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Description: This is the first dude I shot with his wife present - many years ago. Like many of us, he's a little heavier and has a lot less hair, but he's still a sexual maniac. He's 38 y/o, 6' and 206 #, and he works in loss prevention.
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Description: Gianni is literally so turned on by this flagrant oral attention, his cock instantaneously explodes one out of his own all over the shirt left on the cement floor below. I've never seen someone enjoy getting manhandled more!
Where The Wild Twinks Are - Boy Crush
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Description: Max is a young, blonde heart-throb whos sexually repressed home life causes some heavy tension with his step-dad. After running away, Max's life gets flipped upside down when four adorable, furry creatures capture him & start the biggest fuckfest of his life. From mountaintops to forest clearings, these boys pound each others asses bare; helping Max realize that everything hes been looking for has been right in front of him the whole time. Taking place in gorgeous Sedona, AZ, Where the Wild Twinks Are is a one of a kind parody twink porno that is as visually stunning as it is boner-inducing. Don't miss the best twink xxx movie of 2013! “Where the Wild Twinks Are Stars new Boycrush Exclusive Benjamin Riley as “Max” & Jason Valencia, Billy London, Alex Jordan & JR Adams as the ******s. Also new for Boycrush, Max's ****** is played by hot, muscle-type Collin Stone (Raging Stallion, Lucas Ent., Falcon, and many more!) who actually ends up getting in a hot Dad/
Down & Dirty: Put Your Fat Cock In Here! - Nakedsword, Dirty Boy Video
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Description: Want to go slumming? This week, NakedSword ventures deep into furthest Brooklyn for a Down & Dirty three-way between Scott Adler, Brayden James, and Damian. (Not sure who's who? Doesn't matter — real names are soooo 2011.) Damian and Brayden work over Scott's tight little hole, warming it up for the fat cocks that emerge from their skinny jeans; and boy do those cocks go deep! The second episode in NakedSword's New York-based series is all hankies and scruff and tattoos — and real sex that's anything but ironic. Get down. Get dirty. Get lucky.
Down & Dirty: Fuck Me Already! - NakedSword
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Description: When you've got a fat cock and a hungry hole, who needs conversation? In the third scene of Down & Dirty two young and hung New Yorkers — Tyler, a Latin who seeks out tight ass like a military drone and Taylor, a big-dicked bottom making his porn debut — can't get their clothes off fast enough. Tyler throws Taylor down on a leather couch, ripping off his shorts to reveal a cock worthy of some sweet talk. After some athletic sucking, the boys get down to business followed by Taylor riding Tyler like a Coney Island coaster and then giving new meaning to the term fountain of youth!
Igor and Sandro Bareback
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Description: Both of these amateur models have appeared on WankOffWorld with other partners, but this is the first pairing of Igor and Sandro together. When Igor offered his apartment for a new shoot location we eagerly packed up the cameras, picked up Sandro and headed over. These two Latino guys hit it off immediately and quickly started going down on each other's cocks. During some deep throat action Sandro almost choked on Igor's cock. They eventually end up having bareback anal sex by the pool and it all ends with Igor shooting his hot jizz all over Sandro's face. Enjoy over 290 exclusive images of this amateur shoot and 38 minutes of exclusive gay hardcore video at WankOffWorld now!
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Description: With his big, hard cock and lean body, Dan is such a hot stud and we certainly welcomed him with open arms at Amateurs Do It! 38 year old bald dude Sam is packing quite a nice dick between his legs as well. Between him and Dan, bottom hunk Coz really had a great time pleasing the two men. All three guys are from Australia and very open minded when it comes to sex and foreplay. The kissing, fondling, cock sucking and rimming are plentiful as all three plan on having the time of their lives with each other in front of my camera! Throughout the shoot, Coz seems to be the center of attention, opening his dick hungry mouth for Sam and Dan like he hasn't eaten in days. While he's taking turns sucking each of their cocks, the two studs kiss away with the utmost of passion. The clothes cum off slowly, and eventually all three men are naked, their rock hard hunks of man meat throbbing and ready for anything.
Hairy Hunk Aaron Tops Richard
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Description: 38 year old muscle hunk Aaron returns for some more action in a duo shoot with 31 year old blue-eyed Richard, a versatile guy who's into body piercing. Aaron is a totally butch, hairy top and he is eager to give Richard the fuck of a lifetime – on cam! We pick up in this part as their shower has ended and Aaron turns Richard around and rubs his cock up behind him, signalling that he now wants to fuck. They move to the bedroom where Aaron pounds Richard's chest and gets on top of him on the bed. Licking him all over, he takes Richard's cock into his mouth once again, eating his balls and rimming him as well. With both guys now burning for a good fuck, Aaron puts on a condom, lubes up and plunges inside Richard's ass; slowly at first until he gets it all the way in. Their fucking gets hotter and faster and Richard jacks off while being pumped and soon cannot help but to come, spilling his load on the bed.
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Lenin and Thiago
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Description: After picking up Lenin online, Thiago meets him locally and they go back to his apartment. Following some initial but brief kissing and foreplay, these two amateurs soon stripped down to nothing and got into some hot 69-er sucking and rimming action. Lenin, who is versatile, wanted to bare back Thiago's ass and they fucked for ages before some massive cum loads exploded! Over 270 exclusive images of this shoot and 38 minutes of exclusive video only at Wankoff World!
Hot and Hairy Max
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Description: Some like em smooth and some like em hairy. For lovers of the latter type, Max is the perfect amateur hunk, sure to satisfy. At 38 and almost 6 feet tall, this hirsute amateur hunk has a naturally lean build that he keeps in shape by playing different sports like swimming and tennis. Though his head is mostly shaved, he has a full, thick beard that totally distinguishes him. Left alone on the couch, our amateur hunk unbuttons his shirt and immediately reveals a slim, athletic body covered with curly body hair. He proudly displays every inch of himself, even spreading his ass cheeks to show even more thick hair. Max has a piercing over his eyebrow and tattoos on both shoulders and both sides of his upper back, which is about the only area of his bare torso that doesn't feature too much sexy fur. As he pleasures himself all over, he gets hornier and hornier and soon peels off his jockstrap. Now completely naked, his hairy body is totally tuned into his solo and his big, uncut cock
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Description: Sam is a 38 year old gay guy who has a hairy body, trimmed beard and shaved head. He says he is versatile in bed and fantasizes about doing two black guys at once. Dan is 30, totally hirsute with tanned skin, dark eyes and has a sexy deep voice. He is a top who is horny as hell, loves to masturbate, and fantasizes about orgies. They start by making out on the couch as Sam lifts Dan's shirt to lick his chest while groping the bulge in his shorts. Sam sucks through the fabric of Dan's shorts before taking it out and blowing on it passionately. Dan lies back, enjoying himself tremendously. His cock is totally huge and Sam can't seem to get enough. They talk dirty as they both get completely naked and jack off together. Dan has a nipple piercing that Sam likes to tickle with his tongue as he gives Dan a hand job. Then, he takes Dan by his dick and leads him to the bedroom… Stream or Download this hot video now at AmateursDoIt!
Jeremy Jerking Off
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Description: This is the first dude I shot with his wife present - many years ago. Like many of us, he's a little heavier and has a lot less hair, but he's still a sexual maniac. He's 38 y/o, 6' and 206 #, and he works in loss prevention.
Scott and Sam Like it Dirty
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Description: 25 year old versatile guy Scott and 38 year old hot amateur gay *********** Sam were both horny and eager to perform on camera.
Marco Sam and Lucas
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Description: This is not the only amateur guy threeway shoot on the site, but it is definitely one of the hottest! Sam is one of our favorite guys, and this 38 year old horny stud is back again for this hardcore trio video. He is being joined by eager Marco and Lucas for this one, and all three are really looking forward to sharing their cocks with each other.
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Description: Finally it´s summer here in Prague. The boys look so good in their shorts. A perfect time for hunting. First I stopped a quite cute guy on the street near my apartment. I offered him 500 for his undies. As he was very shy I had to increase my offer. For 3.000 he finally agreed and stripped in the middle of a crowd. But unfortunately he didn't want to do more. So I went on to a nearby gas station. A young guy was cleaning his car. He seemed to have been quite broke since he sold me his undies for only 1.000. He appeared to have a strong body. I was a bit nervous but I couldn't resist to go ahead. So I persuaded him to show me his dick in the carwash. And I made another indecent proposal.
Caught In The Act #38
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Description: Watch this video now! ICS Video for the best Gay Asian Videos. Guys from All The Rigth Places meet, touch, taste, feel, suck and penetrate each other for the first time.