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Gay Baseball Boy
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Description: 18yo Baseball Boy realises he is gay strips off his baseball gear and grabs the largest dildo
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Description: Corey takes off his pants and starts to play with the bulge in his underwear. It visibly grows bigger and harder as he flips over on the bed and rubs up against the mattress, delighting in the pleasure he feels. He lets his hand get inside his briefs to play with his cock. This 18yo bisexual amateur wanks off on the bed, getting himself harder and harder with each stroke of his hand. His cock is uncut, with a nice pinkish head that quickly moistens as the precum starts to leak. He wanks off in different positions – kneeling first, before lying down on his back. His plays with his cock and keeps it hard and hot by alternating from fast, hard strokes to slow, gentle ones. But he is young and eager to explode, so he starts wanking off furiously, wanting badly to get off…
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Description: Jonny Gonzales is a boy, 18, and Cuban. He has been here for a year and contacted me. Apparently, in Cuba, the difficulties of having premarital sex are unreal. Now, let's add to the fact that this Latino is gay. Jonny is understandably a virgin and has never touched another dick in his life; "I live with my family and they are very strict" he laments. For Straight Rent Boys, this "Cubano" is about to go "downtown" for the first time and learn some "mano a mano" skills. With his new phone, Jonny has used an App to contact an escort, who will help "release his inner beast." Jonny wants me to be a go between to make sure everything is safe; I guess I just have one of those faces (hehe). "Remembering when," I know how it is, as most of us do, being young, gay and wanting to express our desires, without the retribution. I have Jonny contact the guy to set up a meeting then he, Eddie and I set off on this "once in a lifetime" rendezvous. Making sure that the boy, Diego Reyes, is okay filmin
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Description: 18 year old New Zealander Jimmy is a gay versatile-bottom amateur who wanted to get naked and wank off for the camera. It is his first time and he appears a little apprehensive in the beginning. Moving up into the attic and making himself comfortable, he begins to touch his chest and crotch. Though his hands seem nervous, he gradually loses all inhibitions as his body heats up. He proceeds to take his shirt off, revealing a totally smooth, slim and toned body. He is one hot barely-legal lad and he is sure to have a great following from all twink lovers. Touching his chest and rubbing his crotch sensually, he soon steps out of his shorts. He then puts his hands inside his briefs and stimulates himself. With his cock growing bigger, he peels off his briefs to get naked, showing off every inch of his smooth body. He wanks off, and then rolls face down on the mattress...
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Description: Deny is a 18 year old European lad who auditioned for us late last year. He has an amazing torso for someone so young and as our eyes drifted downward we could see a perfectly straight, and very nice piece, of uncut meat. This is his audition solo shoot and Deny certainly knows how to get himself off and shoot an impressive cum load! Over 170 exclusive images of this shoot and 29 minutes of exclusive video, only at Wankoff World!
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Description: A few Sundays ago when we were taking the day off, the phone rang and it was young 18 yo Jaroslav. He was eager to do a shoot and make some quick cash, so we said sure, come on over! We had no studio lights set up this day but even so it was well worth filming this amateur hunk as he jerked off with the natural light! He certainly has an amazing defined and hairless body, a gorgeous uncut cock and looks to die for! Over 140 exclusive images of this shoot and 32 minutes of exclusive video, only at Wankoff World!
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Description: This week we have Tristan Tran's first time with us here on AsianBoyNation. At the time of this scene, Tristan was 18, 5'7" and 130lbs. Tristan tells us he doesn't jerk off and just started having sex with other guys. Tristan wanted nothing more than to be in one of our movies and we think we found him just the guy to pair him up with. Kevin Daniels, another hot slim young man and likes Asians. Starting out, it's tristan Tran returns to AsianBoyNation. Tristan now 21yo, first appeared when he was 18yo and originally from Orange County and now lives in San Francisco. He's been working out and receives personal training. (I'd love to be his personal trainer) He was weighed about 110lbs when he first appeared on ABN and now weighs in at 150lbs and it's ALL muscle. WOW! Today, he is performing with Chris Venice a hot little Caucasian bottom with some new tattoo work not yet finished on his back and nipple piercings. Chris brought his "A Game" today as witnessed by Tristan's facial expressi
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Description: Met this guy at the gym and he came back to my place and fucked me bareback while my 18yo male sibling video taped it and watched. My sibling joined in and got fucked bareback too then i ate the cum out of his hole. After I did that I fucked my bro too and came up his hole. You can see the rest of this video at mattsapartment.com
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Description: Marshall is an 18yo 5'10'' ''Wangsta'' with a deep voice and a cocky attitude to boot! He stops by one night needing some extra $$$ for court fines and agrees to do a scene for VinDawg... 18 minutes isn't enough time for me to "Do da Nasty"
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Description: Owen might look innocent but as you will see he is far from innocent !
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