Tony The Early Days - Session 1
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Description: Tony is ready to roll when he strips down to a (well-stuffed) jockstrap… I begin stroking his hardening cock and when I go all the way down on him he throws his head back and enjoys the sensation… You can see him glance occasionally at the camera, does he know who's watching? I suck him long and hard, until his stomach is heaving, he's biting his lip and giving in completely to my hot mouth… Soon he can't hold it any longer and as I lick up and down his shaft, Tony busts a big steamy load onto his beautiful hairy thigh… My roommate's cat “Paws” makes an appearance… Tony worries about what to buy his mother for Mother's Day.
My Straight Roommate
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Description: Stag Homme presents Nicolas Taximan as Goran's straight roommate in the the third installment of the series. Goran arrives home to find Nicolas jerking off in the kitchen. He then takes out his dick and starts jerking off to his straight roommate without him noticing. What unravels is that not only does Goran get to suck Nicolas' big fat Brazilian meat but also gets a pounding he'll never forget.
Fuck & Chuck
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Description: I found some random big dick stranger fucking Kev in my bedroom. Buddy had already dropped a couple loads in Kev's ass then walked out before I could get a taste. So I was pretty jealous. I took my anger out on my roommates hole, and fed him another big load.
Roommate Spank & Fuck
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Description: Andy Taylor knows when his booty call Ian Levine has been a bad boy and needs some playful punishment. As he takes an evening sunset ride over to Ian's house there's only one thing on his mind and that's delivering a firm lesson to his bottom boy's inviting bubble butt. Andy knows how to work Ian's best asset by beginning with some light spanking to get him hot and horny begging for rimming and his hard cock.
Tony The Early Days - Session 3
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Description: Even before we begin the session, I can hear my roommate come home unexpectedly and Tony looks worried (These sessions were suppose to be our little secret!). After the roommate leaves I pull Tony's boxer briefs off and go to work on his rock hard cock… Tony gives me a few pointers on how to suck his cock and in just a few minutes Tony's giving us the face that launched a thousand ships and spewing his hot load all over… After some indecision on what to wear and a quick fashion consultation, Tony is prepared to work his magic on the real world.
Blocking The Roommate
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Description: When Jimmy Johnson is cock blocked by his roommate Brett Carter, his blue balls need to be drained. Brett gets his friend to let him bow him, but his mouth is so good Jimmy eventually bends him over and pumps his butt!
My Roomie's Load
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Description: I recorded my roomie as he sat on the couch, with a big fat hard-on under his shorts. He was glued to his iphone looking for some dick. I begged him to fuck me! So both him and his buddy Casey eat out my hole, and dropped their loads deep in my ass. What are roommates are for?
Room Mates Bareback
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Description: Two dorm roommates just can't help themselves and start making love in the tiny room. No condoms, no big bed, just a small space and a small bed but these two horny twinks manage just fine as they eat ass and fuck bareback till cum flies!
Bruno Gabriel Gets His Ass Fingered
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Description: Bruno Gabriel was kicking back in his chair reading a magazine. His sexy roommate came in and started putting the moves on him. As his hands touched Bruno's body Bruno couldn't resist. He pulled him close and kissed him as the two undressed. Bruno stroked his roommate's cock while his roommate slowly eased a finger into Bruno's ass.
Straight Roommate - Zack Be Quick
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Description: Zack's horny again so I follow him into the rec room. The porn's already playing and he doesn't even take his clothes off - I can tell that this is gonna be a quickie. Slam! Bam! Thank you, Jenna! Zack shoots a stream across the room. 6 minutes flat! Maybe next time I'll get to touch it!!
Rio City Sex - Martino Paiva, Josue Otaviano and Nuno Santos
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Added: 10 Feb 14
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Description: A couple of guys sharing a room might consider locking the door before they start going at it. Martino Paiva and Nuno Santos might have thought that had they not jumped so quickly into bed. When you are in the middle of a kissing and feeling up your roommate, though, you just don't think of such things. Lucky for these guys, too. They aren't naked and hard for long before Josue Otaviano walks in to enjoy the show. It's even less time before he gets his big, black cock out for them to see. Josue Otaviano is one of those lucky guys who is gifted with a huge prick that still gets hard as a rock. Watching Martino suck on it shows just how rigid it is and the grin on Josue's face makes it clear he likes how things are going. After a little bit of sharing Josue's prick with Nuno, Martino gets on his back and lifts his feet in the air for the late arrival. Josue goes right to it.
Cute Asian Anutin & Tavorn
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Description: These Two cute Asian Twinks are roommates for a year now. They are not that close but one night after a frat party the two went back to their room and started a different kind of party. The two started kissing and the next thing they know; they are sucking each other horny cock and banging each other tight holes.
Tiger Swallowing a Massive Cock
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Description: Tiger is easily one of the hottest black gay bottoms you will ever see. We have this video where he hooks up with his roommate and lures him into whipping out his meat. Tiger wastes no time clutching it with his lips then takes it balls deep inside his ass.
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Description: hairy hunk fucks the hungry asshole of his horny roommate
Bareback Seduction
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Description: Dave's seducing his roommate so he gives him erotic dancing wearing a towel wrapped around his waist walks into him and rips the towel off of Dave to reveal his very cute twink body while Dave just keeps dancing. Ricky feels the bulging in his shorts and can't resist any more so after some playful kissing and licking, he takes Dave over to the bed where Dave sucks his hungry cock. Ricky slowly penetrates Dave, who finds the big cock quite ****ful. Eventually he loosens up and the bareback fuck fest reaches full speed. After all the pounding he releases a creamy cum on Dave's face
Ryan Quaid and Kevin Ateah, Two Horny Roommates
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Description: Quaid and Kevin are roommates for a few weeks. Kevin thinks his roommate is very cute, and sometimes dreams of him. He tells us that once when Quaid was out, he took the opportunity to slip into his bed, put his clothes and jerk, he was so excited. A few days later, Kevin returned to the faculty. he goes to see his roommate in his room and catches him in the process of wank! He closes the door with apologies, but oh surprise, Quaid says he can get into the room!
Bareback Roommates
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Added: 11 Jan 14
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Description: Two dorm roommates just can't help themselves and start making love in the tiny room. No condoms, no big bed, just a small space and a small bed but these two horny twinks manage just fine as they eat ass and fuck bareback till cum flies!
Pounded Roommate
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Description: Stany and Kylian, two muscular, horny lads, come closer in their hotel room. They suck each other, then Stany fucks his roommate very intensively. Kylian is so horny that he shoots a huge load of sperm on his stomach with Stany's hard cock still humping him.
Bareback Apartment 2
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Description: Sebastian's Studios specializes in gay (of course), bareback, ass breeding, hot blowjobs, cum swallowing, orgy, gangbang, hot studs, hot twinks, REAL amateur videos, NO FAKE CRAP, and a hell of a lot more. After you've enjoyed this complimentary video, be sure to take a minute and see what Sebastian's Studios is up to.
Straight Roommate - Secret Strokes
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Added: 16 Jan 14
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Description: Zack tries not to wake me when he comes home late from a Harley ride but when I see the rec room door ajar I grab my camera. Flipping through the latest copy of PlayBoy, Zack unzips and starts to massage his cock, finally shedding his t-shirt and jeans. He shines up his throbbing cock as he checks out the bunnies and after working it real hard he explodes all over his chest. Did he know I was watching?
Horny Gays Spunk On Roommate's Pizza
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Description: Two horny guys fuck up at the apartment for some hardcore gate cocksucking. They both are nervous at first, having just met through an Internet chat site, but they soon loosen up and start to 69 on the couch. One guy has had a itch in his anus that he just can't scratch, so he invites his friend to lube him up and to tap that ass raw. The stud slides his bareback cock right in that ass, and they go through several different anal sex positions, including one guy riding and then taking it ***gy. When they cum, they spurt in their flatmate's old pizza, hoping that he eats it later on. That will serve him right for being straight!
Straight Marines Naked Wrestling
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Description: Robbie & Steve are buddies, roommates, and marines in the same platoon who wrestle, shower and jerk off together
Kaorukun: My Secret Fantasy
Category: Asian
Added: 17 Nov 13
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Description: Kaorukun: My roommate is older than me but I really like him. I mean really like him! One day I came home and he had a date over and they were making out on the bed. I got a raging hard on just seeing them and wishing that was me with him. They didn't hear me come in "luckily" because I couldn't help but stand there and watch them for a little until I got to nervous and scared they might see me watching. So I went out on the patio and started jerking off. While I jacked off I kept fantasizing about them. Man I wish that were me instead of that lucky red head dude! They were kissing and taking each other's clothes off, then sucked each other's dicks and were licking and sucking on each other's nipples. They even 69'd for a while. Even though they didn't fuck, what really got me off was seeing them make each other cum. If I know my roommate, he'll fuck that red headed biatch next time! Download the full video here!
Catching Every Drop of Cum on His Tongue
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Description: Dominic tries something risky and bends down to put his friend's thick cock into his mouth. Gary doesn't even flinch so Dominic continues to slurp and suck. Gary stands up and Dominic goes to town on the monster cock before his eyes. After a short while, Gary stops him and takes control of his dick again and shoots his load out onto Dominic's waiting tongue and face. His huge dong dwarfs Dominic's head. The giant snaked spits a sweet thick load, as Dominic tries to catch every drop on his tongue. Dominic is not quite successful and a few streams of white glue coat his chin and cheek. Now Dominic is ready to blow his splooge and sits back down on the couch. He spits out 4 huge streams of cum onto his chest, down his stomach, and onto his pubes. These roommates just got even closer to each other!
Muscle Hunk Fucks Hot Younger Roommate
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Description: Beey mucle gay hot kissing scene and enjoying *** style in his partner changing there position to the top on his partner while enjoying anal fucking with cumshot on his face.
Roommates at their Favorite Sport
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Description: Now Aslan will try a huge cock up his ass. He returns from a business trip, greets Tarhan and tells him he wants to rest a while after traveling. He goes up to the ******** loft to relax. Tarhan, who has been watching a rugby game, gets excited seeing his sexy roommate begins to stroke his impressive cock
Stroking His Hot Shaft
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Added: 08 Sep 13
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Description: Now everyone knows that I have a sweet spot for red heads, and blondes, and brunettes. Ok well, lets just say that I have a taste for broke and hot straight guys across the board. But when it comes to hairy chests, my knees always get weak. Tracy Lawrence is a prime example of the grade A beef that is walking the beaches of San Diego waiting to be recruited by yours truly. Tracy is an ex-lifeguard that loves to surf, jerk off to MILF porn and watch his roommates fuck their dates in front of him. He is a star athlete with muscular swimmer's legs and a layer of hot man-fur on his chest, to boot. Tracy was so nervous that it took me at least fif**** minutes (ten minutes longer than usual) to get him to relax enough to get his pants off. But it was all worth the wait! Tracy starts out grabbing his cock under his plaid shorts and tight speedo. He works his pole stiff before exposing that tasty looking mushroom tip of his to the world. He looks so handsome and exotic laying on the sheets...