Prisoner Number 01172014s10
Category: BDSM and Fetish
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Tags: workout masks gym CBT paddles caning Iron Lockup

Description: You think your trainer is mean? Try a psychotic puppy workout complete with CBT, tt, ass and thigh caning. No, your sets are not timed, puppy doesn't care if you are winded, go bitch go!
AJ Irons fucks hairy twink
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Tags: dirtytony gay for pay gay-boys gay-anal gay-assfuck gay-blowjob gay-fucking gay-bigcock gay-oral gay-porn gay-sex gay-porno gay-sucking

Description: This summer the east coast met the west coast. Our friend from Penn-Seth, was warming up the sheets with California born and raised Fabian. Long and lean Seth is no stranger to my door, and he can't wait for beautiful brown skinned Fabian to come a'knocking on his. They talk about music, surfing, mountain biking, snowboarding... is there anything my boys can't (or won't) do? While discussing the joy of sex and all of its sights and smells, Fabian's love muscle starts flexing before the rest of him does. A steamy makeout session ensues, and quickly after Fabian gets a little more than he bargined for. Undaunted by the sheer size of the cock before him Fabian dives right in-lips first, trying to conquer Seth with his tongue. Not to be outdone, Seth pushes Fabian to his feet and gives him the sucking of his life. Oh yes, it gets better! The action gets more and more hardcore as the boning begins. There is everything from a romantic missionary position to a cowboy ride Fabian is not likely
Getting His Hole Stuffed
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Tags: all-americanheroes gay-boys gay-anal gay-assfuck gay-blowjob gay-fucking gay-bigcock gay-oral gay-porn gay-sex gay-porno gay-sucking gay-handjob gay-sucking gay-cocksucking gay-jackoff gay-blowjob AJ Irons

Description: Fabian is ready to plunge his throbbing Latino dick into Clayton's horny hole. Fabian finally having his chance to plow his huge rod deep into that tight, bubble ass of Clayton's. He gets so excited, ramming his dick straight into the officer's puckered hole. These two could definitely fuck for hours, but like all good times, they must come to an end eventually. Fabian, fucking his power bottom, pulls out his hard cock, unleashing streams of warm cum all over Clayton's tan torso. With man gravy dripping down Clayton's torso and eager to show his own load, huge wads of creamy man juice spray out of his swollen head onto his ripped six pack. FUCKING HOT!
Straight Lee
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
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Description: Another nice find from the sidewalks of Ponce de Leon avenue. He's a 27 y/o, iron worker who has travelled around the country but seems to want to settle down here. Says he'd "love to fuck a sexy man in the woods", although he's basically straight.
Prisoner 01172014s7
Category: BDSM and Fetish
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Tags: mask bondage bound boots punching masturbation edging Iron Lockup

Description: The prisoner is such a wimp that he needs kneepads just to kneel on the floor. All the boy does is hit him a bit and the bitch starts whining and moaning. Still, it seems like he likes it; his dick gets hard and stays that way despite suffering further indignities.
Prisoner 01172014s6
Category: BDSM and Fetish
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Tags: cells mask wetroom cleaning chastity piss douche Iron Lockup

Description: In it's cell, it pissed itself, it blamed it on it's cage. It cleans it's hole out, it cleans it well, it does this whenever it's told. It cleans it's skin, it polished it's cock, and now it's off to bed.|
Jesse Is Terribly Ticklish - Ricky, Mike, Jesse and Jerome
Category: Asian
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Tags: asian twinks fucking bareback fetish feet foor tickling tickle

Description: Jesse is one HOT 20 year old grill cook. He works out every day, jogging a few miles every morning and pumping the iron right after his jog, and it shows. What a hot body! Just so happens Jesse's HOT body is horribly ticklish! His first concern was that he would break our straps, and he did break one. He admitted to being very ticklish and that not even 4 people could hold him down. This boy is tough, strong, and ticklish as hell and his angelic face delivers the most angelic giggles, chortles, and yelps! This video will keep a smile on your face and a rod in your pants all the way through this delightful 13 minutes.
Fabian (AJ Irons) Fucks Glen
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Tags: dirtytony gay-boys gay-anal gay-assfuck gay-blowjob gay-fucking gay-bigcock gay-oral gay-porn gay-sex gay-porno gay-sucking gay-handjob gay-sucking gay-cocksucking gay-jackoff gay-blowjob

Description: Throwing his throbbing cock in and out of that warm mouth with his balls flapping all over Glen's face. Fabian bends over, unzips his blond's pants and gives him a nice blowjob of his own. Fabian tells Glen to flip over so he can try out his other tight hole and then spits on his puckered ass for some extra lubrication. Spreading those white, hairy cheeks apart, Fabian plows the hell out of his twinky bottom's hole. Fabian's muscles are rippling with every thrust as Glen moans out in pleasure. Flipping him over and throwing one leg over his shoulder, Fabian's throbbing cock slams back into its eager home. Finally, Fabian is pushed over the edge by Glen's pristine, pink fuckhole and the hot Latino sparys streams of hot cum all over Glen's mouth and face. This is exactly what I like to see, man juices all over a young blond's face!
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Tags: amateur blowjob massage handjob

Description: Over the past several weeks, Tristan & Ian, separately, have continuously inquired about participating in a male:male oral video. I think they've both been jonesin' to play around with another guy and need the excuse of making a video to do so. lol... Ironically, I've been thinking about pairing the two of them for quite some time, so I finally made it happen. And what a pairing it turned out to be... Tristan was on the verge of orgasm about ten minutes into filming and stayed that way the rest fo the shoot. That tends to be a bit of a logistical challenge... :-P And as always, the best & surefire method to bring Ian to orgasm, is a little prostate massage. Ian's "magic button" never fails him. So, today I present Tristan & Ian giving... er... thanks! Everyone have a safe & wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy!
Prisoner Number 01172014s4
Category: BDSM and Fetish
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Tags: comfortable chair piss restraints wetroom leather straps mask cbt beating cane Iron Lockup

Description: In the most recent installment of "The Adventures of MegaBitch" we find our hero strapped to the unforgiving cold steel remains of a once comfortable chair. Will his testicles survive Sir's beatings or will our hero end up pissing himself? The villain gives our hero a chance to reprieve himself but will the pressure be too much?
Fabian (AJ Irons) Fucks Roman
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Tags: dtony dirtytony gay-boys gay-anal gay-assfuck gay-blowjob gay-fucking gay-bigcock gay-oral gay-porn gay-sex gay-porno gay-sucking gay-handjob gay-sucking gay-cocksucking gay-jackoff gay-blowjob

Description: All hot and bothered from some great head, Roman knows it is his time to shine and hops on Fabian's cock for the ride of his life. Oh my, this is a good one! Grunting, groaning, sweating, and moaning ensues. At one point Fabian gets so hot, he wipes the sweat from his brow and uses it as lube for his cock that is buried so deep in Roman's ass. These two tear it up with muscles bulging, chests heaving, and two big beautiful loads to finish it off. Enjoy loyal fans. I know I did!
Fabian (AJ Irons) Solo - Early Career
Category: Blowjob
Added: 03 Mar 14
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Duration: 0:01:15
Tags: gay-jackingoff gay-jerkingoff dirtytony gay-solo gay-masturbation gay-stroking gay porn

Description: Beautiful brown Fabian started working out when he was six**** and appearantly hasn't stopped. He loves to flaunt his sexy washboard stomach and especially likes the attention he gets from other men. He says it strokes his ego when dudes hit on him, and he couldn't wait to stroke it for me! He unbuckled his belt to release his raging hard on, even my interview was enough to get this stud up and running. When this squirter came he almost hit himself in the chin and breathlessy admitted to hitting himself in the face on more than one occasion.
Fabian (AJ Irons) Takes Mikey's Cock
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Added: 25 Feb 14
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Tags: all-americanheroes gay-military gay-boys gay-anal gay-assfuck gay-blowjob gay-fucking gay-bigcock gay-oral gay-porn gay-sex gay-porno gay-sucking gay-handjob

Description: Fabian slides the raging boner into his warm fuckhole, plunging it deep inside his ass. The firefighter ******s his hot Latin ass, making him moan out in ecstasy. Ready for even more ass stretching fun, Mikey flips Fabian on his back while still inside him. Taking his legs up in the air, Mikey slams his swollen shaft in and out of his little sex buddy. After several minutes of plowing Fabian's hungry hole, Mikey pulls out to unleash his built up load. Squirting out hot man cum all over Fabian's face, releasing every drop on him. Fabian then busts a huge load of gooey nectar, pouring out onto his 6 pack and neck.
Mack and Steve: Abduction and training
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 08 Feb 14
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Duration: 0:02:00
Tags: fetish bear anal amateur bdsm daddy

Description: Start where Steve Parker is hand cuffed & thrown into the back of MACK's big black sinister looking windowless van & taken to a secure location across town. He's collared, leashed, & led like a sack of fuck meat behind bars where his shirt is torn off & that beautiful hairy chest & abs we all love so much are shown to you by MACK like a hunters trophy. And then true to form MACK uses & *****s Steve with total disregard for Steve's needs and in doing so Steve gets exactly what he's needed for a long time. The pretty boy is caught jerking off so MACK puts him in a locked chastity belt & leaves him leg ironed to the bars for hours with nothing but a pair of his stinking week old cum & piss stained briefs to make sure “things remain hard” for Steve. Along the way, Steve is humiliated and ******. MACK mercilessly fucks & tortures the sweet unused hole between those amazing fuzzy globular ass cheeks. Every scream & holler of hurt is real as MACK trains Steve to pleasure a Man with his pu