Muscle on Muscle Fuck
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Description: Out of the frathouse vaults come muscle-bound studs Parker Williams and Trey Rex, ready to fuck the living daylights out of each other. Parker is a muscle bear with a full hairy chest and a massive cock. While Trey is ripped to the max and sports a sizable 8" himself. These older 30 something muscle hunks start out with a steamy make out session, tearing each others clothes off in the process. Parker pushes Trey up against the wall, licking every inch of his chiseled body. He bites at Trey's nipples, twisting them, licking his pits. All the while forcibly holding the mans hands above his head. Parker doesn't leave an inch of his partner's sculpted frame untouched. The muscle worshipping continues as Trey gets onto his knees and worships Parker's huge cock all the way into the back of his throat. This hunk sure can deepthroat! The two get into a 69, and Parker shows that he's just as skilled at sucking cock as his partner; taking Trey's meat all the way down his throat. Finally Trey ca
Hairy Top Rails Muscle Bottom
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Description: New ****** in the room, but the same HOT shit! I have a newbie getting comfortable on my bed. Chad is just as hot as hot can be. He is a rising star from the Bay Area, and a perfect match for LA's favorite handsome, hairy Mikey. Mikey loves coming to my place. It gives him a chance to get away from it all, and get into something he loves: fucking. Sexy Chad is all ears listening to straight, studly Mikey lament about his lost love. Apparently the engagement ended badly for him, but good for Chad. To get his mind off of his girl-trouble Mikey decided to go a very different route; like straight into Chad's tight round ass. Lots of heavy petting, steamy sex, two cum shots, and a very hot suprise from Mikey ends this lip smacking video. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it!
Sexy Blond Stud Wacks Off
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Description: Ken just turned 21 years old, is blonde, cute , and hairy. this young man has no problems pulling skirt where-ever he goes. Ken loves to watch porn, jerk off, and is really into anal sex. This frat-boy sums up his favorite college experience as a road trip to Tijuana with his boys. This surfer stud got to play on the cat-walk at one of the local dance clubs and drink champange off the bodies of not two, but three girls who were up there stripping! He is not shy at all when it comes to sex, and definitely not shy about whipping out his dick and beating off in front of a camera. Ken pulls out his eager pink jock-cock and starts pulling on it like his life depended on it. His furry chest and hairy happy trail are sweet accent on his tanned and toned body. It is so nice and curly even Ken can't stop touching it. He fingers his hair patch on his tummy first, moves to his hips, and then rubs his thick thighs as he gets hornier and hornier. Faster and faster he strokes, and little moans esca
Surfer Plows Blond Twink
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Description: Micah is a young and cute newbie, and is rearing to get fucked by a straight guy. Luckily, Mark, who is always ready to pound a virgin hole, was nearby at the beach. Micah begins by sucking the hell out Mark's rock hard dick, making it nice and plump to put deep inside his ass. Then he slowly inserts two fingers up into Mark's tight, little manhole working them in and out, getting him all lubed up. Finally, Mark is ready to ram Micah's hot hole, and slams his cock into the eager youngster. Mark instantly starts pummeling away at his round bubble butt, making Micah yearn for even more. After a few rounds of fucking, Mark pulls out and gushes cum all over Micah's youthful face, giving him the facial of a lifetime. But Micah isn't finished yet, and he works his own throbbing hard-on until globs of pure, white jizz blow out of his swollen penis head, coating his ripped abs.
Muscle Bottom Gets Hole Filled by Straight Cock
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Description: Straight and horny America is back once again, ready to plow a nice, tight manhole on my couch today. Luke, a ripped, tan and willing power bottom, was my choice for America's uncut dick to penetrate. I have them take a questionnaire, asking whether they like rimming, spitting, fucking, getting facials, etc. And their answers were very, very interesting. After their chat time, Luke is eager to get fucked and immediately starts taking off America's clothes to see that huge uncircumcised cock. Luke sucks on his throbbing rod and then works his way down on America's hairy, virgin hole. After rimming that tasty hole, Luke gets on the couch and America throws up his legs, slamming his hard man stick into Luke. Railing Luke's ass raw, America pulls out, eager to blow his load. The straight stud then erupts loads of white cum all over Luke's face and mouth. The hot bottom can't hold back his nut any longer and jizzes all over America's awaiting ass. And apparently cum eating was on Luke's lik
Brad Slater Fucks Jay Ross
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Description: Hot guys fucking Frat House style! Tanned and sexy Latin Brad meets up with hunky blonde Jay Ross. Brad is a hot Bi-sexual skater, who lives to surf. He also loves to fuck, not getting enough action from his girl led this one to the frat pad for some company only another bro could provide. Lean and mean Jay is just a little older, and very wise in the way of pleasing another man. Brad spreads Jay's cheeks for the camera before they slip into 69. Brad pops up after a nice dick sucking session and is ready for more. Jay rolls onto his six-pack and raises his ass in the air for Brad's rock hard dick. Brad enters with a moan and starts pounding away. Jay really shines when he is flipped onto his back, getting fucked with his legs swinging in the breeze, his cock at full salute just waiting to erupt. He starts tugging at his dick, and that really gets Brad going! Faster and faster he pumps and brings Jay right to the edge. Jay explodes hot, white fury all over himself. He is coated from nec
Uncut Hottie Fucks Twink
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Description: Triston is probably one of my all-time favorite latin studs. He's got a rockin' body, tattoos and a thick 8 inches of uncut meat to ****** those cute little bottoms. Skyler came out from Colorado to explore what California had to offer. And what California had to offer was a hunky latino ready to spread his hole wide open. Triston and Skyler flirt awhile, chatting it up and getting to know each other. And before long they're making out and pulling each others' clothes off. Both boys were hard and ready to go before the clothes even came off. Skyler is a natural, at taking dicks. Swapping spit with Triston, he climbs up into Triston's lap and grinds his body against the latin boy's groin, working up a sweat as he kisses his way down Triston's cheek, opening up his shirt. Triston gets Skyler standing up and pulls down his pants, taking his time as he eats away at Skyler's chubby. Triston strokes his meat as he sucks Skyler off, precum dripping from the tip of his foreskin. Skyler wanted
Marks First Time Bottoming
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Description: Cool as a cucumber Mark, is a little nervous today. It turns out that he is not so cocky when the tables are turned on him. It is only the second time he has EVER taken it in the ass. He is still squeamish even though his first anal invasion while a little ****ful, had a very happy ending (and a very happy Triston). Clayton however is quite excited with the situation, he is more than happy to take a little wind out of a straight boy's sails. Being the nice guy that he is, Clayton goes down on Mark first. Getting him in the mood. He looks so good with a dick in his mouth, it took all my restraint not to step in and join the fun. Mark's turn to suck dick comes soon enough, he starts by tracing Clayton's petting **** tattoo with his tongue. Clayton's six pack is more than ready for a little heavy petting, and so is his cock! He is rock hard even before Mark can get his dainty lips close to it. Clayton quickly tires of Mark's mouth and he spins the tanned and toned lifeguard right into ***
Rod Barry Bottoms
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Description: Rod Barry is a big fan of the Frat House. Everytime he cums in, he gets laid! Today he gets to get fucked by a tall, dark, and handsome twink known as Pete. Sucking face and cock grabbing commences immediately, as these guys get ready to do the nasty! Rod looks espcially hot today, ripped and ready for action. What a hot couple, dude on dude, making out in just their jeans, and not a care in the world. Pete starts the cock-tease through Rod's tighty-whitey's, blowing and nuzzling his dick through its cotton housing. While sucking off Rod, Pete unleashes his own stiff pole and begins stroking it to full salute. Rod shoves his ass up in the air right in Pete's face, giving him a sneak peek at the territory he is about to explore. He rides that cock until his legs start to shake. Then he wraps Pete's arm around him and pulls them as one into ***gie, cock still inside and all! The hairy twink doesn't skip a beat and continues to bury his man-meat deep in Rod. Growling savagely, Rod stroke
Alen Gregory Gets Fucked
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Description: Nate is a Southern California skateboarding stud, with a fetish for body art and having his nipples played with. Alen is a Los Angeles native cutie with a great body and a taste for cock. Both of these guys have a little kink in them. Especially Nate, who has a fantasy about donkey-punching his partner! It just so happens that Alen likes to be manhandled and slapped around. These guys are one great match! Body kissing, belly-button licking, and (to Nate's delight) lots of nipple play. These guys are horny, horny, horny! After an eternity of teasing, the boys get naked and Alen starts with Nate's cock in his throat. Slurping and sucking, Alen gives a BJ that only another bro can give. Nate straddles Alen's tanned chest to give him a better view of the balls that are going into his warm, hungry mouth. Nate has decided that he wants more than just a blowjob today, he feels like fucking a dude! He gets his nice hard cock primed and lubed, and then shoves it deep inside Alen's hole. Alen st
Ricco & Danny Fuck
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Description: After that super hot jack-off session in my Las Vegas hotel room, I invited Ricco for a visit to San Diego. He jumped at the chance to visit sunny San Diego. Once he got here and met Donny, it didn't take much to get them together. I was impressed by how good Donny was at taking Ricco's 9 inch uncut dick.
Horny Stud Gets Gangbanged
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Description: Big, muscled Luke loves to get fucked. So I thought why not let him get gang-banged by some of my favorite sexy studs! All the boys are eager to get inside Luke's hungry holes and immediately start getting naked on my couch for the upcoming fun. Dicks are flying and Luke's mouth is eager to please each and everyone with his warm hole. Blowing and jerking off each of the guys gets our hot bottom so worked up, he is ready for his first big dick. Triston slides his huge, uncut cock deep inside of him, while Luke sucks Spencer's massive 9 inch cock. America is next in plowing the dirty little sex fiend, slamming every inch of his thick man stick into that man hole. Each stud gets a turn ravaging Luke, but saving the biggest dick for last! Spencer's massive cock stretches his used hole even more with every slam. While still getting fucked, the shower of cum starts pouring from each of the throbbing dicks on top of Luke's face and mouth. As each of the top studs unloads, Lukes stomach and ch
Radin & Zach
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Description: Radin and Zach just met in the Frat House and what do you know? Opposites DO attract. Zach and his smooth bald head and european good looks are a nice compliment to the tousled college boy look of Radin. They decide the best way to get to know each other is by making out long and hard and some good old fashioned cock-teasing. These guys warm up to each other quickly. So quickly that Zach finds a thick 8 surprise hiding under Radin's shorts. Zach dives in head first, and starts sucking away on Radin's co-ed sausage until it is as slick and shiny as Zach's bald head. Curious Radin gives his cock-sucking skills a try, and begins to work on Zach's chubby knob. Just so nobody gets left out, these two horny guys start a 69 suck fest that leads to Zach's tongue straight into frat-boy hole. Next thing you know Radin is balls-deep in Zach pumping away in missionary. Zach flips over onto his belly, and lets Radin get in even deeper, slow and steady Radin plows his cock between Zach's cheeks. Th
Jason Hawke Gets Fucked
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Description: Hot jock on jock action! Two buff beefy boys in a boat can only mean a good time. These two look ready for the beach, decked out in skimpy tank-tops and their board shorts. These cuties waste no time and get right down to making out and grinding against each other's cocks. Hot, tan, and horny Jason just can't wait to get his shorts off and cock straight into Bobby's mouth. As a good bud should, Jason pulls Bobby sideways and goes to town 69 style. Some college guys really can suck dick! Bobby must have shown up hungry, because he starts chowing down on Jason's hole like a famished puppy and prepping that sweet pucker for a fucking Jason won't soon forget. Jason rides a cock like a real cowboy, but it does not look like Bobby has any interest in bucking him off anytime soon. Sweating and grunting the pounding continues with Bobby on top of his new friend, these guys just don't tire out. Bottom's up! Jason leans back and shoots a big pearly mess all over his big burly chest and right af
Jeremy Jordan Gets Plowed
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Description: Kyle Lewis is a ***** raised, athletic stud with a massive cowboy's tool. He came to the FratHouse to meet up with the gorgeous blonde twink, Jeremy Jordan. The two immediately hit it off, Jeremy just itching to get Kyle's clothes off and his cock in his mouth. Jeremy pulls Kyle's clothes off to reveal a strong, big chest, some ripped abs and a cock meant for fucking tight little holes. Kyle spends a little time getting to know the back of Jeremy's throat, face fucking the twink, getting his dick nice and ready for a ride Jeremy won't soon forget. After slapping a condom on, Kyle goes to town on his partners pink hole, fucking like there's no tomorrow. His thick 8 inches slides in and out of Jeremy's ass, Jeremy moaning in ecstacy, getting exactly what he wanted from his muscular friend. Kyle keeps pounding away until he's ready to spray a thick white load all over Jermey's open mouth. Jeremy cums only seconds later, his pretty blonde face covered in cum.
Latino Plows Blond
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Description: Do two bi's make a right? Well whatever it is, it is fucking HOT! Our favorite foxy latino Fabian meets up with MMA's next rising star. Micah has that baby face and boy next door look that drives me wild when I get to watch him get slammed. These two bi-sexual hotties live life to it's fullest and enjoy forbidden fruits of every flavor imaginable. Fabian is a self-proclaimed cock sucker with a total oral fetish, and Micah can't get enough cock rammed in his tight round ass. He likes it rough and all but begs Fabian to slap him harder, fuck him deeper, and spit in his face. Fabian is more than happy to oblidge his new found sex hog, and immediately gets his smooth brown rod balls deep in Micah's hungry hole. Hours later, the pounding continues. Both boys are drenched with sweat. Fabian's beautiful tan chest is heaving, his slim cut hips rocking, and he finally explodes shooting three feet into Micah's smiling mouth. HOT, I say, HOT!
Straight Guy Fucks Buddy
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Description: More young, hot, and horny on Naked Frat House! Today's blonde bombshell is naturally fit and lean Kyle. The only push-ups that he does are on top of a tight round ass. Ethan makes his way down the sexy twink's chest with his mouth to discover a big surprise waiting just below Kyle's belt. When it heats up in the frat-pad shirts fly off, and Ethan's lovely rippled tanned chest is exposed. Solid pecs and a washboard stomach make Ethan pretty much irresistable, even to straight boy Kyle. Ethan wraps his lips around Kyle's chubby and that straight boy definitely crosses to the dark side. Kyle takes a stab at giving a BJ and turns out to be a pretty damn good cock-sucker (much to Ethan's delight). Super sexy 69 leads to some really hot rimming on Kyle's hairy hole. Then as a good bro should, Kyle repays the favor with 7 inches of cock straight into Ethan ass. Ethan yips, and bites the sheets as thick cock splits his cheeks. Writhing and moaning Ethan is taking a dick in his ass like a cham
Passionate Fuckfest
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Description: There's some definite ******istic passion ON my COUCH today! I've got two muscle bound studs ready to fuck till they drop. Luke comes back to meet the sexy, young Trent. And Trent comes just as dirty as I like them. He loves cum-eating, rimming, rough sex and just about anything so long as he can stick his dick in your ass. Muscle-bunny Luke is definitely interested in this slab of meat. They start out with a hot make-out session before Trent pulls open Luke's fly and starts deepthroating the stud's member. Luke is kind enough to return the favor, getting Trent nice and hard, ready to fuck his willing hole. The sex in this room is definitely a passionate, steamy romp on my couch. Trent takes his time, slowly working up a sweat as he rails Luke's ass relentlessly. Staring deeply into Luke's eyes, Trent plows away until he just can't take anymore and pulls out, spraying a hot white load straight into Luke's open mouth. After pumping the last drop and Luke licking it all clean, Luke gives
Fireman Fucks Latino
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Description: It's fire season in California and it's a good thing I have my very own REAL firefighter here to protect me. Marathon runner Fabian is no stranger to my casting couch. And in a few minutes he will get to know Maddock very, very well. Some of Maddock's favorite things involve fighting fires, fantasizing about Pamela Anderson, and riding motorcycles. Some of Fabian's favorite things include working out and wondering how Maddock's cock tastes. Some good old 'bro talk' brings out a few little secrets about our new found couch-buddies. They have both explored with other guys and call it purely
Italian Stallion Pounds Blonde
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Description: Hot and hung Italian Nick is here to plow the youngster Trevor on my couch today. The guys talk about surfing, snow boarding, and sex. Trevor is more than pleased to be set up with Nick and definitely seems like he is ready for some nice uncut dick. So I let them go at it. Ready for some hot man on man action, Trevor must not have eaten much today because he immediately goes for Nick's big Italian sausage. Sucking, fucking, and two huge dicks have never looked so good! And, I always love watching cute blondes getting railed on my couch...
Young Twink Fuckfest
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Description: What could be better than two hot guys getting themselves off on Dirty Tony? The same two getting down and dirty together in the same room! I could tell you that Travis and Tristan really hit it off...but I think you'll get that when you watch the video...
Hairy Mikey Hammers Young Stud
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Description: Hairy and muscular Mikey is back on my couch today to ****** a newcummer to porn named Jayden. However, he is not new to having hot man on man sex! Eager to feel Jayden's tight hole, Mikey throws Jayden on his back, spits on his puckered man hole and slides his fat cock deep inside. Thrusting away, Mikey apparently fucked his little bottom so well that he cums without warning and blows his warm, milky load all over himself. Being the dominant top that he is and still wanting to get off, he tells Jayden it doesn't matter if he came already. Mikey is still going to use that hole until he gets the chance to cum. Wiping Jayden's own cum on his dick for lube, Mikey slams back in to his newly found home. After giving Jayden the pounding of a lifetime, Mikey pulls out and sprays man juice over Jayden's face.
Twink Takes HUGE Cock
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Description: Long, lean, and cute as a button, Matthew is a sweetie packing some real heat in his pants. He is into oral, loves kissing, and big dicks in his mouth. Matthew is a little soft spoken, but is a fearless surfer with a monster cock. Courteous and polite, Matt romances power-bottom Lance before he lets his big surprise pop out of his undies. Lance's uncut sweet meat gets hard as a rock as soon as he sees Matt's giant home-wrecker pointed right at his face. Heavy petting, long legs, and big bushes to boot. Who ever said that youth is wasted on the young? This one ends with tons of cum, first in Lance's mouth, then a big wet cum-swapping kiss from Matthew.