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Description:  Private Colt knows his way around the base, and wants to know his new bunkmate Private Keegan even better. Getting acquainted, they talk deployments and work-out regimens. After discussing technique, Private Keegan teaches Colt the finer points of the upside-down push-up. Private Colt, in return, shows Keegan an exercise to increase his balance. For all their awkwardness, there is clearly an underlying tension at work here, encouraging these two to find other excuses to touch one another. Arm wrestling steps up the intimacy a notch or two, and gives the guys a moment of strenuous activity. Just enough to break a sweat, giving Private Colt the perfect opportunity to touch Keegan's glistening brow. Private Colt encourages Private Keegan to take off his shirt. Keegan complies and finds that Colt is excited to see his tattoos. Private Colt slowly unbuttons his shirt, revealing his own tatted musculature. Both men take each other in, as the intensity of their attraction grows. Breaking the
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Description: Hottie Ryan Lynch takes to the floor of the frathouse with Colt Waters, both of them bare-chested, and ready to make some moves! Ryan's looking to Colt and his martial arts expertise to help him hone his defensive stance. But just a few moves in, and the guys are lying on the carpet! Ryan takes the upper hand in the position he's been given, and kisses Colt. Colt returns the lip lock, and crotch rubbing commences. Ryan pulls down Colt's boxer-briefs just as Colt tugs on Ryan's shorts. WIth both guys relieved of their clothes, their inhibitions are soon to follow. Colt lies back down on the floor and Ryan takes his cock into his mouth. Colt takes to the couch, and Ryan follows. Bent down in front of Colt, Ryan slurps on Colt's manmeat. Ryan's rocket looks ready to burst. Standing now, Ryan shoves his raging hard-on in Colt's face. Colt takes all of Ryan's erection deep between his lips. Colt slurps Ryan's shaft clean to its gooey tip. Ryan's more than ready, and shifts Colt into place o