Workin' Man Joe
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Added: 15 Nov 10
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Description: What a great-looking - and manly - man. He's a 5'10
Black And White Cock Sucking
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Added: 25 Oct 10
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Description: The anticipation was killing him! This black guy knew that there was a sexy older stud waiting for him in the shower, so he started touching himself already before he even got out. And when he did, he whipped his towel off with ease and started licking his big white dick. They both got to plunge a cock deep down their mouths, as they kept sucking and licking until both guys squirted their jizz loads
Busters rubber romp
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Description: Located in the center of the room, Buster experiences a latex fantasy of his own as he climbs inside of a giant balloon. Yes, inside!! This “never been done before” footage is a must see. Buster loves what he's doing inside the balloon which is evident from the gorging hard-on he's stroking while inside. Buster makes it an experience!
Filming the threesome
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Added: 18 Sep 10
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Description: Serious men as they are, these three are serious about getting off together, and filming it all on their camera. See the black guy caught between the two horny white bears who fill his mouth with beef as the camera keeps working. Taking turns servicing the two rods he got hornier than hell realizing his sinful activity was being filmed. Then he got hold of the camera as the bears were pleasuring themselves
Kinky bear gets visited
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Added: 28 Jul 10
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Description: Oh, just how smart is that? This bearded, bear-like *********** is surely not new to the kinkier side of male-only pleasures. See him browsing through that filthy edition, playing with his pierced cock attached to a board which he moves with his legs, making the rope pull his manhood in a totally exciting way. His black lover seething with wild urges show up, and the two play with their veiny shafts, a bit of cock-smoking, foreskin play, and dick rubbing included
Heavy duty dicks
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Description: When you are a construction worker, you work hard and you play hard. See what these kinky workers do when not moving loads of bricks. Putting their own meat to the limit they enjoy the sweet torture attaching massive weights to their shafts and covering them with steel rings. See the hard-working men getting all worked up and swollen, eventually shooting monster load of seasoned male muck