Charlie JOs To Porn Video
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Added: 27 Feb 14
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Description: Charlie is sitting at his desk, stoking his cock through his pants while watching a porn video. It isn't long before Charlie unzips his fly and begins transforming his uncut cock into a hot jizz shooting rocket launcher!
Marc Angelo and Dean Wyatt
Category: Bear / Hairy
Added: 17 Jan 14
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Description: Dean Wyatt took the train all the way from Philly to Queens for the chance to get with Super Bear Marc Angelo. Here's a teaser Daddy/boy scene that's going to tickle the loins of everyone who loves intergenerational ageplay. Dean's a little furry, a little cubbish, but he's crushing hard on handsome and rugged Marc, just like so many of our Bearfilms members. They strip down, Marc letting Dean strip off his sexy jock to free his rock-hard pecker. The pair kiss, caress, cuddle and suck in this smoldering BJ/JO scene, and we get a great Marc Angelo solo fantasy capper to the end. Marc, naked as the day he was born, showing off and jerking off in bed. What a sexy fantasy we all relate to!
spermin' with mirrors
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Description: I found an old 3-section mirror and thought it would be fun to jerk off reflected in it, if I put the ends together and stuck my dick through... it wasn't easy, as it was old and crumbly... I thought I'd end up with splinters in my dick... but my boner was up to the challenge, and I shot a load of sperm, captured from multiple angles!
Julian Puts On Seductive Tease
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Added: 08 Jan 14
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Description: Julian loves to tease, and he sure puts on the show for us in the first couple of minutes of his amateur JO video. Wearing zipper briefs Julian caresses his cock and just from the bulging outline we're already anxious to see it in all its glory!
dorm jo 6-21-2011
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Description: there were so many nearly-nude hotties walking around in the heat, had me boned up all day till my friend finally went to class
1-26-2011 part 1.mkv
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Description: Just me have a quick JO in my friend's dorm room while he was in class
Straight But Curious Solo JO
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Added: 27 Jan 14
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Description: Miles is straight, but curious about being on camera and he immediately sets the mood by touching his body right on the interview couch. His hands move across his chest over the cloth of his shirt but one hand moves lower on his body, reaching and grasping his crotch. He promptly begins to heat up and takes off his shirt, exposing his lean and smooth body. Opening the fly on his pants, he slips his hand inside and rubs his crotch. With that, he goes ahead and takes off his pants. His hands continue to roam over his chest, abs and crotch. One hand slides under the waistband of his underwear to play with his cock while the other tickles his nipples, compounding to the pleasurable sensation. As his cock hardens, it begins to peek out of his undies, leading him to lose them altogether.
Arabian Fever - Najib
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Added: 15 Jan 14
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Description: When Najib walks into the shot you can tell this is a muscle-stud who's in love with his own body. It's also easy to see why. He's built like a brick shithouse and it's not to make up for any lack in his pants. He's got a big ol' dick, too. He massages his muscles and teases us for a good while before unveiling a very impressive tool. He beats his dick like it owes him money and then squirts on a mirror looking at himself in the reflection. Sexy fucker. The worst thing about JO scenes on video is that you can't reach to help them out.
Mature Man Uses 2 Cockrings To JO
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Description: Lazlo is a mature man, aged 48, who knows what he likes, and he's excited to go before our cameras to show us just how he pleasures himself. Lazlo wears not one, but two cockrings to enhance his JO. He strokes himself using a variety of different grips. He speeds up and slows down; tightens and loosens his grip on the shaft as he savours the exquisite pleasure. His other hand grabs his balls and massages them, adding more intensity to the erotic sensation.
Dakota jerks off with WILD abandon
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Description: You can thank Preston for introducing me to his buddy Dakota. The minute I met him, I knew I wanted Dakota to get naked for you guys. But it took months for me to finally convince him to take the leap. Once he finally got in front of my camera, this 22 y/o, six-foot tall Marine didn't seem so nervous anymore. In fact, he seemed downright excited! I asked if he had been curious about doing porn before his buddy Preston did it. "Who doesn't wanna do porn?" he said. Point taken.