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Description: Kevin Warhol & Harris Hilton are both sexy blond boys coming on the heels of Manuel & Andrei who are both olive skinned. Also its not the first time the boys have been together, though in this episode Kevin will get his chance to top the beautiful bubble ass of Harris condomfree. Keep tuning into the action at this December with non stop hardcore updates everyday!
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Description: Now, everyone knows I love a cute little blonde twink. And Glen definitely fits that profile to a "T". He's slim, blonde haired, blue-eyed with just a sprinkle of hair going down his young frame. Add to all that the fact that he's smart and fun to talk to, and you've got yourself a hot little boy. The perfect kind to get nice and dirty. Glen's only had sex-sex with two people total his entire life. His first experience was with a guy from high school, and his second with his current girlfriend (who doesn't seem to mind that he's willing to be plowed by guys on camera.) Definitely a cute little freshman. After chatting him up a bit and getting his clothes off, I asked him if he'd be willing to go a little further. Curious and willing to explore, Glen didn't object when I shoved my cock down the back of his throat. This novice didn't need much coaching when it comes to working over a cock. He sucked it with zeal until I couldn't help but paint his face with streams of white stripes.
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Description: Hot and hung Italian Nick is here to plow the youngster Trevor on my couch today. The guys talk about surfing, snow boarding, and sex. Trevor is more than pleased to be set up with Nick and definitely seems like he is ready for some nice uncut dick. So I let them go at it. Ready for some hot man on man action, Trevor must not have eaten much today because he immediately goes for Nick's big Italian sausage. Sucking, fucking, and two huge dicks have never looked so good! And, I always love watching cute blondes getting railed on my couch...
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Description: In the middle of the passage blond Roberto gets his 9-inch cock out of his pants and starts beating the meat. Nearby Niklas, a cute 19-year-old visiting the backroom for the first time, observes him in secret. Roberto suddenly vanishes to reappear through the glory hole in Niklas's cubicle. And the swollen member knows very well where to aim...
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Description: A blond lad with an amazing body gets banged at the workshop by a dark-haired, 18-year-old apprentice. It's obvious his balls have been aching for a while as he spurts a thick load of sperm on the passive twink's face.
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Description: Samuel is obsessed with Renato's sweet ass. He strokes and caresses that thing before diving in tongue first and getting deep inside. Grabbing hold of his jock strap he pounds him deep and raw making even inch of his cock thrust as deep inside as he can.
Corporal Ahdem and Firefighter Ryler
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Description: As Ahdem slobbers and sucks, Ryler moans and strokes his Marine buddy's blond hair. Ryler doesn't want to miss out on the pink pleasure in Ahdem's pants. With Ahdem upright, Ryler eases his jeans down and stuffs the stiffy into his wet mouth, spitting and sucking happily. As Ahdem lays back, Ryler flips his legs above Ahdem's head so they can 69. As Ahdem grasps Ryler ass cheeks, pulling his cock closer to the back of his throat, Ryler exclaims, "I'm gonna cum!" Ahdem opens wide as spunk sprays deep to the back of his throat. Ryler helps his buddy out with a little more oral encouragement before Ahdem blows his load all over his cheek; a white river of jiz trailing down from his cheek to his Adam's apple.
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Description: Mikey landed on my casting couch bursting with enthusiasm. He had bright blue eyes and a great knack for filling out his tee shirt. I could see just a little blonde chest hair peeking out of the neck of his shirt and I couldn't wait to see what else was under there. As we got to talking, I find out just how open minded Mikey is. He is a true hedonist and believes in free love for all (and with) men and women. He is truly an exhibitionist, and fondly remarks that the hottest thing about banging his girlfriend on a balcony was the fact he had an audience of unsuspecting neighbors. Everything started out in its usual fashion, hot guy gets naked in front of me, I film him jerking off, and then a lovely cum explosion. This feature ends a little different though, don't worry there is still a very happy ending, just slightly unexpected. Lets just say I really, really got into this one!
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Description: He pulls a nice chubby as soon as his fingers even grazed his crotch. Working his soldier to full salute, Rohn whips out a perfectly pink dick nestled in a big bush of blond pubic hair. He gets a little more comfortable and when he is done working his balls, his fingers do a little exploring in his tight hairy hole. Rohn gets more intense as he beats his dick and begins to moan. Faster and faster he jerks until the certified Navy fly-boy jizz leaps out of his cock and pools on his hand. All shyness aside, Rohn gets a taste of his own medicine and licks his fingers clean.
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Description: Horny blond Supercub takes a cold shower, but it doesn't do the trick. He ends up crawling into bed to fantasize about dark-haired Jake taking him in a sling. Just then the fantasy shifts, and it's Jake in the sling, taking SuperCub's biggest toy all the way to ecstasy.
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Description: Taylor starts digging in his undies at his dick that is already stiff as a board. I peek over his shoulder as he whips out his huge pierced pink cock. This guy has everything going for him, a great body, big hairy bush, and a pair of low hanging balls that just beg to be cradled. As Taylor starts stroking faster and faster, his dick gets more and more engorged and impressive. Taylor moves onto the bed to get a little more comfortable and to spread his cheeks just for little ol' me. His middle finger traces his pink rimmed hole and then plunges deep into his cavity. All this anal activity is too much for Taylor, he flips onto his back and quickly strokes his dick to completion. A big all-American white boy load comes shooting out the tip and lands on his blond pube patch. Taylor smiles for the camera, obviously relieved of the load that had been weighing him down all day. Damn, I love straight guys!
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Description: Ryan and Zachary wanna be very bad today. See the horny blonde twinks devouring their cocks in the backyard during the night. Then it's time for their asses to be vicious barebacked into spectacular orgasms while assuming sexy poses. The party is gonna be legendary tonight!
Caught in the Act: Scene 1: Christopher Daniesl & Tyler Griz
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Description: In bed with his laptop, Christopher Daniels watches porn through his thick-framed glasses—his cock popping out of his boxers. He's interrupted by Tyler Griz: “What are you doin'?" he asks. The strawberry blond answers: “You wanna see what I was watching?" The smooth and tattooed voyeur rubs his bulge, releasing his throbber as Christopher stares at it before inching closer—teasing Tyler's dick with his tongue before opening wide for a face fuck. The toned stud with the high-and-tight haircut returns the favor, deep-throating Christopher before bending over to get munched. Christopher slaps Tyler's ass, spitting on it before burying his scruffy chin inside. Tyler sits on Christopher's face, bending down to eat him out. Tyler plows him from behind, grinding in deep (“Open it up, baby!") before getting the bottom on his back—the two placing their hands on each other's pecs. Tyler straddles the bottom's face, the two dumping their wads.
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Description: With the juice still flowing into the machine, Ashley needs more fit fuckers to have a go on his machine, this time he texts blond stud Jonny Kingdom who just so happens to be with young muscle man Kayden Gray. Up for something special from the London scene, Jonny persuades his friend to join him for something special, and they both rock up to the apartment, desperate to see what's going to happen! As they sit down, they're face to face with the thickest dildo they've ever seen on the end of the infamous fuck machine. As they strip naked together, Kayden is well up for getting down and dirty with Jonny, who wouldn't be with his lean trim body, matching with Kayden's hot built body and thick dick. Jonny pushing Kayden's head down onto his long shaft, stretching his throat as he goes. Fingering Jonny and getting him ready for his thick shaft and long dick, Kayden goes to town on Jonny's smooth hole, giving us perfect visibility as Jonny's stretched around Kayden's meat, fucking him hard
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Description: Slender blond twink Mark Kun is making out with dark-haired John Mars in an empty office kitchen. He gives the brunette the blowjob of his life before his new buddy returns the favor. After devouring each other, sucking on uncut dick to the brink of orgasm, John gets Mark up on a counter and rims his hot little hole. But it's Mark who ends up with his throbbing dick inside John's rarely used, sweet, pink fuckhole. John bends over and Mark slides home before the two changes positions so the eager-to-please John can ride Mark until the blond rewards him with a hefty cum facial of a load John can't help but eat, taste, and share with Mark in a kiss.
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Description: Night in Berlin, Wolf is on his way back to his hotel but he decides to check the area of Tiergarten that was marked in a magazine as a cruising ground. The rain must have kept most of the guys away, but he's seen movement and he decides to wait under a tree. Not much time passes before Dirk walks by, stops and reaches for Wolf's cock. They kiss and exchange blowjobs in the dark, mere metres away from the main road and Wolf end up getting a thick load shot right on his face. Wolf still needs to shoot his load and he's not gonna let go the blond hunk so easily. He takes him back to his hotel and they start all over again. Wolf if first to suck cock, but he took Dirk back because he wants to fuck him. So they play around and taste each other a while longer, swapping blowjobs and rimming before Wolf fucks Dirk on his back and keeps fucking him until he unloads all over his chest and Wolf shoots on Dirk's face.
Where The Wild Twinks Are - Boy Crush
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Description: Max is a young, blonde heart-throb whos sexually repressed home life causes some heavy tension with his step-dad. After running away, Max's life gets flipped upside down when four adorable, furry creatures capture him & start the biggest fuckfest of his life. From mountaintops to forest clearings, these boys pound each others asses bare; helping Max realize that everything hes been looking for has been right in front of him the whole time. Taking place in gorgeous Sedona, AZ, Where the Wild Twinks Are is a one of a kind parody twink porno that is as visually stunning as it is boner-inducing. Don't miss the best twink xxx movie of 2013! “Where the Wild Twinks Are Stars new Boycrush Exclusive Benjamin Riley as “Max” & Jason Valencia, Billy London, Alex Jordan & JR Adams as the ******s. Also new for Boycrush, Max's ****** is played by hot, muscle-type Collin Stone (Raging Stallion, Lucas Ent., Falcon, and many more!) who actually ends up getting in a hot Dad/