I Want In
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Added: 01 Jun 12
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Description: These dudes are going places that they're not supposed to be. Mouths, asses, and a little breaking and entering. Five hot scenes of horny straight guys spying on what they want...and breaking in to get it! These boys Want In! They're watching their buddy suckin' a juicy, rock hard dick...and getting spewed in the face with fresh cum. Their buddy's on his back with his legs in the air and he's getting ass-fucked but good, while his own cock is hard as granite! He blows a huge load all over his chest and belly...and the look of such absolute pleasure on his face! Damn, that's hot... I want some of that!
PornPros Special Roommate Crush
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 01 Jun 12
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Duration: 0:09:27
Tags: Blowjob Anal Ass Hardcore Gay

Description: Troy Daniels just moved into his new apartment. His new roommate, Jimmy Davis, is cute but creepy. They get along and all, but Troy can't help but to feel that Jimmy is spying on him. Jimmy on other hand, wants Troy's sweet perfect ass and will do anything to get it.
Stud Caught Showering on Spy Cam
Category: Horsing Around / Non Porn
Added: 11 May 12
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Duration: 0:03:37
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Description: Curious friend wanted to see his roommates cock and set up a hidden camera in the shower, the next morning he caught his buddy showering after he returned from his run.
Bogwatch 16
Category: Hidden Camera
Added: 08 May 12
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Duration: 0:03:16
Tags: Toilet Trucker Blow Job

Description: Part spy vid, part action. Caught this truckie before, horny bloke so waitied out for him let him do his business then went in to join him and give him some relief.
Big-Dicked Blaine
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 07 May 12
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Duration: 0:01:30
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Description: After a few laps on the track, big-dicked Blaine takes a break to beat off his 10” dick. Blaine hears a noise and discovers his hot buddy Kaden Roads spying. Sexy Kaden strips and these lewd dudes skinny-dip together. Kaden services Blaine in the river and soon they compete to see who can shoot and squirt the furthest wad!
Spying on Showering Athlete
Category: Hidden Camera
Added: 01 May 12
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Duration: 0:00:28
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Description: The SneakyPeek voyeur has a shower-mounted camera secretly filming a muscular Latino cleaning himself off after a sweaty game. Thinking he's completely alone he spends some time pulling on his dick as well as washing himself as if he's toying with the idea of having a wank. Check out his handsome good looks, his powerful body and very cute ass in the new spycam video at SneakyPeek.
Lonely Soldiers
Category: Hidden Camera
Added: 01 May 12
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Duration: 0:09:23
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Description: These are some soldiers i found seizing the moment when they thought no one could hear them. I then took advantage of the opportunity and caught it on film. On guy even caught me recording him and he kept going and coming back for more later!!! Enjoy!!!
I Spy
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 28 Apr 12
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Duration: 0:01:06
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Description: Men.com presents Str8 to Gay's "I Spy". Trey Turner is renting a room from his landlord Christian Wilde, but being around him all day is almost too much for Trey to handle. Every night Trey dreams of Christian entering his room, his dick sliding into Trey's hole without either of them saying a word - Trey needs to see Christian's dick now! Trey has decided that the only way to see Christian's dick is to setup a spy cam in his bedroom…
Urinal Spycam
Category: Hidden Camera
Added: 27 Apr 12
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Description: Hunkered down in a toilet stall the pervy cameraman at SneakyPeek spies on this horny young guy who doesn't realize he's being filmed. This builder comes in, pulls out his cock and pisses. The cameraman zooms in to get an amazing view of his dick. There is a dangerous excitement to being a voyeur spying on guys. See new spycam videos at SneakyPeek.
Bogwatch 5
Category: Hidden Camera
Added: 25 Apr 12
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Duration: 0:01:34
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Description: Truckie from the skip wagon comes in looking for more than a piss