Athletes secret porn videos
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Description: Ruggerbugger wonders: Do all sportsmen really just want to be porn stars? Consider the recent news about Nebraska Huskers' wrestling teammates being ******* off the team after their dirty extra-curricular antics. Here is some proof that these sexy athletes could easily have an extra career in adult entertainment as they've definitely got the right equipment! Stefan Postma, the famous Dutch footballer who was filmed getting fucked up the ass by his girlfriend. Sunderland footballers Chris Brown, Ben Alnwick, Liam Lawrence & Martin Woods who filmed themselves having an orgy with a very loyal fan. English footballer Frank Lampard being filmed jerking off his massive cock and getting sucked off. Japanese baseball pitcher Kazuhito Tadano's secret porn movie where he fucks another man and shoots onto his stomach. US gymnast Steven Gaudette displaying how flexible he is as well as how hard his cock can get! And Middlesbrough footballer Matthew Bates displaying his promise by photographing his
Broke Straight Boys - Corey And Cj
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Description: Cory has starred on Broke Straight Boys before doing shoots, and that's because he works for us doing the makeup for Usually I try to watch how many gay boys I bring in to work on BSB, but since he does such a great job for us I wanted to give him a reward. Recently, Cory had expressed that he really wanted to do a scene with CJ, because he was a huge fan of his work. So, what I told him I would do was call CJ up and see if he wanted to come in for a shoot, and in the mean time he was just going to hang out. Cory didn't mind he had some stuff that he could do, so I went in the other room and called CJ. When I was on the phone with CJ there was no way that he was going to pass up a shoot and the money that he could make, so he said that he would be right down. It took him like 45 minutes to get ready and over to the studio, and when he arrived I first went in the room to tell Cory. When I told him the good news he was excited, and I had CJ come into the room. Whe
Broke Straight Boys - Cj And Cody
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Description: Starting out the shoot I had Cody a new model and CJ a senior model here at Broke Straight Boys. Cody has done a solo shoot and I arranged for him to come in to take part in a duo shoot. He just didn't get any details on who would be in the shoot or what the shoot would be. When he arrived I broke the news to him that he was going to be doing a shoot with another guy. The original model that I had setup to come in flaked on me, and I had to find another model close by to come in his place. CJ is not far from the studio and I knew that he was always up for making more money. Both of them came into the room and took a seat on the couch so that we could get started. Cody is 21, straight, and has a girlfriend who has no idea what he was doing. To get things moving along I offered Cody and CJ $1,200 to do a full sex scene, but he told me there was no way that was going to happen. Lowering the amount, I asked if he would be willing to do some jerking and oral for $800. I was still shot down,
Broke Straight Boys - Alec
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Description: I got an application from a guy in Colorado, who was looking to make some money, and his name was Alec. He was straight, and recently found out that this girl he was seeing got pregnant. Alec was a little unprepared for the news, and so he wanted to build up some savings knowing that things could get a little rocky here in the near future. I setup for him to fly down to south Florida to see us for a couple of days to do shoots. One of the very first shoots he was to do was a casting couch to see if he was worth our time, and when he took seat on the couch he was very nervous. It was Alec's first time being on camera, so he was a little shy, but maybe he would open up as we got started. Standing up he stripped off his shirt, and his bare chest was exposed. I found out from Alec that he was 6 feet tall, has an 8 inch dick, and size 11 shoes. When I gave him shit about if girls talked about how big his feet were, he told me no they just comment about his dick. Next to go was his shorts, a
Self masturbation of a Chinese boy - 10
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Shows of Chinese male prostitutes
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English ruggers exposed
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Description: Danny Cipriani, the new golden rugby boy, who has been splashed all over the news pages for his affairs, but we like him for his rugged good looks – especially when he's naked. Lawrence Dallaglio is big masculine rugby legend and Ruggerbugger caught him on video with his cock out! Will Greenwood has a very cute tight arse which was caught on video when he was locked out of his hotel room in nothing but a towel which he dropped! Beefy blue-eyed hunk Josh Lewsey caught flicking his cock as it droops out of his shorts is another amazing Ruggerbugger find!
Men at play - Beware The ****
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Description: When news gets to Francesco that a competing restaurant has opened in his patch, he is not pleased and ********** 'invites' his rival to dinner to teach him a few lessons in proper business practice. And with the help if his personal aide Jean Franko, the
Broke Straight Boys - Mario Austin
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Description: Austin is back again for another shoot and he has just had his 21st birthday. He blew his last check on ******** for his birthday, and so he is broke again. I had explained to him about how I had a scene for him and a female to do together. He was excited to get to do the shoot, however when he got on set I had some disappointing news that I had to give him about the girl canceling and I had to change the plans. Austin said that he would be down for the shoot anyway, but was interested in what kind of changes I had in mind. I explained that I would pay him $500.00 to jerk off next to another model Mario as soon as he got her.
Broke Straight Boys Caleb Scott
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Description: I paired up Scott and Caleb to do a shoot together, because neither one has ever done anal before. Caleb is our straight boy who said that he would try anal, and I knew that was just because he was hurting for money right now. Scott on the other hand wanted to gain some experience with guys, plus I knew that he won't turn away some cash to do it as well. Caleb mentioned that nothing has come close to his ass and that he basically wasn't ready for anal yet. The way that he left things was that there might be a possibility in a future shoot for him to take a dick. Scott on the other hand was ready for anything that could happen, and he knew that it was just going to be a little uncomfortable to start. I brought up the good news and that was pay, because I knew that would get them excited about what they were about to do. Topping in the shoot was going to make one of them $1000 and then bottoming in the shoot was going to make the other one $1500. Right away, Scott jumped at the chance to
Broke Straight Boys - Caleb
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Description: Meet Caleb a 21 year old college student that is on his last year of school getting his major in Psychology. During his casting couch shoot he shared that he finds different ways to come up with money on the side in order to get by while going to school. That was how he found us, with a little word of mouth and our site. He told me that he is straight, and has a girlfriend, who doesn't know what he was doing to make money. I explained that he was just doing a little jerk off session for us, and then from there we would look at pairing him up with another guy. Caleb didn't seem too excited for that news and said that we could talk money afterward. I had him stand for me, and as he took off his shirt he revealed a very muscular chest. Caleb did have a hairy chest, but it was neatly trimmed as to not hide his dedication to the gym. His 4 to 5 days a week in the gym really showed, and he said that he likes to play soccer and basketball. When he said basketball I couldn't help, but question Two Hot Guys, One Doll.
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Description: Two Hot Guys, One Doll. Jack and Justin, two hot and horny straight guys, just got some bad news. The girl they were supposed to fuck just bagged! So they re going to have to drop a load the old fashioned way: With a blow up doll! They blow up the doll and their fat cocks and go to town. They fill up those inflatable holes with sweet pre-cum as they take turns pumping and dumping on their little rubber ho! These two guys are young, hung and fulla cum.
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Description: HOT HOT NEWS Hi guys, well i have some great news for you! i have made new additions to my website,so now it's even hotter than before! Not only you'll see me there,but I've got horny hot guys performing just for you! Not only you'll see my solo studs,who include personal friends of mine,like Steve Hooper,but lots of steamy sex action and hard fetish scenes! To make it even more entertaining for you,I even interview my hunks so you get to know them personally! All that is now waiting for you inside my website,so what are you waiting for?Cum and see it for yourself!