Smoking Hot Orgy
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Description: Wesley, Preston, Austin and Noah all fire up some smokes and jump in bed for a cock sucking, hard smoking, ass pounding four way! Noah and Preston get fucked deep and hard by Wesley and Austin in this smoke filled sweaty fuckfest! Download the entire vide and take a free tour now at
Noah gives first gay facial
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Description: When Noah called up to ask if he could come back for another shoot, it took all of 2 seconds to give him a big YES! I couldn't wait to get his hot, hairy bod naked in front of the cameras again. Noah showed up with a 2-day load saved up so he was plenty horny. As I peeled off his shorts and started sucking on his cock, he was hard in no time. He has definitely warmed up to the idea of kicking back and getting his shaft worked over. I had Noah bend over the couch so I could stick my tongue up his deliciously furry ass. Noah gasped in appreciation, spreading his legs to give better access to his virgin hole. When he stood up, Noah grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth. "Ohhh... fuck," he said under his breath. "That feels so good." It didn't seem like it was going to be long before Noah was going to bust. As he thrust his hips faster toward my mouth, Noah suddenly let out a final moan saying that he was going to cum, pushed back my head and shot a thick load all over my face a
Noah Greene Massaged
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Description: When Noah Greene lays face-down on my massage table there is one thing that immediately stands out - his bubble-butt. Before I get his muscled physique glistening with massage oil, I get his asshole glistening with my eager tongue. I thoroughly lick and finger his tight ass, nearly forgetting that I have a massage to do! I prove to be easily distracted because I barely get started when I find myself swallowing Noah's thick cock and licking his delicious feet. He's so hot I just can't help myself! Noah enjoys all of the attention I give him. In fact Noah rewards me with a HUGE cumshot which I lap up. Yum!
Blow job turns into full-on face fuck
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Description: I'm not sure who was more excited about this shoot: me or Noah. After he got a little taste of how us guys suck cock during his massage scene, Noah was quickly on board for the full dick-sucking treatment. And, needless to say, I was ready to oblige in about 2 seconds flat. Noah was fully charged by the time the cameras started rolling and, when I pulled down his shorts, out popped his raging hardon. The moment my mouth was wrapped around it, his head rolled back as if it was the blowjob he'd been waiting for all year! You all know I'm an ass lover, right? Well, Noah's firm, muscular butt was all *I* had been waiting for. And, clearly, Noah was liking the attention as I pushed back his legs and stuck my tongue between his cheeks. "... feels really good," he barely was able to say between gasping breaths. After getting Noah on all fours to give his ass a more thorough rimming, he stood up and started taking control of the situation. Noah grabbed the back of my head and, at first, sl
Noah Green Serviced
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Description: Noah Greene lifted too much weight at the gym and popped a ****** vessel in his eye. Although he told me it was ****less I kissed it to make it better. I followed that kiss with a bit of tickling and a lot of touching. Noah Greene has a sexy tan and a cute bubble butt that makes my mouth water. When I peak inside his underwear I see a thick cock that makes my mouth water. I get down on my knees and suck on his dick rapidly. We then move on to the bed where I finish undressing him and continue sucking him. As I part his ass cheeks, I get a glimpse of his tight hole and my tongue dives in. I prop him up so that his ass is hanging in the air, begging for my tongue… and then my finger. Noah Greene moans in ecstasy as I slip my finger in and out of his tight ass while sucking his thick tool. He face fucks me with his big cock, then lays back down on the bed. I suck off his huge rod until he busts his nut in my mouth. What a treat!
Noah's Massage and Handjob
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Description: Pocket-sized hottie, Noah, is back! He enjoyed his "surprise handjob" so much that he thought he'd be up for a little more attention. And I, for one, couldn't wait to give his tight, furry bod a rub down. Noah had only gotten a massage once before from a friend who wanted some practice for massage school. "It was just a regular one, though" he said with a shrug. He lay on the table and I oiled him up, working on his back, legs, feet. By the time I started rubbing his hot bubble butt, Noah's cock was already swollen and poking between his legs. As I spread his cheeks and gave his tight hole some special attention, he let out a quiet moan. Noah flipped over and was throbbing hard. I teased him a bit, just grazing his shaft with my hands and softly rubbing his balls. This only got him harder. Once I started stroking him, big beads of pre-cum started flowing out. Noah said he could feel that he was leaking and that he was getting close. I leaned down to give it a taste, licking some of
Skinny and Black Topping Hairy Bear
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Description: Noah Paris is a young African American with tattoos that strips in bars on occasion. He loves big, hairy, bearish looking guys and was thrilled to get hooked up with Lance Navarro. The guys were playful and giddy when they entered the dungeon, anxious to get it on. Lance made the first move to take the dominant role, but in no time at all, Noah made it clear he was taking charge of the situation. He wanted his 9 inch cock inside of that burly bear cub and there was going to be no debate.
Hairy, tatted str8 dude gets a surprise handjob
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Description: Noah is a 20 y/o str8 guy who was pretty enthusiastic about making his porn debut. "Nervous and excited," as he put it. He's been thinking about it for a while, admitting to being a big porn fan himself. Probably needless to say, I was pretty enthusiastic about getting him in front of the cameras, too! Even at 5' 5" Noah has quite a presence. Both in personality and looks. He has the compact build of a wrestler, and when he took his shirt off I nearly fell over seeing his muscular chest blanketed with hair that followed all the way down his stomach. Noah normally jacks off 2-3 times a day. When he said that he had held off for 2 days before his shoot I knew we were going to be in for a treat. Not only was he primed and ready to go from just about the moment his pants came off, the pent up tension gave me the feeling about halfway through that he might be up for some help. I reached out and gave him a grab. His cock immediately swelled in my hand. He let out a little chuckle, n
Noah's Thick Cock
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Description: Kullen is watching a porno on the TV as Noah creeps up behind him. Noah sits next to Kullen and it's not long before their pants are off and they're telling each other how horny they are. The jeans are off and they're both stroking themselves through their underwear. Noah slips off his briefs to reveal a huge thick throbbing cock that he takes firmly in his hand and starts jacking it. Kullen gets his underwear off as hands starts roaming to the other persons cock. Both of them are sitting on the couch stroking each others cocks. Kullen gets some of Noah's pre-cum onto his fingers and puts it into Noah's mouth. Kullen then leans over and proceeds to kiss and lick Noah's thick cock before getting both his lips wrapped around.
3 on 4
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Description: Twink threesome with Trevor Knocks, JD Evans & Noah Brooks