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Description: Every week I meet new young men. They all have something in common: their debts. I always listen to their stories. How it happened and why. But every now and then I meet some special guys who have a special story to tell. This time I got a call from a young man who lost his job and who has problems paying his rent. So far nothing new. But when I visited him I noticed that he was not that typical type of client. He simply broke his arm and as he worked at a construction site he will be unemployed for several months now. And as he didn't have an insurance he was eager to meet me. He thought that I might offer him the loan which his bank refused to give. But would he accept my special conditions, too?
CAUSA 459 Sasha
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Description: Sasha | 19 | 5'8" | 125# | 8.0" | Red Hair | Blue Eyes | Bisexual & Seploring | Read the full story on the blog...
CAUSA 454 Peyton
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Description: Peyton | 19 | 5'10" | 175# | 7.0" | Brown Hair | Hazel Eyes | Straight to Bi to Gay | Read the full story on the blog...
Twink Piss Cocktail
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Description: After filling bags, bottle and anything else he can contain his piss in, sexy, smooth, 19 year old, naked twins, Benz jerks off a big load of cum. Then this naked, sexy twink pisses again, pours himself a glass of warm piss and says "Cheers" as he samples his homemade piss cocktail! Watch it all now in high quality at - Cum get wet now!
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Description: Anthony Holloway is a cute little 19 year old with a big dick. We look in on him as he jerks off in the attic. Anthony stretches his ass and strokes that big 9 inch hunk of meat, before dry humping on the floor. And wait until you see the load of cum this boy routinely delivers. What's not to like about this young man?
a068: Neil's Audition
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Description: 19-year-old football player Neil is kind of nervous, but he still lets Franco rim him for the first time before he beats off for the camera. After jacking himself to the edge a few times, he finally bursts everywhere, laughing happily as he cums.
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Description: Naked 19-year-old Milo gives up all control after he's blindfolded and his wrists and ankles are bound. He stops struggling and is treated to a deepthroat BJ and his first rim job. But once he pops his load, Franco decides to torture his super-sensitive cock.
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Description: 19-year-old Marc and his new friend Steffan stop over at the Fraternity to earn some coins doing gay stuff with each other. It's Marc's first time with a guy, and he goes as far as can, kissing, getting paddled, wearing cum and shooting his load on Steffan.
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Description: for lovers of twinks, those sexy, horned up, nubile lads, all revved up for boy-on-boy cock action, Oscar and Kamyck, just turned 19
Fresh out of the service
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Description: This 19 year old ex-military stud is currently a professional parkour. He is all smiles as he shows off his athletic ability with all his flips and tricks. Don't let his alluring smile fool you, after all that, he heads back to his hotel for a shower and jerk. This hard-bodied jock slips off his undies and hops into the shower. After soaking himself down and grabbing his big dick over and over, he takes it to the bed.
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Description: Josh Harnett is a 19 year old college golf player. He has such a great attitude and a fucking ass to match it. Extremely intelligent going to college for a niche degree. The best part of this video is Josh has only ever been with one girl, and never jerked off in front of anyone. You would never know being he pulled off the entire shoot without porn. Wonder what he was thinking about in his head... worth hearing his interview for possible ideas.
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Description: Chris is truly a catch. I recently took him to get his haircut where the barber was damn near drooling all over him. Only 19 years old, this timeless beauty still hasn't realized his own good looks. With a huge muscle hairy butt and pecs that bounce to his swinging arm. His smile, that lights up a room, and the willing to please any of those around him. Quite the giver, he would rather spend all his money on you then himself. ( It makes him feel guilty ) Just a charming, handsome man, who doesn't even know it... isn't that amazing.
big booty model
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Description: Zach Rode is a 19 year old certified personal trainer. Just what I need to get in shape this year! With his dark features, strong chiseled body, and best of all, dat ass, I will make it to the gym everyday. We did put him on the spot with some tough questions in the interview but who was paying attention anyway with this stud in front of you. This man was hot enough that I even flew out to him, just to get him beating it on film. Zach Rode ladies and gentleman, turn up your mics.
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Description: Kittia is 19 years and from Myanmar ( Burma ). He love the gay scene in Thailand and get to explore his sexuality. Here he strip , and show us his nice cock. And yes, this guy was up for a whole lot of more !
Fucked by cameraman Kevin Reed
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Description: Kevin Reed is a 22 year old Marine, living in the San Diego area. His experience with guys really started in college; at 19, he had a friend who made a move on him. The other guy was going to bottom, but once his saw the "monster" in Kevin's pants, "we just blew each other." Apparently, he is well endowed and even his last partner was trying to "make me a bottom." In this SDBoy video, Kevin will jack off and show us all how to "tame the beast." Kevin is no stranger to sucking and deep throats the cameraman's dick while stroking his own. As the camera pans from behind and on the side, we see the penetration is deep and a little uncomfortable for Kevin. "I need practice," he says as he grits his teeth, waiting for his anal muscles to relax. He strokes his cock for comfort. "Oh fuck," says Kevin as he is still not feeling the pleasure; the cameraman also says, "oh fuck," but for another reason. Download Full Video @ SDBOY.COM.
r142: Country Boys
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Description: 20-year-old Dean has escorted a few times and 19-year-old Richard has messed around with a guy, but neither of these country boys have a whole lot of experience or recorded a gay-for-pay video before. Franco leads the nervous young guys through it, then jumps into the mix. He sucks both their dicks and makes sure all three of them shoot their big loads.
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Description: Jose' Camacho is 19, straight, with a girl, and “getting into the industry.” He's been web-camming for a couple of years and thinks he's “willing to experiment.” This Straight Rent Boy is going to start with a tug today, and as “a freak,” he'll be back for more. At 5'11”, 150 lbs. and tight, he's a mix of Puerto Rican and Dominican; checking out his fat cock and nice ass, I'd agree. As he grows, Jose' says he's 7”, but I'm think that's just on a slow day. Looking at the camera, Jose' asks, “who wants to suck this fucking fat cock?” Shit, line forms behind me, people. His freak is starting to flow and this “daddy” wants you to cum too. Pulling on his ball sack, Jose' sits down and spreads his legs; he is close, but it won't be much longer. Then, Jose' says he's going to cum, and cum he does; thick streams of “crema” shoot all over. Sitting back, flaccid and relaxed, Jose' will cum again, “getting my nut on;” lube up guys, I think we've got a world-Cup cock on our
Ass play with 19 y/o Baird
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Description: I wasn't sure if Baird would be coming back. Gettin' this shy and conservative Marine naked was a feat in itself. When I asked him about doing a massage scene... well, let's just say it took some time and a big wad of cash to finally convince him. It's almost needless to say that Baird was nervous about getting rubbed down by a guy. But, as it's been said, hard dicks don't lie.
r141: Carson Initiated
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Description: 19-year-old Milo has made a lot of money going gay for pay at Straight Fraternity, and today he introduces 18-year-old Carson to the game. They stroke each other's big dicks, Milo blows Carson and they end up shooting their hot loads on each other.
Kris And Benjamin
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Description: Cute 19 year old gay Asian boy Benjamin took one look at Kris' gigantic pole and got a little scared. But then looked back at me and said, "I can take it". And take it he did! Our handsome Asian boy Kris relentlessly pillaged little Benjamin's ass in several positions, keeping Benjamin moaning and groaning. Then he rewards Benjamin with a fantastic cum shot facial.