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Description: He met un on the set of EDGER9 and then found out about STUDFIST - he got what he was askin for!
Rex and Conner
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Description: Rex Roddick's back is burnt to a crisp and is in dire need of some lotion. Conner Habib is more than happy to lend a hand and gives Rex a creamy back rub. With Rex's back taken care of, Conner flips him over and takes care of his own dire need….of COCK! Conner shows off his talent by deep throating Rex's big dick all the way down to his balls. Rex is no amateur when it comes to cock sucking either. He has Conner Habib moaning with delight and his johnson pointing straight to the sky. Conner is dripping with anticipation for Rex Roddick's long shaft inside him. He lays back and kicks his legs up to accept Rex's rod. Thrusting deep inside Conner's ass makes Rex forget all about his sun-burnt back. After bobbing up and down on Rex, Conner wants a turn topping. Rex gets on all fours and arches his ass high in the air. Conner Habib gets Rex ready by shoving his tongue and fingers inside Rex's tight hole before slipping his dick inside. Conner rams Rex hard and fast. Rex Roddick loves it so
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Description: Big dick bottom Bryce Star waits for his nasty cop boyfriend Rex Roddick to come in from work.. horny as Fuck - and Fuck They Do!
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Description: It's a hot day here at our studios so Rex Roddick decides to go for a dip in the pool before his shoot with me. Eager as always to get started, I'm waiting poolside with a towel to dry Rex off. I quickly towel him off and get right to business going to work on his big dick. Just when I'm really starting to get into it, Rex says he's a little cold and we should go inside. Winds up it was a good thing because one of the neighbors was watching us! I should have charged admission ;) We pick up right where we left off with me blowing his rock-hard cock. Rex is a blast to play with because while getting your dick sucked is great, he's able to laugh and goof around while doing so. He's all smiles as I eat his ass, lick his armpits and find his ticklish spots! I'm grinning ear to ear as he fucks and sits on my face :) I jerk Rex off onto his stomach where he deposits a huge, creamy-white load. I hope you enjoy watching Rex and I as much as I did playing with him!
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Description: Rex Roddick visits Kieron Ryan's hotel room to see why the neighbors called in a complaint... IS HE REALLY A COP??? He teaches Kieron a lesson he WONT forget any time soon...
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Description: Rex Roddick and newcomer Nicky Norway start off kissing romantically. It seems like it's going to be a long night of intimate love making, well at least that's what Nicky thought. It quickly changes to Rex taking control and using Nicky for his own selfish pleasures. Using his mouth on his feet, pits, and dick. And using both his holes for his own pleasure. Nicky doesn't seem to mind all that much. After all, the only thing on his mind is pleasing his Sir.
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Description: Joshua Major is a hot straight young muscle jock and this time big dicked top Jeremy Roddick sucks him dry.
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Description: Deano and Alexi are both on the Mont Royal listening to their own music when an accidental interference connects the two really horny boy together. I wanted to do a movie for a while with hot (and hung!) mexican boy Deano. But when I realized he was a good fuck friend of Alexi, I jumped on the occasion to pair them together. It's always easier to go a step further, shooting a scene with two guys who already are on the same frenquency.
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Description: An other steamy update is now available on Jeremy Roddick and brings a new hot model on the site. For the occasion, I've asked expert bottom boy Johan to help me out mollifying newbie Nathan in his first gay anal sex scene. The scene starts with Johan admiring Nathan's karate skills in the park. After a couple of pirouttes, ninja kicks and summer saults the heat was rising. It was time for Johan and Nathan to have real fun together. Johan was eager to get fucked and Nathan was really excited to be paired with an expert to do so.
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Description: Kobe Cash is a hot young muscle dude who likes sports, working out and show off his athletic body. But when it's time for sex he really likes to have one big massive cock up his muscled bubble butt. That is how his friend Alec Winfield got to pound his hole like crazy.
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Description: Hot ripped twink boy Shane Leblanc has a thing for macho big muscular hunks like JP Jackson and he is ready to get fucked hard sucked and even swallow the biggest cumshots out of his fat 9inch cock.
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Description: Johan Lapointe was really excited to do a scene with Simon. The boy is super hung and cums like a geyser. After sucking the beast and getting fucked by it, Johan was ready for a big cum splash on his face.
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Description: Kobe Cash is a young muscle stud with strong biceps and chest. He works out in the gym until someone really horny comes in the room. Jeremy Roddick with his massive cock cums a huge load on his firm muscles.
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Description: Marc Paxton wants to get fucked by a huge cock. Before that he has to be loosen up by 2 huge dildos. Then Jeremy Roddick plows his hole for hours then cums a huge load on Marc's twink face.
Bobby Rail and Rex Roddick
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Description: Bobby and Rex enter the office to fill out a job application. Bobby is very nervous, and when he asks Rex about his qualifications, Rex has a much stronger resume. When Rex excuses himself to use the bathroom, Bobby decides to make his move. He stops Rex outside the bathroom and they start getting busy in an adjoining empty office.
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Description: Shane Leblanc is a super hot boy with a nice lean and ripped body. With his nicely shaped ass he knows how to get super hung boy to fuck the hell out of him. And Shane knows how to moan at every thurst!
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Description: JP Jackson is a hot young bodybuilder who likes showing off his well developed body. JP likes jerking off with other big dicked friends. Him and Jeremy Roddick are sucking, jerking off and are both making an explosive cumshot.
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Description: Carlos Bunta is a hot 19yo twink with an impressively ripped body. He only agrees to get fucked by monster huge cocks. He took Jeremy Roddick massive penis like a pro. In his mouth. In his tight tiny ass too.
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Description: Eric Thomas is a real big cock lover. He sucks them and enjoys riding a rigid cock with a lot of girth.
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Description: Bad boy Bobby Long wants to come clean. Even though he considers himself straight, he loves to get it up the ass. Fucking a women doesn't come close to the sensation of getting fucked by a man, he said, and that alone is enough to do gay porn. This bad yet adorable boy took some precautions: he had never been fucked with a dick as big as mine, and I would have to be very careful with him. So I was happy to oblige... for the first few seconds. His body is smooth and firm, his ass small and tight. It took my tongue and my dick beautifully, and even though he was a bit resistant at first, he went wild and no pounding was hard enough for him. His passionate sex drive will charm you!
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Description: Hunky Kobe Cash is back on the site and is in better shape than ever! Shirt off, with his bronzed ripped body, he maneuvers in the basketball court like a pro. He's a former basketball player in high school but now focuses on gym, free running and mountain climbing. He agreed to show off what he can do with a basketball. After a sweaty training, he comes back home and wanks his dick with his new FleshJack toy. Don't miss the dripping cum shot on the basketball!
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Description: Damien Munroe has all of the qualities that you look for in a twink, a beautiful face, a body you could explore for days and an tight ass that was just made to take a dick. His skin is oh-so-touchable and when he spreads his cheeks, my cock starts singing hymns and praises. After lots of dick sucking, ass eating, and ass fucking, I unload a mega wad of jizz on Damien's sweet face. Yet another super hot twink fuckathon!
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Description: Yuri and William Prince were in town for the weekend and I met them in a park not too far from where I usually shoot. They were both waiting for me, sucking on ice pops, enjoying the warm weather. With their young skater boy looks, these two blue-eyed twinks are simply delicious to watch in action. Their mouths full of boy meat, sucking passionately on each other. And when we thought that they had had enough, Yuri and William treated us to a jack off session that ends with their bellies and chests soaked with cum.
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Description: Nathan Knox is back on the site and is hornier than ever. And for an alleged straight boy, he sure knows how to pleasure a man with his mouth.This time, he told me he would like to try new tricks in front of the camera: After seeing my explosive cumshot with Ashton, he was determined to swallow it all. Everybody knows I cum a lot, and he knew too, but that didn't stop him from taking it all. You'll see, the ending is surprising!
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Description: Spring is so grey this year in Montreal. With the cold weather I needed something different to warm my days up. Little twink mexican bottom boy Aaron was right on time to get the sun shine in my bedroom. With one of the most eager holes around, this boy is the perfect match for every power top of this world. He is totally submissive in bed and knows how to please a massive dick like mine. When he arrived on the set, the first thing he insisted was that he really craves to get cum all over his face. I was so excited to hear that. You can even hear the sound of the cum spraying out of my dick all over his face. I invite you to watch the trailer! It's a hot hot hot spring in Montreal!
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Description: Andrew is a svelte and lean classical dancer who was eager to get started in the porn industry. The first thing he mentionned when he applyed is that he was an avid bottom, a dedicated cock sucker and a huge cock fanatic.I don't have to tell you how excited I was to start rolling! You'll see for yourself. Turns out Andrew is a very vocal bottom. He just loved having my dick up his ass!
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Description: Chase Nailor is the next best twink. This 18yo boy has the tiniest waistline and one of the nicest and hungriest ass I have ever seen. He comes from a small town up north in Canada and craves for everything big: big parties, big city life and big dicks. I wanted him to be part of my site for quite some time now, but since he dated one of my models for a while, we decided to postpone. We ended up spending new year's eve together and decided it would be nice to do a scene before he travels back to his hometown. It was well worth the wait, I can tell you! Check out the load I blow on Chase's chest... The look on his face is priceless.
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Description: Two weeks ago I got an email from porn star Shane Frost saying he would be in Montreal over the weekend. The day he got here I went to pick him up at the airport and he was really delicious with his tan and his