Bare Riders
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Description: Bare Riders is a hot, raw ride with sexy guys from the Florida and Georgia Border. Top it off with a Gang Bang and you're in for the Bare Ride of your life!
Using A Straight Guy/ Roman Rivers
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Added: 22 Apr 14
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Description: No one loves banging out a hot straight guy more than me haha. This dude may look familiar to you some of you, he goes by Roman Rivers. I met him while helping out with a shoot for OnTheHunt a few years back and we've been buddies since. I find it so hot when shooting with some straight guys who do porn because they try their best to act like they're into man sex even though they are hating it more and more with every thrust of cock.
Ryan Bangs Joaquin
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Description: Joaquin is in his room working on his muscles. Mark comes in and he's got other ideas. They trade blow jobs and then work themselves into a 69 position so they can enjoy then together. Then Joaquin climbs on top of Mark's big dick and gets fucked until he's ready to cum - all over Mark's face.
4 Ripped Studs Bang Luke
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Description: Blowing and jerking off each of the guys gets our hot bottom so worked up, he is ready for his first big dick. Triston slides his huge, uncut cock deep inside of him, while Luke sucks Spencer's massive 9 inch cock. America is next in plowing the dirty little sex fiend, slamming every inch of his thick man stick into that man hole. Each stud gets a turn ravaging Luke, but saving the biggest dick for last! Spencer's massive cock stretches his used hole even more with every slam. While still getting fucked, the shower of cum starts pouring from each of the throbbing dicks on top of Luke's face and mouth. As each of the top studs unloads, Luke's stomach and chest become more glazed with man sauce. A perfect ending for my horny little cum dumpster!
Creaming Samyan
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Description: Clean cut and proper gentleman Samyan secretly hooks up with a street boy and they hit things off with a bang! Samyan hasn't had any cock in months and so he's really cutting loose. These two hotties go at it like ******s and finish off full satisfied with a white creamy mess.
Fit Stud Gets Fucked
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Description: Gianni's tongue finds its way to Roman's ass. Moments after Roman begins to moan with pleasure, Gianni demands to ride his huge rod of bulging manmeat. Gianni rides atop Roman's thighs, taking all of Roman's girth into his hungry hole. Roman decides it's time to take this workout to the next level. He orders Gianni to the bedroom. Gianni throws himself over the bedside, spreading wide for Roman to enter his eager anus. Roman's "in the zone," driving full throttle into Gianni's tight ass. Roman bangs into Gianni's backside, with an ass pounding that seems very nearly unending. Finally, just as Gianni's reddened ass can't take any more, Roman pulls out and erupts deep into Gianni's throat. Gianni savors every last drop, grinning with pleasure into the camera.
Tyler's Gang Bang
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Description: Tyler's lips say no (kind of, but not really). But his eyes say yes, yes, yes! Happy as happy can be, he services the dicks waving in his face, takes being cock slapped on the cheek, and gets plowed by thick cock after thick cock. The guys go round and round on Tyler, making sure every hole of his has a dick in it at all times. Timo invokes his favorite move and sets his ass on Tyler's face for a clean licking while America plows in-between his spread legs. After the boys have their way with Tyler's pink pucker, they take turns shooting huge jock loads all over his face and painting his tanned and tattooed pecs. After the last load has been dumped on him and Tyler is still seeing stars, the boys take him to the showers for one last round.
20 Yr Old Rails Daddy
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Description: George rides his younger buddy, while the two stare into each other's eyes, moaning the entire time. As George gets his ass pumped, his cock is banging against Harley's chest. It finally spews thick gobs of goo onto the smooth brown skin. George slips off Harley's cock and greedily gobbles his own jizz off his chest; but, that's not enough for George. He begins sucking Harley's uncut dick trying to milk more cum from it. Finally, Harley squirts his load into George's gaping maw and onto his thick beard, both moaning with excitement.
Dennis Reed Breaks In The New Dude
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Description: Ripped Dennis Reed's older mate is finally getting his first fucking. Dennis's thick monster pole isn't easy for the first-timer, but the older dude's ass is soon opened up good and taking a deep bare banging from the cheeky blond twink, who pumps hard with his sixpack abs before dumping his load in his buddy's willing mouth.
Lorenzo Bangs Ryan
Category: Latino
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Tags: twinks blow job fucking cum. Latin Bang Bang Boys

Description: Lorenzo and Ryan are in the kitchen chowing down on each other's cocks. This gets them hungry for more and they bang each other til they explode.
Constantin Bangs Kevin Outdoors
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Duration: 0:05:42
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Description: Constantin is aching for pleasure and Kevin is just the right twink for the job. In this scene you get to see these two horny guys getting it on in an outdoors fuck that will make you salivate. Check it out as they take turns giving each other head before Constantin slams his cock balls deep up Kevin's tight asshole. Wanna see more?
Breeding Dominik Rider
Category: Bareback
Added: 14 Mar 14
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Description: Dominik Rider's tender ass is the party favor in this four non-stop bareback fucking orgy.
Spanish Playhouse 2 - Carlos, Diego and Juan
Category: Latino
Added: 15 Mar 14
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Duration: 0:05:01
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Description: Manuel's turn to dream again, and this time it's about three hotties who are already naked when we enter their room. We see the hot, hairy Diego Vicente sitting on a couch watching buddy Carlos Vega suck Juan Sotelo's 8-inch piece of meat. Carlos sucks and sucks like there's no tomorrow as Diego watches from afar. Diego definitely wants a piece of Carlos' smooth, tiny and tight ass – and action – too, and it's not long before he gets up, moves to the second couch and starts eating Carlos' tasty asshole before sticking his hard manhood into him. Diego fucks Carlos harder than hell, but Carlos is attentively focused on Juan's meat. After having his cock sucked forever and a day, Juan wants a piece of Carlos' ass, too, and isn't afraid to take it. After banging his buddy for a while, the three gather around a table and shoot their huge loads onto it.