TJ The Next Level – 20 Dollar Blow
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Description: After a dubious story about fucking some gorgeous bitch he works with, T.J. strips down and starts to massage his meat...When T.J. stands up at the end of the bed and makes me suck his dick like last time, I take his whole 8.5" down my throat (he watches me the whole time!). T.J. scoots back on the bed and I come over to his side with Mr. Bill pokin' out and when he starts stroking it I say "Suck my cock!". T.J. says "No!" so I say "20 bucks more!" and he shrugs and goes down on me...He makes a valiant effort but I let him off the hook and soon he's blowin' a massive nut on my face! He seems cool with it and after he gets paid and picks out a new 'wifebeater' from my draw, he agrees to come back next week.
Straight As Can Be Dan Doe and Jayden
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Description: Dan Doe and Jayden have a little bet. Dan bets he can stand on the bathroom counter and shoot his load over onto the shower doors¡K 5ft away. $10 is on the table and then $20. Jayden sits on the toilet and jacks off himself. They both get hard and start jacking. Does Dan make it? Does he win the bet? You¡¦ll have to watch and see, but we will say that Jayden makes a lovely mess all over himself and his black tank top.
a077: Liam
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Description: 20-year-old college junior Liam has a trim physique from running track and preparing to go into the military. He warms up with a little straight porn and quickly shoots an amazing fountain of cum from his big black dick.
r163: JC's First Time Bareback
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Description: 20-year-old JC makes his porn debut with 19-year-old Steffan. He sucks cock for the first time and fucks Steffan bareback with his huge, uncut cock.
Tickle Heaven
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Description: Hot ticklish Asian hunk Jesse is back at Laughing Asians after 3 years for some more of the hottest Asian male tickle fetish action anywhere. Jesse is strapped down on our tickle rack where he is relentlessly tickled silly by cute Asian twink Warren and our expert tickler Ricky. Jesse is truly one of the most ticklish Asian boys we've had here on Laughing Asians. His ticklish laughter is delightful and infectious to say the least. Warren starts it off with tickling Jesse's armpits with the feathers causing delightful giggling from Jesse. After Warren has had his fill, Ricky steps in and really gets Jesse hysterical. Ricky tickles his armpits, feet, crotch and his very ticklish rib cage until Jesse is completely exhausted and tickled out. And to finish him off, both Ricky and Warren attack him with 20 scribbling, poking, wiggling fingers all over his hot sexy ticklish naked body. Now this is tickle heaven!
a075: Blake B
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Description: 20-year-old Blake gets off on watching other people have sex and telling them what to do, but today he's the one performing. He jacks his cock for the camera and moans and swears when he shoots his load.
Trey: A Hole New Level
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Description: Trey, 20 and straight, loves a girl to play with his ass, “croutons too.” He's really into Asian chicks; he likes the way he can “fold them.” I ask if he's ever worn a harness and pass him one to try on; it does look excellent on his muscular chest. Trey has a great body and a booty that “works.” He also puts on a jock strap and agrees that girls probably would like to see this on him, I know I do. Watching some gang-bang porn, Trey gets hard; he has a very nice cock and big balls. As he comes up, he lies back and slides a finger up his ass for Jerking as he pushes in his finger further, his cock twitches in response to the pleasure. To heighten his senses, I give Try some poppers to try. Liking the feeling, he takes time out to admire his engorged cock, whacking it against his leg; girls must love that thick piece of meat. As we get an “aw yes,” Trey moans, lies back and gets close. By the time he blows, he's very much “into himself.” Spewing all over his stomach
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Description: What happen to me today was just awesome. One thing I love the most is a threesome. I don't even know how I managed to get these two young lads into my little dirty project. First I've met one at the metro station. He was very talkative and smiley. Open to talk about everything. Once I caught into my money trap, I've tried to ask him about a friend. Surprisingly he had one who just called him a day ago, asking for a loan to pay off his debts. He called him and within 20 minutes we all been in a hotel room. What happen after was just like from a dream. Two youngster sucking on my hard cock. Licking, slapping and … Well I won't say anything else. Just see it for yourself Gents.
Straight Dude Unloads a Hefty Load
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Description: Porn is porn according to Arno. I talked at length with this 20 year old to hear about what he likes in particular and apparently he likes it all. As a self-described 'ass man', Arno is into exotic beauties to compliment his boy-next-door features and is really, really into anal sex. He swears he is strictly for the ladies but was quite accommodating when I told him to drop his pants and pull out his member. Arno jerked his dick this way and that, and didn't even want to skip a beat when I leaned in to measure it. He promised me he was good to cum two or three times in a row, but when I saw the size of his load gushing down that pink cock, I didn't have the heart to take him up on it. If I did I would have run the risk of having a country boy glued right to my casting couch!
a071: David's Audition
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Description: 20-year-old David was a wrestler in high school and got married young. Now that he's single, he's able to get out and try new things, like auditioning for porn. David strokes his big dick and plays with his asshole, and he's majorly relieved when he finally unloads his jizz on his muscular thighs and abs.
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Description: Another day. Another appointment. Another guy who lost his job. When I came there I met a strong man in his early 30s who tried to appear as cool as he could. He had a nice apartment which was well-furnished. Believe me - his standard of living was above the average. Well, as I said - it was. He should have called for help earlier. His debts already started to mountain up. And the longer I talked to him the less he was able to hide his desperation behind his impressive manhood. You know that I am always careful when I meet muscle guys. You never know how they will react. I still decided to offer my conditions. He was really freaking out. But then again he had no chance but to accept.
r155: Taylor Hazed Bareback
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Description: Franco and Zander conspire to break in 20-year-old newbie Taylor. They set up him to suck dick, get paddled and take Zander's big dick in a hard, bareback fucking that makes them both blow huge wads of cum.
Kevin Carson Fucks Shawn Furino!
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Description: Shawn Furino and Kevin Carson are new to Cockyboys but after watching how they fuck you'll be wondering why they didn't join the stable sooner! These two young hunks are both ripped, full of energy, and ready to suck and fuck their way through their 20's! The chemistry was instant between them as they got naked almost immediately after meeting for the first time.
Wanna Do Conner?
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Description: Conner, 20, 5'8”, 140 and bi, is here for a solo, but would like to try a duo. He's jerked with a guy and had some fun, now he wants to be fucked. Living here in Florida, he is originally from Canada but is done with all the cold. As he strips, he shows his nice hairy ass and cut dick. Putting on some porn, Conner works on getting up; he also plays with his hole and gives his balls a tug. Lying down, he grabs an anal toy, lubes up and fingers himself; yep, he's a bottom. Pumping a bit more, Conner then inserts the toy and begins to play; his sweet pink hole is rather receptive to all the fun. With his dick fully erect, Conner admits, “I don't have one of these at home;” we all know where his next stop is going to be. Sitting up, he watches his cock slide between his hands as it glistens. Panning the rest of this hottie's body, he has a nice set of nipples and a happy trail to please. Quietly, Conner says, “I'm gonna cum,” and does. Pooled up on his “trail,” he takes a moment to reorie
Young Blake Beats Off
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Description: Blake is a 20 year old that works on construction jobs, while attending college. He's taken a break from studies to get a little wild in the big city. While all those tattoos and piercings may give the impression he's a bit rough, Blake is actually a nice guy. He's also very sexy to watch naked and jacking off.
Two Horny Thugs
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Description: Dino and Shorty return for another duo session. Vinnie sets them up on the sofa again for some oral servicing. He does Shorty first and Dino jerks off in the background, cumming 3 times in this 20 minute scene! Shorty shoots his load on his stomach and Vinnie's face. Dino is going for his third nut, so Vinnie helps him and everything cums out fine.
Dick Licking Str8 Cory
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Description: Down to his underwear, Cory pitches a tent and sheds the boxers, allowing his hard cock bob up and down on his stomach. Vinnie oils him up and starts stroking and licking his hard dick. Then Vinnie rubs his cock up against Cory's. The str8 boy shakes his head 'no' but Vinnie continues and in about 20 seconds he shoots. To finish him off properly, Vinnie sucks the rest of the cum from his cock.
Redhead straight boy stroker
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Added: 30 Jul 14
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Description: Perry hit a little financial rough patch when he got a speeding ticket. On top of that, his GF had gone out of town for a few days so he was more than ready to bust a nut. I was glad to tell him that I could help him out with both problems. I set Perry up in the bedroom with some porn and lube and let him go at it. He must've been extra horny 'cos his cock was hard in about 20 seconds flat. I always like seeing how the guys jerk off without any sort of direction-- kinda plays to my voyeuristic side. Perry used his signature reverse-handed stroking style, everyone once in a while cupping his other hand around his big nut sack. And then there's his intense "O-face." The same one he got right before spilling gobs of thick cum onto his ginger pubes.
20 second tease
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Description: This is my 20 seconds tease. Fuck me if you like this video...
CAUSA 429 Ezequiel
Category: Massage
Added: 08 Jul 14
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Duration: 0:05:58
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Description: Ezequiel | 20 | 5'11″ | 162# | 8.0″ | Black Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight & **********
Road trip jerk off with the boys
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Added: 12 Jul 14
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Description: I hauled Nevin, Hugh, and Alec up to the L.A. Pride festival a few weeks ago. Not missing a chance to get some video to share, of course, I had my camera ready. What happened over those 14 hours was worth recording every second. But the two 20+ minute videos coming to you this week will give you all the highlights. If you're horny, go right to the video of the guys all jerking off in the backseat of the car on the drive back to San Diego. When you're all wiped up, check out the second video from earlier in the day with the guys having fun and gettin' naked at the Pride fest in front of a gang of spectators.
20 Fist Weekend Part 2
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Added: 05 Jul 14
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Description: Welcome to the ultimate gang-fisting fantasy. One hotel room, twenty tops in leather and rubber gear, and two movies made to set a new bar in the extremes of assplay.
Clayton Dicks Dusty
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Added: 08 Jul 14
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Description: They both shudder from how fucking great it feels to finally let go and rub prostate against throbbing swollen cock-head. Starting to get exhausted, Clayton stands up resting his ass on the cot as Dusty straddles him backward and gingerly inserts Clayton back inside as he slides down to his pubes and massages that cock with his surprisingly vigorous sphincter muscles. They both bounce against each other in ecstasy before Dusty wants to lay back on the cot and have the depths of his digestive tract thoroughly inspected by Clayton's perfectionist dick. Holding Dusty's legs in the air and plowing his hole like it has 20 feet of tough topsoil, Clayton goes to town wrecking his rectum until they both convulse uncontrollably as salty semen flows forth into Dusty's trim stomach, and Clayton's cock spurts forth an explosion of his own special recipe of pleasure sauce into Dusty's wrenched open mouth eager to collect every last drop.
david montenegro and ahrick ortega
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Description: You Like! Share Play Added by Fucker Mate on June 20, 2014 This week Fuckermate brings you two of our cheekiest mates together for the first time on cam. Our youngest, yet biggest mate David Montenegro and our insatiable bottom Ehrick Ortega. Despite being friends for a long time we are delighted to showcase their first hot and wet session together. David uses and penetrates Ehrick's cock hungry hole.
Island Daze Scene 3
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Added: 07 Oct 14
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Duration: 0:26:46
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Description: Island Daze Scene 3 Pacific Sun Entertainment They say that not enough sex may cause impaired vision. Well, the boys of Island Daze see 20/20! Island Daze - the second in a series of three Greek movies by Csaba Borbely - continues its story of rock-hard suspense and sex-filled thrills as you follow two underground organizations striving for 100% satisfaction and longing for cum drenched revenge!