Horny Schoolmates Blow Each Other
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Cum Check Out The Video
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Description: Checking out the deals in the store, Devin West, in the white,and Aaron Burner, in the blue, seem to be looking a bit more "tactual' than a video.
Subtitle: Gag Fest
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Description: This is the third scene from Cum-O-Holics starring Champ Robinson, Mason Garet and Chad Brock. In this first half, we chose to name it "Subtitle: Gag Fest" and invite you to watch and see why. The true fuckmasters have arrived, and the play is underway. Only at HDKRaw.com can you get this much sweat and cock, raw. Choking on a big piece of meat, one guy "fucking takes it," while serving his ass up for some hot rimming. If sloppy scenes are what feeds you, belly up to the trough and get some. These three rotate "in and out" as they suck and rim each other. No need for a napkin here, just let the spit fall where it may. "Oh fuck yeah," becomes the common anthem in this "oral-athon." As the three fuckers trade out, suck and eat, all are getting their fill, choking it all down. Up on the lift, two guys have the third do "double duty" as he jerks and "hoovers." This scene just goes on and on; don't worry, you'll have enough time to blow and reload. Showing you that a
Three Schoolmates Blowing Each Other
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