Berlin Dungeon
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Description: THE HIGHLY SOUGHT-AFTER & ANTICIPATED MOVIE EVERYONE HAS BEEN TALKING ABOUT! BERLIN DUNGEON, by Hot Desert Knights Germany, was filmed exclusively in Berlin, Germany in the famous Dungeon, Bar and Play Space known as STAHLROHR, BERLIN. Seven Hardcore, Well Hung, Well Muscled GERMAN FISTING PIGS screaming in ecstasy in 5 Intense, Fast Paced, Hardcore Fucking and Fisting scenes which will get you UP, get you OFF and make your asshole quiver. Nearly 75 minutes of non-stop action in a real life Dungeon. BERLIN DUNGEON is truly a handballers, hardcore delight. Presents Kevin Delorme
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Description: He's back! Our most requested new Wolff superstar. A few months back we gave you his HD muscle worship video debut. Kevin has only been training for a few years. He's a brick layer by day who loves to turn heads by working with his shirt off in the streets of old Montreal. We just added a spectacular 75 photo gallery for you to drool all over. Kevin is also live from our Montreal studio every weekend on our cam site along with dozens of other exclusive Wolffpac muscle hunks.
No. 75 [7-27-13] Play & Cum in 7 + Minutes
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Description: Back again 4 more. It took me about 7 min. 2 cum, Butt it's all in 1 take..... Pics will follow soon.....
Road Handjob
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Description: I've seen girls flashing while driving. I've even seen dudes moon people once or twice. But I've never seen a Perez Hilton looking mother fucker get jerked off by his buddy while driving at 75 miles an hour! Shit just got intense...
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Description: The funny thing about my hobby is that you never know where you will meet the right boys. Sometimes you find them on the street lounging around, sometimes in a club or a pub and sometimes even in a bus. Yes, and every now and then even in a supermarket. As you know me already I never leave my home without my little cam so that I am always ready. Two days before I just finished my last private movie when I saw a super cute boy in the market. I had no intention to find someone this day but he appeared so lost in this shop looking for some food so I had to try my luck. He was open minded and incredibly funny. And above all: more broke than he wanted to admit in the first place.
Brian  Big  Uncut  Curved  Cock
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Description: BRIAN Versatile gay dude Brian is 6'1", 75 kilogram bleach blonde hottie with a "large" reputation... and he is eager to show off his true self! He starts out by touching himself through his shirt, sensuously rubbing his skin and massaging the muscles underneath. He then slides his hand under his shirt to feel his skin getting hotter and hotter. His other hand goes to work lower on his body, reaching down for his crotch...Brian removes his shirt, showing off a nice, toned chest with a nipple piercing. He strokes his chest as he puts his other hand underneath the waistband of his pants. Touching himself, he savours the pleasure as he gets more and more aroused. His cock starts to peek out from under his pants, and the more it hardens and grows, the more it escapes from the confines of his pants, which he then proceeds to remove.This hot guy certainly looks even better when he's fully naked, and a lot of that is because of his humongous cock. His uncut giant dick has a large, round, pink
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Description: Innie Wennie tinny wennie shriveled little short dick man, this was a song not to long ago by a band named Gillitte. We see on a lot of different websites where most of the guys are reported to having an 11 inch cock. But we all know when we see 11 inches and most large cocks are really 8 or 9. Well Jafeth really have a 2.75 inch cock, we gave him a quarter inch on the gallery page. I asked him if he was gay and he told me what else I can be with this pinginito pequeña (small cock). But he likes big cock in his ass. So we hooked him up with Alex and some Toys
Straight Rent Boys Hot Threeway
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Description:  Let's start our own fireworks this weekend. Last week's video ended with Jordon getting blasted in cum at my gay for pay bootcamp. This video begins with him actually eating some of that cum. He then proceeds to suck Jadizon's cock while Nu sucks him. It's obvious that Jadizon loves every minute of it. Nu even gets in on the action and sucks Jadizon as well. Who is better? It's obvious that Nu gets the best cock sucking award between the two; but that is to be expected as I know that Nu knows how to suck a good one. 

Jordon and Nu continue to suck Jadizon's cock until Nu can take it no longer and starts jerking his own meat until he shoots a hot load of cum. Jadizon is next to shoot a load of cum after watching Nu cum and for an extra $75 Jordon licks it up. Finally Jordon shoots his straight boy load and both Nu and Jadizon lick it up. Cum eating at it's best! Looks like if Jordon can eat some cum maybe he can get fucked. Only time will tell. Download the full video at Straight
Best Cumshots Explosions
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Description: Over the past decade Squirtz has shot over 400 solo videos with a cumshot in every one. But all cumshots are not created equal. To celebrate the coming of the new decade we went back through the archives to find the very BEST cum shots we every captured. Buckle your seat belts (and zip up your rain coat) and get ready to watch 75 of the best cumshots we ever recorded.
two CR-trodes
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Description: The second part of a session with tens: first 70 Hz / 60 mA then 100 Hz / 75 mA (HFO)!
Best Cumshot Of The Decade
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Description: Over the past decade Squirtz has shot over 400 solo videos with a cumshot in every one. But all cumshots are not created equal. To celebrate the coming of the new decade we went back through the archives to find the very BEST cum shots we every captured. Buckle your seat belts (and zip up your rain coat) and get ready to watch 75 of the best cumshots we ever recorded.
Digging with the Giant
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Description: A bud working the Gigantic Homo Gigantus dildo in me all the way to the balls 15 long 3.75 thick at the base
Homo gigantus
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Description: Me using the HUGE Homo Gigantus dildo deep wide 15 long 3.75 thick at base
Bruno Chapero
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Description: 25 años,, 1.75 - 75 kg cuerpo fibrado, muy bien dotado 22 cm reales bien gorda, versatil, sitio super discreto.