Haze Him
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Description: They don't call it Greek life for nothing! At HazeHim.com, these straight college boys are definitely going Greek, both literally and figuratively. This brand new site brings real user-submitted footage of college and fraternity rituals gone wild. Haze Him members get a genuine behind the scenes look at fraternity hazing and initiations, college parties and dorm room pranks, all featuring cute young studs, toned jocks and real party ******s. These guys might call themselves straight, but they sure are willing to suck some cock or take a dick in their virgin asses for acceptance. Group jacking off, stripping, naked games, ******** sex and more, all streaming in high quality video. If you've ever wanted an inside look at frat life, HazeHim.com delivers with never before seen footage.
Steven Charles
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Description: This week we have an original from a brand new really hot model named Stephen Charles. Stephen is pretty new to modeling and has done a few shoots before and he loves performing in front of a camera. He says he loves sucking cock more than anything but he also enjoys getting rimmed! I'm excited for Stephen to make his TR debut! Enjoy this weeks original scene!
Delta Jobra - Timmy UKNAKEDMEN
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Description: Stunning Delta Kobra punishes Timmy Treasure on the wheel of misfortune, subjecting his uncut cock to his own brand of punishment, sucking rimming then releasing him from the wheel to smash his whole to drooling smithereens
Hunter's 9 inch Cock
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Description: This week I want to introduce you to a brand new amateur Australian guy named Hunter. He has those boy-next-door cute looks with his slim build, light brown hair and blue eyes. Hunter also has this innocent aura about him, but let me tell you… this boy packs a pistol! I'm talking about a 9 inch big cock that is loaded and ready for a massive shoot!
Dallas Parker and Aiden Miles
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Description: Today we have TWO brand new porn models for you. Both of them have never been on camera before so remember where you saw them first on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search. Dallas Parker liked it so much he joined the Bareback Road Trip - he's new to sex with guys and to travel so its a whole new experience for him but with a big fat dick like that we know there's going to be guys lining up to ride that monster. Both these guys are tops so we got them to blow each other for your pleasure.
Hans Berlin Logan Rogue and Tomas Brand
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Description: Jacked as a fuck mare on a cart Hans is heading towards Logan's twitching stiff cock with an open mouth. It disappears down Hans' throat. Hans gasps. Next muscleman Tomas unpacks his dick which is even bigger and fatter. Hans gets both knobs stuffed in the mouth alternately. While Tomas is sucking Logan's cock, he fucks Hans in the ass. Finally, Logan and Tomas shoot their loads on Hans. One in the face, the other on the tits.
Denis Vega & Billy Santoro Muscle Fuck - Menatplay
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Description: Its a double whammy week at MENATPLAY as we welcome two brand new faces to our already stunning collection of Men - US Porn Star Billy Santoro makes his suited debut, alongside mega HOT Latino newcomer Denis Vega. You can definitely see AND feel the chemistry between the two men, as they kiss, suck, rim and fuck each other like there's no tomorrow. Denis, who's normally Top, takes Billy's cock deep in his ass… and you know there's something so incredibly HOT about seeing a big, muscled top getting flipped around and pounded! And if you're expecting a Valentine themed 'love scene' you couldn't be more wrong, this is 100% man-on-man, hard, sweaty fucking!
jesse kevin
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Description: brand spanking new twink action, RAW at euroboyxxx
Daddy Mike Fucks Dylan And Enrique (Part 1)
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Description: Little Asian boy toy Dylan is a cherry. He is brand new to the gay sex scene but very horny and eager to learn. All I can say is he came to the right teacher. I asked our very experience power bottom gay Asian boy Enrique to join in as an expert in cock sucking. In this first part of the video, we suck and kiss and prepare Dylan for Daddy's big stick.
Ricky and Aries (Part 1)
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Description: Ricky couldn't wait to get his hands on this adorable cute Asian boy Aries. So we strapped him down to the bed good and tight so he could not move much. When Ricky began lightly tickling his silky smooth torso, Aries let out a loud gutteral fit of laughter. This only fed Ricky's tickle fire. Ricky began scribbling his finger tips in his pits and that sent Aries into a convulsing thrashing tickled mess. Then Ricky tickles his way down to Aries smooth and ever-so-soft Asian boy feet soles and when Aries broke out into a convulsive, panicky laugh, Ricky says "OH!" and again his fire was fueled and Ricky went to town on his ticklish feet. After putting Aries thru a complete ticklish laughter filled tickle session with his fingers, he goes and gets our hair brush, with the ball-tipped bristles. Ricky begins delicately twisting and jiggling the bristles up and down his sole and Aries down-in-the-gut ticklish panicked laughter starts again, and at a brand new height. I have honestly NEVER hea
All Sex December At BelAmi
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Description: All December long BelAmiOnline brings you a 'Very HardCore December' featuring one brand new hardcore BelAmi scene released every single day in December. It's not your typical release schedule but BelAmiOnline isn't your typical website. See some of the hottest models in the world in brand new hardcore all sex videos released every single day in December all underway right now.
Kip Ryker & Dakota Adams BAREBACK in Des Moines
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Description: Meet big dicked Dakota Adams - a brand new porn model discovered by Jason Sparks on his Nation Wide Model Search. He's a bit of an exhibitionist and is not adverse to sex in a park where the thrill of getting caught makes it just that much hotter! He's teamed up with Kip Ryker who is on the Bareback Road Trip and the two of them steam up the screen.
Rafael Tickled And Fucked (Part 1)
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Description: Welcome to brand new first timer little 18 year old Rafael. He's cute, ticklish, and he was so much fun. What a big wad of gay Asian he is! When I first met him he used the nickname "Sexexpert" and boy did he stand up to that name. This young little guy can take any size cock in his gay asian ass and love every minute of it. Gil ties him to the bed and delights in tickling this little cutie's ticklish feet and armpits and whole body until Rafael is a giggly ball of laughter. Then he gets to show his cock sucking abilities to Gil and prepare his cock to work his ass good.
Riley Tess and Jordan Fox
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Added: 09 Jan 14
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Description: Riley's loving his first visit to France. The locals seem friendly and he's soon wandering care free through the countryside, picking apples as he goes. A big, handsome man is gesturing something...Riley wishes he understood French...the man seems quite angry, really, and suddenly he's grabbing at the apples and shouting, dragging Riley through a hedge and rough-handling him. Riley does what he always does in times of crisis; he offers to blow the man. Jordan Fox (for he is the man) accepts the offer greedily, but that's just the start of his plans for Riley's retribution. A good hosing comes next; inside and out, followed by Jordan's special brand of domination and a face full of French cum and a harsh exit. Riley's lessons in foreign culture maybe a little harsh, but he's hungry for more.
Pierre Fitch pounds Levi Karter
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Added: 22 Jan 14
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Description: Levi Karter has been waiting for his moment with Pierre Fitch since he first started his career. And lucky for him, Pierre is just now getting accustomed to a brand new physique thanks to a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables. In fact, staying fit was one of the first things he and Levi chatted about when they first met on Twitter. And now, they're finally together in person with the best looking bods they've ever had. Just as casually as they were chatting about fitness, Levi started sucking on Pierre's cock without a second thought. That's how comfortable these two were around each other, and when you see them in action, they're like two peas in a pod. And they definitely worked well off each other -- Pierre's newly trimmed but still dominating body was the perfect fit for Levi's slightly smaller frame. Pierre might be a vegan now, but that sure doesn't mean he won't devour a nice piece of ass!
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Description: In conjunction with celebrating our 20th anniversary as the leader in all male entertainment; we will release brand new scenes featuring the ultimate porn star, BelAmi's original golden boy, Lukas Ridgeston! The 5 scene series debuts October 23 only at BelAmiOnline.com. Lukas will be featured with current BelAmi megastars Kris Evans and Jack Harrer in condom free scenes. See the return of the most popular porn star of the past 20 years exclusively at BelAmiOnline.com!
Brand New Jeremiah
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Description: Jeremiah was so overwhelmed with the move to a whole new state that he desperately needed to see a physician.