Trent Atkins Shows How To Hang With The Boy
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Added: 12 Mar 12
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Description: Today was yet another monumental day at Tony's. Trent Atkins is in for a surprise! Tony invites 6 fit hunks to bust their bladders and loads on Trent Atkins. This hot as fuck line-up includes buff un-cut America, slim and sexy RyAN Lynch, mighty muscle stud Clayton Archer, blond bombshell Philip Aubrey, tall and twinky Josh Bensan and a tall dark and mysterious new cummer. Trent goes off by sucking one by one, down the circle, as the guys are aggressive to get blown by Atkins. The circle of guys jack off and harass Atkins to suck them off good. Suddenly one by one, the guys start Cumming, as they cover Atkins face and mouth with their warm loads of cum. Atkins makes sure no cum is waited by continuing to suck every drop of cum from the guys hard dicks. Atkins then rubs one out and licks every drop of his own Hot cum that had landed on the floor.
A Good Old American Fuck Session
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Description:  Sexy ass America is back with his huge uncut cock and is ready to ******* a nice, smooth ass. Philip Aubrey is that lucky ripped stud who will be getting his ass pummeled on my couch today. After talking about playing sports and exotic dancing, Philip pulls off his hung top's clothes and swallows every inch of the raging funstick before him. This boy sure can deep throat a dick! And all the while, Philip is playing with his man hole, spitting on his fingers to get lubed up for the action to cum. Getting that cock rock hard and wet, the insatiable bottom jumps right on America's dick, slamming his greedy hole all the way down the thick shaft. America then flips him on his back, throwing his legs all the way apart and drilling the stud's pink hole deeper and deeper. Splitting his muscular ass in two, Philip can no longer contain himself and blows a big, juicy white load while still getting fucked. America doesn't stop, pushing himself closer to cumming, then rips out of the used hole, a
Hot Blond Muscle Studs Fucking
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Description: Super hot Dirty Tony veteran, Devin Draz is back to wreak some anal havoc on tan tightbodied blonde Philip Aubrey's hairless hole. And god, how I do enjoy watching from the front row. The two begin sharing their love for cars, realizing they're both late bloomers in the fucking people department, and how much they jerk off before stripping each other's shirts off and making out like it's the last day the earth will exist. Devin is the first to start swallowing cock, as he gets Philip sitting with his back against the headboard and he unzips his pants to reveal a thickening chubby just begging for some suction. Philip can't believe how good a straight guy is at giving head and turns the tables so he can share his personal recipes for orgasm inducing oral. Devin can barely take any more deepthroating before he's about to burst jizz everywhere, so he takes a quick breather before Philip straddles him and begins kneeding his ******-filled cock with his ass's vice-like grasp. Wanting to giv
Tattooed Blond Gets His Mouth Stuffed
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Description: Six loads of cum is a lot to take, especially your first time, and Colt Waters knows it! Colt is nervous and worried. The gang of guys circle quickly, surrounding him, like sharks with a taste for fresh ******. They chime in, saying that they'll take good care of Colt. Laughter and taunting erupts overhead as the camera zooms in on Colt's face. He obviously hasn't been put at ease. And who could blame him? This cock-packing team of horny bastards came here to get off, and they're not leaving til Colt is wearing every last drop of their cum on his face! Ryan Lynch starts the shit talking immediately, letting Colt know that it's time to start sucking dick. Christopher only adds to the taunting, towering over everyone with his rocket, ready, in hand. Max Morgan is more interested in having his cock sucked than making conversation. While Philip, Troy, and Brent look about as patient as wolves with steak knives! These boys waste no time, and aren't shy about tossing their clothes off. All t
Latino Pounds Hot Bubble Butt
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Description: There's some definite chemistry in the air today on my casting couch. Philip is a hot, smooth blonde stud back in town from the east coast who's into tall, dark and handsome men. I'm always happy to oblige natural attraction between the guys. Triston is given the honor of christening Philip's pink hole. After getting to know each other a little, we find Philip's got a little bit of a dirty side. And who doesn't like that? Barely able to keep their hands off each other as soon as they start making out, Philip rips Triston's jeans right off and starts bobbing up and down on Triston's thick uncut cock. Before long, Triston wants a taste of what's hiding in Philip's pants. He finds a nice, hard 8 inch cock waving in front of his face and dives right on in. Wanting more of Triston's cock, Philip gets him laying down on the couch into a hot 69 session, feeding his meat down Triston's eager throat. Still desiring more, Philip gets up and sits right back down again. All the way down on Triston
The Slammer
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Description: presents Drill My Hole's "The Slammer". Philip Aubrey, Gavin Waters, and Cliff Jensen have been very bad boys and are sent to the slammer. Christian Wilde is in charge of making sure these new fish pay their debt to society and isn't afraid to pull out his 8" inch cut nightstick to make sure that happens. Christian escorts the convicts to their cell for the night, stealing a quick feel from Jensen's perfect ass as he shuts the cell door ordering them to "Shut the fuck up and go to ******". Gavin and Philip quickly fall ******, exhausted from a long day and still wearing their orange prison uniforms, but Cliff has been rock hard since feeling that hand on his ass and can't rest till he blows at least once. Cliff starts stroking his beautiful meat, unabashed that both Gavin and Philip ****** only feet away. Christian, on a routine patrol sees Cliff stoking and can't help but enter the cell. Christian immediately lays down the law throwing Cliff's rock hard rod down his throat, ru