Str8 Loads 15 Paulie - Scene 6
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Description: Today I'm going to make my move so I'm a little nervous and as I'm waiting for Paulie to arrive he calls me to tell me he's on his way. He dons a pair of Gucci sunglasses to remain anonymous and starts to watch the porn flick. When he's stripped down he jerks his piece till its nice and hard. I offer to lube him up and when he agrees I grab his cock and begin to stroke it. Paulie leans back and lets me continue for a while then he jerks himself till he's near the edge then he blasts a nut on my face. Long time cummin' but worth the wait!
Free Scene - Shooting & Swallowing Loads
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Description: FREE SCENE SATURDAY - Shooting & Swallowing Loads. Available: Saturday, March 15, 2014 Only! This one is a cum lover's delight! Walker Michaels busts a nut in Seth Chase's mouth. Being sure to get every drop of jizz out of Walker's shaft, Seth swallows the entire load of straight man sperm. With fresh, warm semen now in his belly, Seth uses the leftover cum still on his face as lube to jack himself off with. Seth, shoots his massive load into Aaron French's hand. Aaron lifts his hand to his face and eats the load. Be sure to catch Walker's surprised & funny reaction at the end.
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Description: I'm thinkin' that Kane is naughty guy in bed (i.e., verbal, nasty, and a helluva lot of fun!). From the time I viewed his profile on my favorite sex & swingers site, happened to catch him on his webcam waving his rather long cock & displaying his pretty pink hole for the camera, exchanged email & phone calls, to him getting naked & plopping himself down on the CAUSA massage table, a total of 15 hours had passed. Ours was a whirlwind romance... lol Apparently, Kane is a new dad, the wife is in the throes of post-partum (where's Tom Cruise's glib opinion when you need it? ;-), and he's online looking for a little fun & stress relief. Luckily for all of us, my path crossed his right at the right time! I say that Kane must be a naughty guy because as you'll soon see, he gets lost in the moment and starts to dirty talk, give direction, and rock & roll his hips -- all things to maximize his pleasure. Good for Kane, and even better for us!
Fuck-A-Thon - Hot Desert Knights
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Description: Hot Desert Knights is proud to celebrate 15 years in the gay adult industry with the launch of our latest release FUCK-A-THON and “The partying that started it all”. A unique nostalgic look into HDK History!
Marathon Fuck Boys
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Description: Our gay Asian twink Argie was excited to see Jesse in person for the first time. Argie has watched his Asian gay porn videos for some time and has been nearly obsessed with this hottie Jesse. Argie knows how ticklish Jesse is and the two hot boys begin a sexually gay erotic tickle romp on the bed and things turn passionate very quickly. Jesse is into Argie and soon the bareback fucking is well under way. Jesse's hot Asian cock is hard as a rock the whole time as he pounds the hell out of Argie's twink ass for a solid 15 minutes non-stop. Jesse is pounding away and explodes his cum load as he pulls out and coats Argies nut sack. Cum is squirting into Argies gaping hole. Jesse is poking his throbbing orgasming cock in and out of Argies ass and Argie immediately starts cumming all over his flat abs with moans of pure pleasure.
Cowboys Fuck Trespasser
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Description: For all you cowboy fans your ultimate fantasies are coming true! Two cowboys are surveying their grazing land on horseback and stumble across a rogue cowboy trespassing on their land. But what punishment should he get? How about being fucked anally and orally by two big hung cocks in some very hot outdoor 3-way action? 15 exclusive images of this amateur shoot and 19 minutes of Cowboys 4, an exclusive video at WankOffWorld, are ready for download now!
Seba and Leandro
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Description: A classic shoot of top meets bottom, as Seba and Leandro get naked in front of our cameras. It's nice to see Seba loves nipples and gets off on nipple play. Following the standard foreplay session, and what seems like more than 15 minutes of hardcore cock sucking action, a condom gets slapped on and our guys are now ready to fuck! Enjoy 125 exclusive images of this shoot and 27 minutes of exclusive video!
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Description: He want it all and he want it now long dilators in this big dick cock 40 centimeters or 15,7 inches wau thats funny
Str8 Loads #15: Paulie - False Alarm
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Description: It takes a few minutes for Paulie to settle down today, he's still nervous and wants a cigarette before starting. After stripping he begins stroking his cock and when he thinks I'm coming in he covers himself with the towel - false alarm. A few quick minutes of jerking and its all over, spilling a nut on his hairy little stomach. Soon after I hear ''All set!''.
Black Dudes Fuck In Garage
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Description: If you love your black men and their big cocks, then you're going to love this amateur gay hardcore video of Mike and Colombiano! This scene was shot in a private and secure garage where we just let these two cock hungry dudes go for it. With amazingly thick and uncut pieces of cock to suck on, it got too much for Mike who needed Colombiano's cock up his ass. Colombiano is more than happy to oblige and pummels Mike's tight hole with his thick black pole. Download over 235 exclusive images of this shoot and 15 minutes of exclusive video at WankOffWorld now!
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Description: We are not sure what's going on in this shoot, but we do like it! Is it a porn audition and the amateur is trying to impress the producer or is it a student getting extra credit in an very xxx way? Either way this passive slut amateur knows how to please! Head on over to Wankoff World and download over 55 images of this shoot and 15 minutes of gay hardcore video!
UK Backpacker JO
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Description: 22 year old amateur Ritchie is a spiky-haired blonde bisexual who is on a backpacking holiday. Originally from England, this handsome young stud thought he'd drop in for an audition while he was in Sydney. He says he prefers guys, especially surfer dudes. He last got down with a girl more than a year ago. His first experiences were with girls at the age of 15 but he discovered guys a year later. Now he is trying something new again – doing it on video. The idea of showing off is turning him on…
Big Cocks And Big Muscles
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Description: Into big muscles and big cocks? Alber and Hunter are musicians by trade but also love to muscle worship. These guys not only workout and have the bodies to prove it, but they also carry massive cocks and certainly know how to use them! This amateur video is interracial, gay hardcore and it's totally hot! Over 125 exclusive images of this shoot and 15 minutes of exclusive video available now at WankOffWorld!
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Description: For all you cowboy fans your ultimate fantasies are coming true! Two cowboys are surveying their grazing land on horseback and stumble across a rogue cowboy trespassing on their land. But what punishment should he get? How about being fucked anally and orally by two hung cocks in some very hot outdoor 3-way action? In the second clip from this video we see our hapless trespasser getting rammed from behind from our black cowboy while he is sucking the cock of the first cowboy who is lying out flat on the grass. 15 exclusive images of this amateur outdoor interracial shoot and 19 minutes of exclusive video, only at WankOffWorld!
I've Never Done This Before #15
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Description: I meet up with a new friend of mine, Nick, for some fun. We play, suck, and jack each other until i shoot a huge load up over my shoulder. MMMMM, fun.
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