Broke Straight Boys Kaydin
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Description: Our newest Broke Straight Boy is Kaydin, a 20 year old straight boy that would be our first emo, gothic, punk rock boy for the site. He currently doesn t have a girlfriend, but he did have one before. Kaydin is from Phoenix, Arizona my favorite state of all time. He happens to be broke because his full time job cut him down to part time hours and it has been hard for him to make ends meet. That was one reason, that he found us and was interested in making some money. I explained to him that he was doing a casting couch shoot, and so I needed him to start by removing his shirt. Standing up he stripped it off, and told me that he stands 6 1
Sporty Charles Groped
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Description: Charles is a 19 year old straight boy who nearly pulled out of doing this “advanced audition” with the pervy guys at First Auditions. He comes dressed up in his sporty gear like a young lad who has been plucked off the playing field. The guys strip him and bend him over to finger his asshole. Then they shove a butt plug up his ass and use a vibrating dildo. You can see the ***** and shock of being anally penetrated for the first time flashing across the boy's face. When the guys forcibly wank off, Charles sprays his sperm all over himself and the guys' arms. Watch the full hot video at First Auditions.
Str8 Loads #11: Adam - Patience Of A Saint
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Description: I m tired of seeing the same old blue silk boxers, so I start this session by having Adam try on some new underwear. He settles on a pair of Champions and after massaging his pole thru the briefs he strips and starts some serious strokin I try to ask him some questions but he s too into the porno to respond, so I break the spell by moving in to re-measure his cock - Yep, still 8'' - and while I m in the area I grab and oil up his cock. Adam puts his hands behind his head and lets me play with his balls and manhandle his throbbing piece, squeezing out every drop of pre-cum. ''You like that?'' I ask. ''Yeah,'' he grunts. I can t stand it any longer and before he has a chance to react, I chow down on it, taking every last inch of his cock in my mouth. After only 30 seconds of bliss Adam begins a barrage of high-flying cum shots and I try to catch as much as I can for myself! ''How was that?'' I ask. ''Very good!'' he mumbles.
Aaron Skyline
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Description: Meet Aaron Skyline, a 19 year old semi pro mixed martial arts fighter. Yeah, he'll kick your ass, but he'll also get naked and show you his.
Super-cute twink Damien Monroe
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Description: For a 21 year old, Damien is remarkably articulate (in two languages), well traveled and uncommonly poised in the public eye. But this is not Damien s first time naked in front of the camera. While he was away living in the UK he had done a number of porn scenes that became quite popular on the internet. The fact that he is so poised makes him great to work with for us producers, but it s the fact that he is a super-cute twink boy with a slim, smooth body that makes him so popular whenever he appears on a website. Damien Munroe is 22 years old, is 6 2
Sri Lankan boy fucked by ***********
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Description: Hi i am a 27 year old sri lankan bottom guy, This is a small clip of one of my *********** friends fucking me.
Tall long hair twink boy Michael
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Description: Michael came to us through a friend and spent a couple of days hanging out with us and just observing before making the decision to take the plunge and do a Squirtz video. The interesting thing is he barely said a single word the two days he hung out with us and seemed to be observing and thinking the whole time. We really didn t know what was going through is his mind and still don t. But the interview at least gave us some insights into what makes this hot boy tick. Michael is 20 years old, is 5 10
Black Boy Derek Jerks Off
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Description: Derek has already starred here on Broke Straight Boys in an oral scene with Tyler, but after that I wanted to get him in a solo scene. He has a great looking body, and I wanted him to get more comfortable in front of the camera. I gave him a date and time to come in for the solo shoot, and he didn t have a problem with that. When he arrived I told him that we would be kind of doing a casting couch so members could get to know him a little bit better, and then we could look at putting him in some more work. Taking a seat on the couch we started rolling the camera, and I had him start by telling us that he is 19 years old, he likes to work out, and eat right. Derek explained that he likes white guys, all kinds of different dicks, and typically likes the skater/surfer type boys. I had him take off his jeans, and as he stood there, he said that he was 5 feet 9. Once his jeans were off, and he was standing tall, Derek had a great looking ass. I had him turn around to show the camera as he
Hung n Horny
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Description: This is my first JO vid. I love to show off... I am 28 yrs. old Hung Hot N Horny! If you liket the vid. please comment and I wil be sure to make more. Thanks
Richard Cernak - Back Stage
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Description: A clip from behind the scenes shoot of 25 year old Richard Cernak. Ready, willing and down on all fours, this amazing European hunk spreads his hungry hole wide open for your eager cock! Get your fetish ready as Richard explores his kinky side. A hairy chest, nipple clamps and jock straps have never looked so hot. Watch as he whips his own tight ass then shoots a sticky load across his trimmed abs.
Broke Straight Boys - EJ
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Description: EJ called me up from an ad that we run in the newspaper to see if we take any appointments or walk-ins for interviews. Interviews are hit and miss with me, because I can waste a lot of time waiting for people who decide not to show for an interview. However, EJ seemed to be really interested in the work, and from the body stats that he described over the phone he sounded like what I was looking for. We setup a time for him to come by the studio office later that day. When he arrived I had him start with filling out a paper application and as he did that, I grabbed one of my video cameras that I had setting by. As EJ finished and handed me the paperwork, I videotaped us talking to see how he was going to do in front of the camera. The first thing that I noticed was that he was 24 years old, straight, and had marked that he wanted to do work on broke straight boys. I could tell that he was just after the money he could make doing the shoots. EJ works for a construction company that has b
Str8 Boys Nu Tyler Dustin
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Description: Digging through old shoots I found a shoot with Dustin after he just started working with us. In it Dustin came back for some more work for gas money, and so I planned on putting him in an easy solo shoot. He had done work with us before, and has become a favorite here on with members. Dustin is straight, and has a job working in retail making crappy money. He was 21, just broken up with his girlfriend at the time, and that was one reason why he decided to do porn. Looking over his body, he seemed to be in good shape and he said that he like to work out. I had him stand up for me and lift his shirt to see his chest. He was semi-tone, had a nice tan going for him, and the best part was the neatly trimmed happy trail that led to his cock. Spinning around he showed his ass to the camera, and admitted that he had a big booty.
Mike & DJ
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Description: You know that 25 year old hunk Mike Roberts? Well, if you don't, you'll get to see him in some hot ass fucking action in this scene with his buddy DJ.
Dave Cums
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Description: Dave is a totally cute straight 20 year old that has NEVER been naked on camera before. He looks so adorably nervous as the commanding casting director leads him through his naked audition. Every inch of him looks hot as he's examined intimately on film with his cute winning smile, muscular athletic frame, pert ass and stonking hard erection. This guy could become a massive porn star if he doesn't let his nerves get in the way. Dave's crowning new full-length VIDEO is now up on FirstAuditions.
Broke Straight Boys Mike
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Description: I brought in a new model Mike, he is 19 years old, recently had a girlfriend, is around 6 feet tall, and weighs around 145 pounds. As we started talking the plan was for Mike to do a solo shoot to see how he would do on camera. Being a student down in south Florida, he needs money to keep going to school. He was going to only make $200, but from there we would look at bringing him back to do some more work with perhaps guys and girls. When I asked if he had ever done anything with a guy before, he said no, but said he was open-minded. To get started I had Mike take off his shirt for us and he had pale white skin, and a bunch of little tattoos over his body. Standing up I got another chance to see how tall he was in person, I had him take off his pants. I had him spin around and show his ass to the camera, which was a nice shape. Underneath his briefs he had a couple of tattoos as well, one of them being a lawnmower man at his pubs. Taking a seat on the couch he started to play with him
Firefighter Jo wanks his big hose
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Description: Some of you may remember Jo from Squirtz way back in 2003. Well he still has that beautiful shy smile but he has added a lot of muscle and nowadays he seems to have sex with girls more often than boys. Jo is now a firefighter and battles those raging forest fires all summer long. Let s see his hose technique now that it s a profession. Jo is 25 years old, is 5 9
Hot latino twink boy Javier
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Description: Another friend of ours from Mexico, Javier is a student of administration and is here taking some extra credit in Montreal. He speaks fluent Spanish, English and French and is very articulate in each of these languages. Javier s other skills include how to meet men in the subway in Mexico City. Javier is 21 years old, is 5 7
Straight muscle stud jack off
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Description: Rick is active in so many ways. He goes to the gym, boxes, and does a variety of other sports. But bar hopping seems to be the past time he spends the most time at. Rick is straight but when he is having sex with girls he seems to prefer to have some male companionship while he is at it. The ratio of 2 boys to one girl is a recurring theme in Rick s sex life. Now if we can just find a way to remove the girl and see what happens. Rick is 19 years old, is 5 7
Horny bottom boy Jeremy Feist
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Description: Jeremy is a student and part -time restaurant server. He is from a small town outside of Montreal and just beginning to get out and explore what the world has to offer. He just turned 18 a few months ago and recently took up the sport of kickboxing. Most exciting of all, Jeremy is making his first tentative steps into the world of gay sex (and so far it hasn t lived up to the hype). Jeremy Feist is 18 years old, is 5 9