we'd wait a few days for him to recharge. Seems like when he's horny, though, he's really horny and wants to get naked, so when he got the urge again he texted me to see if he could make his first ever video. He had never been naked on camera before, but he was definitely not shy. In addition to being hot as fuck, Skyler actually is a lot of fun to hang around. He talked about school and all the positions he likes to fuck in. Seemed like I had known him forever. We decided to forego an introduction this time and just have h
Cum Back Boyz - Paulie Now
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Description: It’s been almost four years since he popped his first nut for the camera and now he returns from visiting his family down south to chill with the Dawg. After texting his posse he strips down and turns his attention to the porno on the tube. I lube up his cock and stroke it hard before I start to suck it. It doesn’t take long before Paulie starts to fidget and twist as he explodes on my lips and tongue. Mama AND Papa Mia!
Hot Sext
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Description: Wesley gets a hot text message from horny twink Anderson
Sext in the Workplace
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Added: 14 Jan 13
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Description: Trenton Ducati is one hot boss - a fact that hasn't been missed by Ty Roderick. While in his office doing some work, Ty boldly sends a few hot and horny sext messages to the stud that signs his checks. When he gets a positive response the guys set aside their work for an intense office hookup!
Pump and Dump
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Added: 06 Jan 13
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Description: Recieved this text for a fuck bud of mine the other day. "Got a long day at work today. I wanna dump my load in you before work. Get your ass over here!! So I grabbed my camera and handed it to my buddy I was with and headed over to take his load. Enjoy!!!
Do Me Hard Latino
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Added: 31 Dec 12
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Description: I was standing at the ceiling fan display at the hardware store trying to figure out which one was best. TJ was picking up a ceiling fan as well, and I asked him why he had chosen that particular one. I told him I planned to install the fan myself and needed the easiest one to put up. That’s when he offered install it for me for a couple of bucks after he was done with work. He came over and when he was up on the ladder, I got an eyeful of his enormous package. He saw all the straight and gay porn strewn about my apartment, and, winking, said: “You own quite a collection!” I told him I more than owned it—I’d shot it myself. I told him I could always use a handsome guy like him. I gave him my card, and though I thought he wasn’t interested, he texted me the same evening to set up a shoot.
Sex deprived lad gets blown and fingered
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Added: 16 Dec 12
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Description: A lot of the times, cash is the major motivating factor for the guys getting sucked off on camera. Every once in a while, though, it comes down to them being extra horned-up and the money is just a nice bonus. This seemed to be the case with Parker, whose girl had been holding back the goods on him. He had admitted to being curious about guys anyway, so this might have been an easy chance to test the waters. I got a text one morning from Parker. "Hey, think we could do that blowjob movie you mentioned?" Sure enough, he showed up within an hour, already with a hard-on that was tenting in his shorts. And when I unzipped them he was primed, ready for action. Remembering that Parker liked having his ass played with last time, I was sure not to neglect it. Although, this time it was my tongue doing the honors. Parker's eyes squeezed shut and his jaw fell open as his tight hole was getting worked over. Parker stood up and grabbed the back of my head as I slid his throbbing shaft down my t
Scored! - Buckshot Productions
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Added: 28 Nov 12
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Description: They say that idle hands are the devil's playthings. Bored and with nothing to do, sexy young Buckshot studs Drake Wild and Ryan Lynch suddenly receive a tantalizing text message from a friend saying "We're having sex... lots and lots of sex". With mischief on their minds they decide to check it out. When they arrive on the scene they find exactly what they were promised. A house full of hot young guys in every room having lots and lots of hot and wild sex. Drake and Ryan realize they've Scored! big and join in on the fun. Have you Scored today?
Straight Broke and Gay For Pay
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Added: 08 Nov 12
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Description: Back in late August, I was perusing the personals on Craigslist to look for potential models when I surfed across this ad: "broke straight guy - 21 - Straight broke guy looking to do whatever is necessary to make 2000 by the end of the month so text me with yalls idea", so here we are...
Me swallowing my own cum.
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Added: 23 Oct 12
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Description: A nice video of me swallowing my own cum. Text me anytime at 518-224-1201 and Comment Please!!