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Description: Your wish is our command: after his Treasure Island Media debut on TIMFuck earlier this year, we were flooded with requests for more of cocoa stud Kory Mitchell (formerly Kory Kong). This time around Kory's massive cock takes center stage, seducing our camera and enthralling lucky bonehead Nick Savage. Nick takes his time, worshipfully consumes every inch of Kory's monster, from pierced tip down to full, heavy balls. Even after Kory deposits spurt after spurt of thick, white-hot goo directly onto Nick's hungry tongue, it's not enough for this gluttonous cocksucker, who swallows his fill and goes back for more. DIRECTOR: Paul Morris
Pissing in the Urinal
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Description: This gay is in a bussy Hotel and is pissing in the office urinal wau what a bad Man
Der Spritzer
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Description: The uncut vid Der geile spritzter mit dem geilen langen grossen riesenschwantz
Milk It - Treasure Island Media
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Description: Five brave men submit themselves to hours of relentless edging, bondage, ******* milkings, apple polishing, cum control and cum denial in the new fetish video MILK IT, from Treasure Island Media’s resident New York director Max Sohl. Handjobs, mechanical milkings, bondage and restraint, seeing how many times a man can be made to shoot, slow teasing, fast jerking, ball work, being allowed to use the mouth or only allowed to use a hand or asking for permission to cum: MILK IT encompasses the art of milking in every form imaginable, and documents some of the hottest milking scenes captured on video.
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Description: While I was in town to film Shelby, I jumped on my mobile, social media apps, and Harrison dropped me a message that he was interested in filming. Since I was sitting in the middle of a wine bar sipping on a scrumdillyumptious Pinot Noir, I had him email his "good" pix. Needless to say, seeing Harrison's thick, uncut penis whilst sipping on Pinot energized me to finish up