Spying on Swimmer in Speedos
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Added: 19 Sep 12
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Description: The SneakyPeek cameraman quietly videos a horny young man entering a swimming pool cubicle to change for a swim. Somehow it makes it even sexier seeming him fit snugly into his swim gear after seeing his heavy cock and cute ass exposed. Imagine the chlorine smell emanating from his hard muscular body after he climbs out of the pool. See new spycam videos at SneakyPeek.
Latino Jocks Fuck
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Description: Shortly after finding his seat Tommy takes off into the inner sanctum of the stadium. What he finds is a small locker room occupied by Esteban Paes and Mateus Fogaca. The soccer jocks are chatting and it is quickly turning hot as they start to grope each other a little bit. When Mateus notices Tommy spying he calls him out. When Tommy starts rubbing Esteban's shoulder, though, Esteban points to the ground and pulls out a heavy handful of soft cock. Tommy goes to town. Mateus isn't one to pass up a good thing, though, and he pulls his meat out for head before then dropping to his knees to return the favor. Esteban cops a squat on the bench and shows off his big dick. His fat ass-spreader sticks up past his fucking nipples and is almost too big around to grip! He strokes off long enough that I was beginning to think Alexander hadn't been able to convince Tommy to sit down on it. Alexander didn't let us down, though. Tommy takes it like the true bottom that he is. Once he's been stretched
Big-Dicked Twink Hung
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Description: After a few laps on the track, big-dicked Blaine takes a break to beat off his 10” dick. Blaine hears a noise and discovers his hot buddy Kaden Roads spying. Sexy Kaden strips and these lewd dudes skinny-dip together. Kaden services Blaine in the river and soon they compete to see who can shoot and squirt the furthest wad!
in night park
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Description: Night park in Moscow. Guy sucks dick man and takes it to the camera
Asian Forest Fucking
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Description: Two gay asian boys are enjoying some solitude in the mountains and decide to strip down and have a cool swim after a long hike. They come upon a natural waterfall and they begin to get horny in the falls. The outdoor sex begins on a big boulder, sucking each other's cocks. They discover they are not alone and notice a group of cute asian boys spying on them from behind some rocks. They invite them over to join in the fun.
Spying on Athletes Changing Outside
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Description: EricDeman has stunning new exclusive videos spying on triathletes changing in a parking lot when they think no one else is watching. These hot young dudes casually peel their clothes off thinking the only ones who can see them are their buddies, but really their hard muscular bodies, hairy balls and asses are caught on camera. There are many new videos to download and save from the enormous EricDeman.
Roommate voyeur 2
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Description: Another clip of my roommate. Unfortunately this is a short clip and I was trying to get a better view of his body, which I did manage to get, but not as long as I wanted to. I have been spying on him for the past month and have yet to catch him hard :( If you look very close towards the end and pause it just right, it looks like he was starting to get hard, it looked longer! Wishful thinking maybe hehe. He still brags about how big he is and how it gets in the way. One day I shall see!
Hotter Than Ever
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Description: In Hotter than Ever, a Brazilian sauna turns into a wild sex club when the studs show up! On a sunny day, Adriano Costa and his buddy Alisson Santos cruise the streets. They follow hunky Ramon Gonzales who leads them to a quiet sauna. Once inside they discover it's a non-stop sex palace. Their first sight is cover model Jean Carlo Souza topping bubble-butt Gustavo Sartini in positions never described in Kama Sutra. Gustavo's insatiable ass takes a pounding and is then invaded by some of Jean Carlo's bad-ass friends who show how much they love plowing his hole. Then, newcummer, Renato Alves pins Ramon Lemos in the steam room and tops him good. After much searching, Adriano and Alisson spy Ramon Gonzales, the guy who led them to the sauna. Ramon is happy to see them because he gets his chance to plug each of his amigos and makes sure neither leaves with a hungry hole.
Spying on College Student Showering
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Description: The handsome hot college student the SneakyPeek cameraman has caught showering in the bus station toilet dries himself in the new video. Without knowing he's being filmed he rubs his towel over his body and bends over inadvertently giving a nice view of his sexy ass. He's being filmed late at night so there isn't anyone else about and he thinks he's totally alone.
Spying on my dad
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Description: I've always wanted to see my *********** naked for the longest time so I kinda figure since he was ****** maybe I should hide my phone in the bathroom right before he takes a shower... True Story!!
Roommate voyeur
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Description: My roommate is young, hot and straight, but kind of a douchebag. He brags about his dick being big and how it make girls have multiple orgasms, etc, etc. Curiosity got the best of me and I decided to see how big he really is. What do YOU all think? Big? Small? Worth bragging about?
Old man cock 1
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Description: watched him jack off for awhile then he just stood up and ploped his cock in the hole, cam all over my hands.