Crossfire - Juice and Luno
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Description: It's been a few days since either of these hotties have lost a load and they are more than ready! Juice is quick to introduce Luno to the ways of the Defiant world and Luno is eager to please! After kissing and feeling each other up the action gets hotter as they get naked. Both boys are expert knob polishers and they trade blow jobs before Juice lays back on the couch and Luno goes to work on that tight hairy man hole. Close to exhaustion, they sit next to each other on the couch and bust their loads when Juice nearly blinds Luno with his spray!
Jay Takes Tony's Load
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Description: Jay must have been fantasizing and practicing for this day because he's a pretty good cocksucker. I lay on my back next to him and he continues polishing my knob while stroking his cock. Suddenly he lays back and his heaving stomach is quickly covered in cum. I can't resist an opportunity to paint a pretty face. So I jump to my knees and shove my cock into his pale innocent face while he gazes up at me. My cock explodes a giant load which lands in the back of his throat. He gags for a moment, but keeps his mouth wide open so I can make the full deposit onto his tongue. With a smile full of jizz, he says he really likes being in porn!
Prisoner 01172014s6
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Description: In it's cell, it pissed itself, it blamed it on it's cage. It cleans it's hole out, it cleans it well, it does this whenever it's told. It cleans it's skin, it polished it's cock, and now it's off to bed.|
Getting His Knob Polished
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Description: Immediately Tanner begins Giovanni's second voyage into foreign man-mouth territory by wrapping his tight tonsils around that hunk of veiny tumescent flesh and then pulling his soft lips off the head making the hottest suction sound I've ever heard. Giovanni's eyes roll back in his head, sighing as he reclines even more into the chair while giving way to the professional throating techniques of elite veteran cocksucker Tanner. After a good session of cock swallowing while sitting, Giovanni stands at attention while grabbing Tanner's head and pushing his cock balls-deep into his tender, insatiable mouth. With each determined thrust, Giovanni facefucks closer and closer to the precipice, as hot liquid ropes of pearly white joy juice r*p from his armed f*rces and land all over Tanner's tongue, face and jeans. The sheer amount of jizz that f*res from this commander's ass*ult r*fle really blows Tanner and myself away. Who knew it was even possible to pack this much heat!