Str8's First Gay Piss Fuck
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Added: 22 Aug 14
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Description: Tattooed 22 year old straight boy Drac feeds Welsey a load of piss before they take turns swapping head! Then Drac gets fucked for the first time with Welsey pounding his ass with his BIG uncut dick! Drac also gets his very first facial! Watch it all now at
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Added: 02 Aug 14
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Description: This solo jack off scene is brought to you by 22 year old Lavsky. With his shirt off we quickly notice some nice definition in his chest and arms. And from the bulge in his pants, it's obvious this Prague boy is backing a big one. The pants drop and he starts to tease us in his tight fitting underwear. Eventually he gives us a good look at his butt, before spinning around to show off that massive uncut hunk of meat. With a bit of stroking his big dick stiffens right up. Lavsky sits down and goes to work on that club, while frequently tugging at his balls. After a nice long stroke show, he finally reaches that point and the cum starts flying, landing all the way up on that muscular chest of his.
Nick Cums Like He Dances, Fast
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Added: 11 Jul 14
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Description: A very hot 22 year old dancer, Nick Salenas is back to entertain himself. As you can see, this model is a shy “self- starter.” And let's give a “thumbs up” to his masturbation technique, sure thrilled me. Being very visual, I put on porn and just let him “grow.” While stroking himself, I zoom in to see that Nick is clean shaven, and very nicely endowed, with a great set of balls; his feet are sexy too. His legs tense and his toned thighs tighten and release, he blows a “quick release” and giggles. He says he usually doesn't masturbate, too bad, he's great at it; must be a natural.
Scott Andrews
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 12 Jul 14
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Duration: 0:02:00
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Description: Scott is 22 years old and lives in Miami, Florida. A newcomer to porn Scott makes his solo debut for us here on TR. Enjoy.
Kevin Rush
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 04 Jul 14
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Description: Kevin Rush is a 22 year old student who loves football, and of course, sex, but his real claim to fame is a huge set of balls on a rather small-framed young man. Enjoy!
Sammy Danko
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 04 Jul 14
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Description: Sammy Danko is a 22 year old soccer player with a washboard stomach and a thick uncut cock. Enjoy!
My Cock In Action
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Description: jerking my big dick cock until to cum wichse meiene dicken schwanz bis zum abspritzen, nächste Woche will er wieder mal ficken
Jimmy Ellis: I'm Here To Film Porn
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 06 Jun 14
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Description: Jimmy Ellis is a great 22 year old. Laid back and "really horny," he's here to bust a nut for Yep, he knows it's gay porn, but says that when he checked, it pays better and you get to have more scenes; this straight boy is in it for the dough. Keeping an open mind, he's 5'8" and 145, single and smart enough to get my "old" jokes. He likes porn and dope; seems the more he smokes, the more he jerks; I like this guy. Comparing his jerking to a nice meal, I think we're all going to feel satisfied after he's done. Damn, feeling generous, Jimmy takes down his underwear and pulls apart his cheeks; a very nice hairy pink hole is calling my name...ah, if only. Asking about his dick size, he says he's average, but girls comment on his thickness. As he lies back and "grows," I see this boy has got masturbating down to a rhythm. "Thwacking" his balls against his legs, Jimmy stops just long enough for some hot moaning, and then goes back to it. His tigh
a062: Trevor Solo
Category: Monster Cock (10in+)
Added: 04 Jun 14
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Description: Trevor just turned 22 years old and is recovering from a long weekend of partying with his girlfriend. He uses the recent memories of that sexcapade to stroke a thick load out of his massive uncut cock.
Jiri Prazan
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 30 May 14
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Description: Jiri is a 22 year old from Prague who works as a photographer and moonlights as an established porn talent and dancer. Given another chance to see what it was like on the other side of the camera Jiri performs deliciously. Check out this hot bottom's hot round bubble butt and fat ****-can cock. Enjoy
Fucked by cameraman Kevin Reed
Category: Latino
Added: 28 May 14
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Description: Kevin Reed is a 22 year old Marine, living in the San Diego area. His experience with guys really started in college; at 19, he had a friend who made a move on him. The other guy was going to bottom, but once his saw the "monster" in Kevin's pants, "we just blew each other." Apparently, he is well endowed and even his last partner was trying to "make me a bottom." In this SDBoy video, Kevin will jack off and show us all how to "tame the beast." Kevin is no stranger to sucking and deep throats the cameraman's dick while stroking his own. As the camera pans from behind and on the side, we see the penetration is deep and a little uncomfortable for Kevin. "I need practice," he says as he grits his teeth, waiting for his anal muscles to relax. He strokes his cock for comfort. "Oh fuck," says Kevin as he is still not feeling the pleasure; the cameraman also says, "oh fuck," but for another reason. Download Full Video @ SDBOY.COM.
22 spunky centimeters
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Added: 01 Oct 14
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Description: Two mates bump into each other as they tag the walls of an old derelict house. Malte can feel the tension building up in his stiff 22 centimeters and Junior, a horny Cuban, isn't averse to a blowjob or a good shafting either. And he's got what it takes in his pants to prove it...
r140: Grant Barebacks
Category: Twink
Added: 11 May 14
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Description: 22-year-old Grant doesn't have a lot of experience with guys, and he's never hooked up with a hairy Daddy before. Today he's gets his first taste of aged beef, fucking Franco bareback with his big uncut cock and swallowing Daddy's dick until he cums.
9.5 inch Heath jerks off
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Added: 26 Apr 14
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Description: Until now, the "record" for biggest cock on the site was held by Jesse who measured out an impressive 9 inches. Well, newcomer Heath is taking over that distinction with his 9 1/2 inch uncut monster. Heath is a 22 y/o college football player who likes to mix up his free time by hitting the beach by day, and the San Diego club scene at night, soaking up all the local flavor. I saw him online one day and gave him the "how'd ya' like to do porn" line. Luckily, it was something he says he'd been thinking about for a while.
22 More Loads
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Description: Post holiday blues? Do you feel that you got cheated this Xmas? Well, your dirty un*le Tony has one more load of gifts before you put away the last of those decorations! Each little beauty in this string of pearls is just as precious as the one before. Some of my most beautiful guys doing what they do best, busting their nut just for you! This little gem of mine is guaranteed to put a smile on even the toughest customer's face. Guys grab the lube, grab your cocks, and hold onto your seat for the ride of a lifetime.
Shane Smith jerks and plays with vibrator
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Added: 11 Jan 14
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Description: I really enjoyed filming this hot straight 22 y/o stud. I actually shot Shane while he was on his way to a job interview so he was all dressed up when we started. I wonder if he'll put this on his resume.
Danny Montero
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 24 Jan 14
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Description: With his handsome dark features and hot body, 22 year old Danny Montero is a real fittie. Starting off in black Adidas trackies and top, he rubs the growing bulge in his pants then takes off his top, revealing a smooth, nicely muscled, hot body. Pulling down his trackies, leaving him in just his white boxers, he rubs and squeezes his bulge some more, then gets naked. His dick is thick and meaty, with a big bulging head on it. Danny plays with it slowly, then gives us some very hot hands free action, before rubbing plenty of lube into it and jerking off real slow for us. Plenty of very horny cock action here, then he moves over to the sofa. Danny holds up his permanently throbbing meat at the base, showing it off to the camera. He pours more lube over the head of his dick, then massages it in. He works his dick nice and slow, then gradually builds up till he is close to cumming, and keeps himself there for a bit, edging himself. Extremely hot. He starts to build up now, wanking harder a
Category: Amateur
Added: 11 Jan 14
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Description: Jakub is a 22 year old college student who loves going to the gym. Nice 6 pack abs, solid ***s and strong legs make for a super sexy bod. Jakub strips down to his underwear before changing into his secret fetish... speedos. And man does he look good in those speedos - nice ass and bulge... enjoy.