Ridge Michaels and Seth Knight
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Added: 12 Mar 11
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Description: Versatile Ridge Michaels takes the role of top in his new video with hung newcummer Seth Knight. He really stretches that boy's hole in their couch fuck too. After some mutual sucking - where Ridge really gets a taste of Seth's big tool - and some ass-eating, it's straight to that butt-spliting action.
Versatile Latinos Fuck Bareback 6
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Added: 25 Oct 11
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Description: To view the full length hi-resolution version visit Mount Equinox at mountequinox.com. Jackson, featuring the long dirty blond hair and Johnny start this scene out with a passionate make out session that leads to Johnny quickly working off Jackson's jeans. Immediately Johnny goes to town on Jackson's uncut cock working his shaft deep into his mouth. Jackson pushes on the back of Johnny's head making sure he gets all the way to the base as Jackson thrust his hips up and down for a hot face fucking. Soon after Jackson has Johnny's hard uncut cock exposed from his jeans and wraps his lips around that nice thick piece of man meat. Moving into the 69 position our two boys go to town on each others cocks. Johnny then flips Jackson up onto his knees and buries his face deep into his ass. As Johnny has his face buried deep into Jackson's ass Jackson is simultaneously stroking Johnny's cock with his bare-feet. Jackson then lays Johnny over on his side as he slides his hard cock into Johnny's ti
Jake Bass fucks Mason Star
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Added: 26 Jan 12
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Description:  I didn't know what to expect when it came time to filming Jake Bass's and Mason Star's scene. The two CockyBoys have BIG personalities. Jake is a firecracker, and when he enters a room it's like a hurricane has hit. Mason, on the other hand, is a bit more toned down, but nevertheless strongly opinionated and sharp in his reactions. They'd been hanging out for a few days, but I also saw a bit of a “frenemy” relationship between those two. Sometimes I didn't know whether they were engaged in playful banter or getting downright agressive with one another. Well, turns out that when it comes to a good fucking, they're a perfect match for one another. Jake and Mason were just hanging out in the bathroom, and after Mason moved in for a kiss, the sexual energy that followed was paramount. All of a sudden, Jake couldn't wait to get his lips around Mason's 9 inches. Eventually, they went to the bedroom and started playing with a couple fleshjacks, then started double-fucking the same fleshja
Sports: Threesome
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 25 Mar 12
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Duration: 0:05:08
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Description: This is the first movie in our "Sports" month. In this scene, Steven Daigle, John Magnum and Shane Frost have just finished their photoshoot for our upcoming photography book. The three are relaxing in their singlets (they had just finished shooting the "wrestling" look) and have a crazy threesome. The sex is non-stop and Shane Frost gets pummeled from every which way by both of them!
Mylo's Ball Busting
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Added: 11 Apr 12
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Duration: 0:05:00
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Description: Smooth, young Mylo is in for a severe session of CBT in this video. Tied to a massage table, his balls will never be the same after enduring the rough play that's inflicted on him in this intense one-on-one. His face looks so damn cute even when it's contorted in *****.
Straight' Barebacking Buddies
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Added: 02 May 12
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Description: SD Boys presents Tim Hunt and Rick Nova. Both men say they are straight, but have had a bit of experience with other men and want to explore. As well, both appreciate the voyeuristic aspects of having bareback sex while being videotaped. Ricky said he would bottom, while Tim will be the one in the driver's seat. On the sofa, they lean in to kiss and feel each other's body. Ricky seems to prefer to handle Tim right now; he is the first to go down on the other. As Ricky swallows Tim's cock, Tim takes his dick out of Ricky's mouth and slaps it against his tongue; he is now fully erect and ready to take on Ricky's member. While enjoying the shaft of Ricky's dick, Tim hold on tight to Ricky nice bubble butt. Getting situated, Ricky mounts Tim's bareback dick, sliding onto it and then rocking it up into his ass. Tim says, fuck you're tight, but I think its really Ricky feeling the most of this position as he pants, moans and rides Tim. Ricky pulls off and then goes back onto Tim's cock for m
Hurting My Balls Harder
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 07 Jul 12
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Duration: 0:04:03
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Description: This time i use my hand, a sneaker and an apple.Fuck that apple hurt!
Landon Fucks Angel
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Added: 01 Oct 12
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Description: Landon and Angel are relaxing on vacation when things get a bit heated in the living room. They start kissing, and the clothes fly off. Angel discovers Landon's huge cock, and sucks it hard. In no time at all he inserts it in his boyhole and rides Landon wild.
Hung young guy's naked exercises - dominated twink
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Description: master slave dom sub punishment anal wanking cum fuck anal oral stripping restrained tied handcuffed blindfolded gagged used cp bdsm bondage shaving foot worship lick kissing sucking spanking humiliation dares discipline
Fuck bull in action
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Added: 30 Jun 14
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Description: Carlos, an Andalusian rascal, leans back and lets Brian, a dick-crazed bottom, service him. As soon as his dick his hard enough he turns his fuck buddy around and screws his brains out! Hot fuck session with hard boners and loads of cum!
Not So Shy
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Added: 07 May 13
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Description: Hunter Page looks like a shy boy, but he is anything but that. He loves big fat cocks and has no shame in getting it. Watch this beautiful boy get the dick he deserves.
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Added: 24 Aug 14
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Description: When taking photographs it quickly becomes clear to Brice that it's not just close-ups of the Moskito's sexy mouth which interest him. The shy model then has to take his pants off, let his cock be played with and then suck the photographer's thick knob. Brice already has a mighty boner in his jeans which swings out at Mosikto when he opens Brice's pants and Mokito then jerks his equally thick dick while kneeling down to suck Brice's bell end and at the same time devotedly looking up at him. Then it's time for the second round and like a machine Brice fucks Moskito till they both cum.