Barebacking the Backpacker
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Description: Ken's out taking a walk in the woods; best thing about the outdoors, you don't have to find a urinal when you've got to go. Pulling out his johnson, he relieves himself and continues on. Wait, who's that "Porn Star" in the next clearing? Like ducks to water, these two Asian twinks find each other and connect instantly. For, this is "Barebacking the Backpacker;" hmmm, Ken's got a backpack on. Looks like these two may have something in "cummin'." Grabbing, groping and sucking face, Ken and his new found friend are very attracted to one another. By the time Ken gets to the twink's cock, he's already up and waiting. "Boing!" Seems like Ken has the same reaction, as the boy releases Ken's dick. Taking time to fondle one another, the boys decide to go further, much further. Ken goes down for a taste; his cock has the flavor of chicken. As Ken swallows all of his partner, we get to watch this bottom service the "Porn Star" top. Taking each testicle into his mouth, Ken arouses his
Kickin' Back - Johnny B.
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Description: Johnny B. Johnson and Adam are watching porn in the living room. Adam, of course, has his kit off first, but Johnny soon follows. They begin wanking until Johnny turns to the camera and asks “do you want to see me suck some cock?” Well do we? Oh yes, I think we do! It’s as if Johnny has done this a hundred times before but this is his first time sucking cock. And from the look on Adam’s face he’s pretty good at it. Adam leans over and starts sucking on Johnny’s cock. Johnny beings to make faces and goof off behind Adam but he soon begins to really enjoy it and his eyes roll back in ecstasy. Johnny then lies down with his head resting on Adam’s abs and asks him to cum on his face. This boy never fails to surprise. Johnny is the first to shoot a nice thick load all over his fingers, which he laps up with his tongue. Then Adam tells him he’s cumming. “Gimme some, gimme some, gimme some,” Johnny moans as Adam shoots a load onto Johnny’s face. Johnny then cleans up Ada
Hot Twinks Give First BJs
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Description: Twinks in detention start sucking each other after teacher leave the clas
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Description: The sexy and masculine Timo Swift is here today performing live and chatting with his viewers. Timo talks briefly about his time in the Army and tells us about his tattoos and what their deeper meanings are. Everyone is excited to see him with less clothes on and Timo right away peels off his t-shirt revealing his toned and hard muscled body. He tells us he likes manly men who have similar builds to himself and in particular large chests. Timo rubs his smooth body and plays with his nipple gently while he grabs onto his crotch through his jeans. He unbuckles his belt and pulls down his jeans. You can see his pecker pitching a huge tent in his boxers. Timo plays with his johnson for a bit under his waistband and then whips it out and starts stroking it. With one hand he teases his tight hole and the other continues to massage his shaft up and down. Then he gets up and spreads apart his ass to reveal his hole completely and traces his puckered eye with his finger. After giving himself a
Bareback Fucking Teens
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Description: Doctors don't ****** their patients. Unless the patient makes it clear they want it. Doctor Johnson can't help but notice the raging hard on of his cute twink patient after he checks his prostrate and takes an anal swab. Before long, the two are bareback fucking on the exam table till their loads are released.
Big Dick Contest In Class
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Description: Blowjob till he cums and the hot twink students goes wild in classroom