The Gitchy Gitchy Reel
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Added: 27 Sep 14
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Description: Prepare yourself for the most incredible male on male feet tickling videos ever made. I've compiled several great tickling moments between me and my partner Ricky in which I am taunting him with "gitchy gitchy gitchy! tickle tickle tickle!" while tickling his feet. I'm calling it "The Gitchy Gitchy Reel". These are classics from our very beginning days in 2004 when we first started making tickle videos. Ricky is ticklish as hell and you're going to love the foot tickling action and Ricky's authentic ticklish laughter and begging in this 27 minute multi video scene compilation. This will get you off for sure. Enjoy!
Jozef Zuska
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Added: 10 Sep 14
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Description: As we continue to strive to provide you a selection of men who represent the diverse world in which we live, today, we're happy to bring to you Josef Zuska. This 27 year old, furry, handsome Gemini now lives in the Czech Republic & originally hails from Iraq. Jozef starts out showing off his hairy manhole & then gets down to business stroking his throbbing cock. Enjoy!
Category: Straight
Added: 09 Sep 14
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Description: Today I received an email from a guy who lived quite far away. He answered to one of our online ads. But as he attached a face picture I agreed to visit him. It was a quite long way to the north of Bohemia. I arrived a bit later than expected but when he opened the door I realized that he looked even better than on the picture which he sent me. He lived in a quite nice apartment. It was clean and the boy wore nice clothes as well. We talked long about his problems. Nothing special. Rent, cellphone bill, some friends who lend him money and want it back right now. I liked him a lot as he looked naive and innocent. First he rejected my conditions. But I certainly wouldn't give up so easy after such a long ride.
Fero Berger
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Added: 21 Aug 14
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Description: At 6'0" 175#, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, 27 year-old Fero Berger sexplores his body & takes us along for the journey. We're so close that you can almost taste the precum dripping off of the tip of his 7", uncut, throbbing cock. Enjoy!
Classic CAUSA 76 Holden
Category: Amateur
Added: 05 Aug 14
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Duration: 0:04:16
Tags: massage

Description: Holden | 27 | 6'0" | 180# | 6.5" | Brown Hair | Hazel Eyes | Bisexual | Read the full story on the blog...
Bad Boy TJ
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 02 Sep 14
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Duration: 0:05:00
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Description: TJ is a cute little guy that runs with the wild crowd. He's 27 years old, outgoing, sometimes bull headed and a cool dude to hang out with, if you like the rough street type. Sexually, he's open to just about anything and goes whatever way the wind blows.
Gianni Jerks Off
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Added: 05 Sep 14
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Description: Gianni is a straight 27 year old and this is his first time in front of a camera. He's muscular, hairy, tattooed, former military, and has a big cock. He gets naked and starts stroking, then Vinnie measures his 8 inches. He continues jacking off, with the help of a str8 porn video and soon Gianni throws back his head and spills out a huge nut on the towel.
CAUSA 432 Adán
Category: Massage
Added: 08 Jul 14
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Duration: 0:06:46
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Description: Adán | 27 | 5'8″ | 155# | 7.5″ | Auburn Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight & **********
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 30 May 14
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Duration: 0:05:32
Tags: Outdoors Sailing Oral-Sex Gay-Fucking Cute-Gays Ass Gays Twinks Anal Bareback ****-Gays Blowjob Cumshot Ass-Fuck Big-Cocks Butt-Sex

Description: Ivan can't wait to take a dip in the ocean, and maybe into John's tight little asshole while he's at it. In this scene you get to see these two naugthy twinks enjoying a day out sailing and a good hard fuck for your entertainment. Check them out as they suck each others' asses before Ivan drills his hard cock all the way up John's puckered butt. Wanna see more?
Straight Lee
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 31 Mar 14
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Description: Another nice find from the sidewalks of Ponce de Leon avenue. He's a 27 y/o, iron worker who has travelled around the country but seems to want to settle down here. Says he'd "love to fuck a sexy man in the woods", although he's basically straight.
Tim Returns to Tyler's Room
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Added: 21 Jan 14
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Tags: smooth amateur muscle stud big dick lean hung big cock European Tylers Room

Description: 27 year old Tim is back with his big thick dick. :P He rubs some massage oil on his body and slowly undresses, playing up for the camera. Enjoy as he slaps his big beast around against his hard, lean tummy before shooting a big load.
Bois Inc Part 1
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Added: 01 Jan 14
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Tags: amateurs latin euro hung uncut

Description: In Bois Inc. the staff is between 20 and 27 years. Sunny Blue is the owner, creator of his own company and employs seven people. The business is carpentry and not idle. Oops, the last apprentice, 20 years old, Diego does not support the authority and not listening to what is asked. His boss tells him that it can not continue, and as he is about to be fired, Diego said that this time, if he wants to stay, he will have to fuck his boss!
Real Men Breed 27
Category: Bareback
Added: 06 Jan 14
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Duration: 0:02:45
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Description: contains bareback breeding / creampie only videos. Not a condom in sight and every load is dumped into a cock hungry fucker that craves raw cock and jizz in their ass.
Seba and Leandro
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Added: 17 Nov 13
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Duration: 0:01:50
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Description: A classic shoot of top meets bottom, as Seba and Leandro get naked in front of our cameras. It's nice to see Seba loves nipples and gets off on nipple play. Following the standard foreplay session, and what seems like more than 15 minutes of hardcore cock sucking action, a condom gets slapped on and our guys are now ready to fuck! Enjoy 125 exclusive images of this shoot and 27 minutes of exclusive video!
Rick Bauer and David
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Added: 17 Nov 13
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Tags: Anal Athletic Average/Above Average Beefy Guys Bodybuilders Brunette Clean Shaven College Freshmen to Late 20s Condom Used Couch/Futon Cum Shot European Five-O-Clock Shadow Hunk Masturbation Solo / Duo Oral Rimming Shaved Short / Trimmed

Description: You've seen them solo and now they've been paired in this duo! 27 year old Rick Bauer and 22 year old David, both from Budapest, are big into fitness. They've been wanting to team up in a shoot and we're the ones bringing it to you. Their kissing quickly tuning into a strip down, taking hold of each others cocks. Rick lays back on the couch while David begins orally pleasing Rick's cock and sucking his balls. They reverse rolls and Rick takes charge, giving David some fantastic oral action. David lays back on the couch, legs up in the air while Rick fucks him good. David now bends over across the couch, while Rick takes him from behind and then on his side, plowing his ass fast and hard. David finishes off stroking his way to a cum shot all over Rick's chest. Rick leans back, jacking while David tongues his balls, spewing a creamy cum shot across his stomach, leaving them both cum covered and happy!
Parker London and Bryce Star
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 28 Jan 14
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Duration: 0:05:00
Tags: Anal Athletic Average/Above Average Brunette College Freshmen to Late 20s Condom Used Cum Shot Cut/Circumcised Five-O-Clock Shadow Hunk Kissing Masturbation Solo / Duo Oral Short / Trimmed Some hair Trimmed White

Description: 27 year old Parker London and 23 year old Bryce Star, both from California are having a rendezvous back at Parker's place. After some kissing, Bryce drops to his knees and performs some extensive oral magic on Parker, while rubbing and stroking his own cock. Tables now turned Parker ******s Bryce's tool, giving it some deep throat swallows. Bryce bends over, cheeks spread while Parker prepares his hole for what is to come! Ready to fuck, Bryce straddles Parker, while he bounces up and down, swirling his ass around. Parker takes it deep! Bryce moves to the floor, flipped back with legs up and Parker drills him from up top! Both now down on the floor, they round the corner, headed for the finish line when Bryce lets go, squirting first. Parker kneels over him and spews a huge load across Bryce's stomach and chest.
Used as a urinal
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 19 Sep 14
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Duration: 0:03:10
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Description: After a photo shoot, model Ivan (21) desperately needs to take a piss, so the photographer´s assistant Basti (25) is then used as a toilet. A hardcore wet session then starts and Basti has to drink the piss from Ivan and photographer Timo (27) in turn, and during the breaks he has their thick cocks thrust deep down his throat. While Timo is ramming his hard 20x5 knob into this throat right up to the hilt and Ivan is fucking his ass, Basti moans in ecstasy...
Marcelo Mastro
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 18 Jan 14
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Tags: All Solo Amateur Amateurs Athletic Average Beefy Guys Big and Thick Big Balls Briefs Brunette Bulging Crotches Clean Shaven College Freshmen to Late 20s Cum Shot Hotel/Motel Room International Male Latino Masturbation Solo / Duo Smooth

Description: Marcelo Mastro is a 27 year old Brazilian stud, who is getting ready to start his day! He is the Foreman of his construction crew and has just woke up and getting ready for work. Before he showers, he decides to relieve a little stress by jacking off using his new Gay adult publication. He rubs himself by placing his hands inside his orange jock strap. As he pulls his huge uncut cock out, his one eyed monster is already hard and about as big around as a can of soda! He turns the pages and continues his stroking action. Up on his knees Marcelo rubs his chest and abs, never letting go of his cock with the other hand. His balls are huge, firm and full of cum, since it's been over a week with no sex or jacking off. He lays back, using his own spit as lube and with some fast and furious stroking action, he delivers a thick, white, creamy load of cum across his abs. The release feels very good to Marcelo and he's ready now to start his day!
Lunde Likes Abusing His Balls
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 11 Dec 13
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Duration: 0:02:31
Tags: amateursdoit jerkoff solo masturbate cut blue eyes Australian

Description: Lunde is a cool surfer-dude type of guy who has long dreadlocks and a deeply tanned and hot body. This 27 year old says he is gay and versatile, but actually loves to be watched and performing on cam was his way of hopefully getting seen by more people than he could imagine. Dropping right on the floor, he begins to touch his body through his clothes and takes his pants off. Playing with his bulge, he turns his attention to his balls, pulling and squeezing them. He then takes his shirt off, revealing a toned, smooth and tanned torso. He then reaches inside his underwear and strokes his cock. It swells and hardens, eventually leading him to take off the last piece of cloth clinging to his body. Now fully naked, he jacks off his beautiful, thick and cut cock while his other hand pulls and *****s his balls. His neatly trimmed pubes and shaves even his balls. Grabbing a fleshlight with both hands...
Massive Long And Thick Cock
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 07 Jan 14
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Duration: 0:02:24
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Description: This 27 year old amateur bisexual has light brown hair and eyes and a lean and smooth body with some fine hair. He has brought with him one of his favourite toys, a double headed dildo, and he is eager to show off what he can do with such a thing. Cody touches and massages the bulge underneath and later slips his hand under the waistband. As the bulge grows, he takes it off and gets completely naked. He moves over to the bed and lies down, stroking his stiffening cock. His uncut cock is massive – long, thick and very, very nice. It starts to leak some precum. Keeping himself aroused by constantly stroking his hand up and down the thick length of his shaft, he turns and begins to work on his tight ass. He tickles himself with his finger before taking the dildo out…
Seba and Leandro Pt 2
Category: Amateur
Added: 02 Aug 13
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Duration: 0:02:19
Tags: cock cock sucking amateur gay anal sex sex nipple play wankoff world

Description: A classic shoot of top meets bottom, as Seba and Leandro get naked in front of our cameras. It's nice to see Seba loves nipples and gets off on nipple play. Following the standard foreplay session, and what seems like more than 15 minutes of hardcore cock sucking action, a condom gets slapped on and our guys are now ready to fuck! 125 exclusive images of this shoot and 27 minutes of exclusive video!
Amateur Jerkoff
Category: Amateur
Added: 31 Jul 13
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Duration: 0:02:22
Tags: amateur jerkoff wank off amateursdoit Brazilian

Description: From the last time he appeared on an amateur video, Marco, an ethnic Brazilian now living in Sydney, has been doing some traveling and focusing on making a living. But he has kept true to his wild side and it has inevitably brought him back for another amateur jerk off video. At 27, this 5 ft 7 in, 140 lb bloke has a smooth, lean body. He describes himself as bisexual and truly versatile in bed and his uncut cock is around 7.5 inches when fully hard. He likes meeting people out in public, in the clubs, or through friends. But most of all, he is an exhibitionist who doesn't mind being involved in anything, be it a twosome, threesome or a big group. For that, he will surely be featured once again in an upcoming video. But for now, all the attention is focused on him and his own enjoyment, sharing his amateur jerk off with the guys as he pleasures his immense shaft.
No. 75 [7-27-13] Play & Cum in 7 + Minutes
Category: Amateur
Added: 29 Jul 13
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Duration: 0:08:43
Tags: Amateur Ass Play Masturbation

Description: Back again 4 more. It took me about 7 min. 2 cum, Butt it's all in 1 take..... Pics will follow soon.....
Terry Long and Sam Brooks
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 14 Jul 13
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Duration: 0:05:01
Tags: Amateur Amateurs Anal Average Average/Above Average Brunette Clean Shaven College Freshmen to Late 20s College Student Condom Used Cum Cum Shot European Goatees Groping Head International Male Kissing Kissing Long Hair Natural/Unshaven Ora

Description: 27 year old Terry Long and 19 year old Sam Brooks both come to us from the Czech Republic. They are enjoying some alone time and waste no time in getting down to business. Sam drops to his knees and begins sucking Terry's thick uncut cock and sucking his balls. It's all that Sam can do to get Terry's cock half way down his throat! Sam sits back on the pallet while Terry sucks his cock, balls and rims his hole, while Sam fingers himself. Sam's legs are up and Terry crams his huge cock into him, which is a very tight fit. Sam stands and bends over, while Terry plows him from the rear, with Sam asking him to go harder and deeper as he gets slammed. Terry pulls out and begins sucking Sam, while Sam strokes Terry's cock. Terry lays on his back and strokes out a load of splattering cum. Sam now stands over Terry and delivers a squirting load of cum across Terry's hairy chest. They finish with a session of passionate kissing!