Shawn The Carpenter
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Description: The roomate of the other Sean, he's not quite as arrogant or self-promoting. He's 44 y/o, 5'10" and 185 and is a carpenter and bilingual interpreter on construction sites. He likes all kinds of sexual encounters, and will hopefully be seen here with another man.
Bronson Gates and William Vas
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Description: Bronson Gates is 44 and is from Los Angeles, CA and William Vas is 31 and from Palmetto, FL. While attending an event in Miami FL, they hook up and go back to Bronson's room. There they kiss each other, removing their shirts. William helps to remove Bronson's pants, getting down on his knees and begins sucking Bronson's fat cock. William's pants come off and Bronson devours William's cock. William bending over the couch spreads his cheeks and Bronson gets right in their, licking and rimming his man hole. He uses his mouth, his nose and even his head. Bronson rams his huge firm cock into Williams hole and begins fucking him hard, slapping William on the ass over and over. William straddles Bronson and is bounced up and down on Bronson's cock! On the floor with legs up, Bronson gives it to him good. William stands over Bronson and cums all over his hairy chest. Bronson takes his own cock in hand and squirts a huge creamy load on his stomach and they finish with a kiss.
Barebacking In Gym Lockerroom
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Description: It happens all over in the worlds many gyms: the daily checking each other out and picking each other up for a hot quickie. On this day Alan and Andrey made eye contact and their intentions were made very clear. They soon found themselves in the locker rooms and began making out. Alan soon had passive Andrey on his stomach and was eating out his hot ass. And what do you do when you have no condoms? You fuck him without one of course! Alan's cum load all over Andrey's face at the end is not to be missed! You can download over 100 exclusive images of this shoot and 44 minutes of DRM free hardcore video at WankOffWorld now!
Poax and Caio At The Gym
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Description: Poax had always known he's more likely to pick-up a hot guy at the local gym later at night than earlier in the day and he soon notices a new gym club member, Caio, and makes eye contact and smiles as his eyes travel up and down Caio's fit 6 pack abs and toned physique. It is after a good work out on the equipment while they checked each other out and waiting for the gym to finally became empty that these two muscular studs make their move. Poax and Caio were so turned on that they fucked in the public gym! Over 85 exclusive images of this shoot and 44 minutes of exclusive video, only at WankoffWorld!
Internet Hookup: Thiago and Robert
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Description: We have all picked up using the internet and have had some disastrous sex meets but occasionally the truly amazing hot one walks in your front door! Robert is a hot young bottom lad who is more than eager to ride Thiago's hung cock bareback. Over 145 exclusive images of this shoot and 22 minutes of exclusive video in Part 1 and 44 minutes in Part 2!
Video 44 [6-21-13] A Nice 3.5 Day Load (Longest Video So Far) .mp4
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Description: Here is another Hi-Res video 3 1/2 days after Video 43. Since I return to work Friday night for 3 nights, I wanted to pump out a load, and not wait 3-4 more nights to do it. This one is my longest yet at a little over 9 min. and was a difficult cum, butt, I did shoot a nice load (Surprised Me) onto the green plastic card I found at work. I am hoping that some day someone leaves a comment on my profile, or my videos. I would love to hear your feed-back, or ideas for future videos.
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Description: The roomate of the other Sean, he's not quite as arrogant or self-promoting. He's 44 y/o, 5'10" and 185#, and is a carpenter and bilingual interpreter on construction sites. He likes all kinds of sexual encounters, and will hopefully be seen here with another man.
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Description: After a few tries I realized that today wasn't the right day for the shopping center. I was successful there before but every day is different. On my way back home I saw a boy waiting for the bus. Jiri told me that he luck three times already approaching a waiting boy. This young man looked a little bit like an emo. Long dark hair and stylish clothes. Normally not really my type of guy. But he had a friendly smile and apparently a tiny, cute ass. It was hard to start a conversation. He was either too shy or afraid of my cam. And I spent 2.000 just to see his dick. When we went to the parking place he was more relaxed. But there were still a lot of people around. Nonetheless we went on... and on...
Adam's Rib
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Description: Adam Rogue is a big boy and carries a bigger than average club. After originally doing a sexy solo scene, we figured it was about time to watch this hunk get it on. Adam is originally from Chicago and still a head turner at 44.