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An International Incident
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Description: The recruits from New Zealand and America have been performing some military manoeuvres together. Looks like these two soldiers got separated from the rest of the platoon and decided to perform some of the their own manoeuvres. Each comes armed with a bayonet sized cock that gets hungrily sucked. After the battle ground is lubed by a tongue with spit - it's fucked raw til it explodes.
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Description: CockyBoys' smash hit RoadStrip picks up where the award-winning Project GoGoBoy left off, with CockyBoys' stars Max Ryder and Jake Bass front and center. Like Project GoGoBoy,RoadStrip is majorly blurring the lines between adult entertainment and mainstream filmmaking. TLA's Erik Schut says RoadStrip "heralds an entirely new genre in gay filmmaking". After being a certifiable hit online at CockyBoys.com the film even had it's full length premiere at the 2013 Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival!
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Paris:  Behind Closed Doors
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Description: It's 9 o'clock. What's happening behind your neighbors' closed doors? In "Paris [Behind Closed Doors]", Director Wolfgang Watts takes a peak behind his. Bet you wish you lived in his building, because this movie is packed with beautiful, natural, well-to-exceptionally-hung Parisian men doing a lot more than French kissing.
Dayton Plows Nathan
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Description: Dayton reaches around and embraces Nathan's hairy chest while still probing deeply into his internal organs. Flipping onto his back, Nathan enjoys more deep kissing while his guts are being obliterated by Dayton's stiff cock. Dayton pulls out and shoves his dick into Nathan's face, painting his tongue and chin with a river of translucent seed. Clutched in Dayton's arms, Nathan explodes his own stream of jizz onto his hairy abs. The two of them lay panting, exhausted, and happy.
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Freaks 3
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Description: Kalaban takes the old saying "dick on a stick" to a new level. With him, it's more like "log on a stick." But it's always those tall, lanky ones that have the huge cocks, isn't it? The scene starts (Surprise, DUH!?) with Damien jumping into the sling as fast as he can to get a piece o' that long, fat cock. Kal eats Damien's hole and lubes it up with spit, his cock jumping and pre-cumming with anticipation the entire time. Kal alternately pounds, eats and sensuously fucks the red hole, making Damien's eyes roll back in his head. Kal dumps a sweet load in Damien's hole after which Damien (no slacker in the cock department) figures turnabout is fair play, so he does Kal in the sling. Damien loves to spit and would probably win the international spitting olympics if there were such a thing. He lubes Kal up with spit, fucks the hell out of him, deposits a nice boy load in his ass, all the while savoring the mansmells and pheromones that the pair have emitted and writhing around in t
Alex's Eager Hole
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