CAUSA 456 Jody
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Added: 05 Aug 14
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Description: Jody | 30 | 5'5" | 120# | 8.0" | Black Hair | Blue Eyes | Bisexual | Read the full story on the blog...
30 Cumshots
Category: Asian
Added: 07 Jun 14
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Duration: 0:01:49
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Description: This is a nice compilation of cumshots from the past. On, we always like to end each video with a nice facial. Today, we are treated to “30 Cumshots of Boykakke.” So get your cum towel and a friend, who knows how to 'turn the other cheek,' and enjoy.
Pig Skinheads
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 15 May 14
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Duration: 0:01:46
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Description: Two dirty 30 year old pierced guys in tracksuit: sock fetish and worshiping. Gob, deepthroat action and rough ass-fuck, cum on socks
Str8 Loads 11 Adam - Patience Of A Saint
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Added: 05 Apr 14
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Duration: 0:05:00
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Description: I'm tired of seeing the same old blue silk boxers, so I start this session by having Adam try on some new underwear. He settles on a pair of Champions and after massaging his pole thru the briefs he strips and starts some serious strokin'. I try to ask him some questions but he's too into the porno to respond, so I break the spell by moving in to re-measure his cock - Yep, still 8'' - and while I'm in the area I grab and oil up his cock. Adam puts his hands behind his head and lets me play with his balls and manhandle his throbbing piece, squeezing out every drop of pre-cum. ''You like that?'' I ask. ''Yeah,'' he grunts. I can t stand it any longer and before he has a chance to react, I chow down on it, taking every last inch of his cock in my mouth. After only 30 seconds of bliss Adam begins a barrage of high-flying cum shots and I try to catch as much as I can for myself! ''How was that?'' I ask. ''Very good!'' he mumbles.
me taking some latino cock.3gp
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Added: 04 Apr 14
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Tags: anal sex piercings shaved amatuer

Description: i got cock in me by my co worker. he topped me for a good 30 minutes. He loved my cock. He likes bottoms with smaller cocks. After seeing the video i was embarrased that my cock looks that small.
Stinging Scorpion - Mike and Scorpion
Category: Asian
Added: 07 Mar 14
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Duration: 0:05:01
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Description: This 30 minute video is definately jam packed full of erotic scenes. First Scorpion teases and shows off his perfect gym body for the camera. Then he is tied down to the bed in his sexy briefs and tickled silly for about ten minutes. There's plenty of pit, rib, crotch, and foot tickling. This gorgeous asian has the cutest, smoothes feet I've ever seen!! And very ticklish!! Then his briefs are removed and he is completely nude. In this portion, he is rubbed, tickled, sucked, tickled, handjobbed, tickled, and then he is jerked off and fingered in the ass till he cums. This video is unbelievably erotic and HOT. You'll love hearing him saying "oh I love it" and "oh my god that is so good". Then he shoots his load all the way to his chin.
Mystery Guy
Category: Massage
Added: 02 Mar 14
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Description: Mystery Guy appeared in a live broadcast quite by accident after the scheduled model no-showed. Having just departed the apartment of a guy who was recruiting for me at the time, I knew that it was full of hot, straight guys. So, one quick phone call and Mystery Guy was broadcasting live from the CAUSA Smut Palace 30 minutes later. Due to his having recently appeared on another site, we decided to go the "mystery guy" route. Mystery Guy is, plain & simple, fricking hot! Of course, he knows it and as a result, is little cocky. But that cockiness is actually endearing with him. He's fun, smart, and exudes boyish charm. Of course, with that flawless body and big ol' schlong, you definitely get the full-meal deal with Mystery Guy. Oh... As I previously mentioned, he had recently appeared on another site (as well as the nine-way circle jerk that ran on CAUSA a few months back) and was anticipated to participate in additional videos for them.
Back For More: Dante - Session 1 - Part 2
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Added: 19 Feb 14
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Description: Dante arrives all excited about the 30 year old Spanish “girl” he just connected with (whatever they need to get through the interviews!). He strips down and shows off then I help him try on a jockstrap. Soon he's ready to roll. As I start to suck his cock he throws his head back and savors the moment… I bury my face in his black bush and after a while I take out Mr. Bill and start to rub him against Dante's cock… “Your shit's kinda big, Damn!” he says… I continue to blow him and rub our cocks together bringing him close several times… I know he's anxious to bust so I make him stand and he shoots a massive nut all over my cock! I use his hot load to lube up my throbbing cock and blow a huge load of my own! “Damn, that's a lot of cum!” he says… “That was good! Sneek Peek all the way!”
30 Loads Season 3
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Added: 01 Feb 14
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Description: 30 Loads of Facials comes back in this double-dose episode starring Francesco and Damien and two anonymous men. This time no drop will be wasted
Category: Massage
Added: 20 Jan 14
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Duration: 0:05:01
Tags: amateur blowjob massage handjob

Description: Ridge has been scheduling more frequent trips to the Valley of the Sun. I'm thinkin' that he's enjoying his sexploration on video. This time around, we planned for him to take the swizzlestick (a term that Ridge coined) up his bum. Well, I used the swizzlestick on him for about 30 seconds and then unbeknownst to Ridge, switched it out with the flying, purple asshole vibrator. lol... This was the first time that Ridge had engaged in such extensive arse play. And given Ridge's rigid cock and guttural moans, I'm also thinkin' those were indicative that he thoroughly enjoyed himself. Oh, yeah... And the fact that Ridge told me that I needed to train his girlfriend how to do it, and lastly, but not least, the fact that he had an anal orgasm for the first time in his life! It was pretty wild to see, There was some major prostate massaging going on. Ridge felt the onset of his orgasm, and BAM! There it was... body spasms, labored breathing, cock & anal contractions... but no ejacu
Fighter Lars
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 11 Jan 14
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Duration: 0:05:00
Tags: dads older str8 straight gay4pay hairy

Description: This guy has a quite character. Makes his living in every imaginable illegal way. He's a 30 y/o, 6'1", 190# wild man. Says he'd rather fight than fuck. Hmmmmm. All that said, he's a likable guy - just watch your back.
Jhair Cums down To the Big City
Category: Ethnic
Added: 13 Jan 14
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Duration: 0:04:25
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Description: After 30 Days in a row , working , Jair cums to the city looking for a lady. I help him out with something better .
Real Men Breed 30
Category: Bareback
Added: 09 Jan 14
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Description: contains bareback breeding / creampie only videos. Not a condom in sight and every load is dumped into a cock hungry fucker that craves raw cock and jizz in their ass.
Well Hung Black Dick
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Added: 31 Dec 13
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Description: When you catch your boyfriend trying to pick up a guy on Grindr, there's one sure fire way to stop him, and that is present him with a hard and well hung black dick and fuck him! Mike's black cock is not only big but has an interesting shape as well. It has a natural circular bump ring in the middle of the shaft, which must feel amazing for Seba when he's being fucked hard! Enjoy over 30 exclusive images of this interracial amateur shoot and 18 minutes of exclusive video!
BiSexual 3 Way
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Added: 23 Dec 13
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Description: Many of you have asked for more bisexual 3way action. So recently we filmed this exclusive bi 3way in Brazil, featuring Agatha, Victor and Sandro. These three certainly know how to have fun and fuck! Cum watch as Agatha gets both of her holes plugged at the same time by these 2 super hot studs. Over 210 exclusive images of this shoot and 30 minutes of exclusive video, only at Wankoff World!