Jesse Is Terribly Ticklish - Ricky, Mike, Jesse and Jerome
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Added: 23 Mar 14
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Duration: 0:05:01
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Description: Jesse is one HOT 20 year old grill cook. He works out every day, jogging a few miles every morning and pumping the iron right after his jog, and it shows. What a hot body! Just so happens Jesse's HOT body is horribly ticklish! His first concern was that he would break our straps, and he did break one. He admitted to being very ticklish and that not even 4 people could hold him down. This boy is tough, strong, and ticklish as hell and his angelic face delivers the most angelic giggles, chortles, and yelps! This video will keep a smile on your face and a rod in your pants all the way through this delightful 13 minutes.
Military Horse Cock, Part 1
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Added: 14 Mar 14
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Description: Question: What do you say to a fat 13-inch military horse cock? The Only Possible Fucking Answer: SIR, yes SIR!!!
Bareback Breeders 13
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Description: Sebastian's Studios specializes in gay (of course), bareback, ass breeding, hot blowjobs, cum swallowing, orgy, gangbang, hot studs, hot twinks, REAL amateur videos, NO FAKE CRAP, and a hell of a lot more. After you've enjoyed this complimentary video, be sure to take a minute and see what Sebastian's Studios is up to.
The Bossman
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Description: HandyMEN is back in business with a whole new crew for the sequel to our urban classic, Beat It Up! The day starts with Remy dreaming about taking his boss Tony Rock's 13 inches of fat black dick up his ass in every position possible. Meanwhile, Tony is showing the new guy Hotrod the ropes... and the pipe!
Str8 Loads 13 Boston - Warm Jizz On My Lips
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Added: 20 Jan 14
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Description: Boston stops by after visiting his girlfriend and when he grabs for his favorite porn flick I know he's ready for a session. He started showing his piece and stroking it hard.
13 Cum Shots
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Blowjobs 4 Uncut Euro Lads
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Description: Nineteen year old Sasha and Ricko who is 20 years old, recently changed their labeling to gay and no longer consider themselves to be bisexual. Both auditioned with us separately but we knew they would work well together so we brought them back for an amateur couples shoot. Both are uncut Euro lads, and they made it clear they were only keen to do oral sex and blow two hot loads! View 50 exclusive images of this shoot and 13 minutes of exclusive video, only at Wankoff World!
Andy Criz Fucked by the Cameraman
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Added: 23 Dec 13
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Description: Andy Criz wants to be on video, “just for the thrill of it.” This 18 year old is new to San Diego and is looking for adventure. His body art or tattoos are representative of himself and his life; he has them all over his body, as we will see. presents, “Fucked By The Cameraman Staring Andy Criz,” as you watch, this boy has a lot of things going for him. Sex for Andy started at 13, with a friend who was watching porn with him. When I asked how he knew what to do, he replies, “just did what was on the video.” He's had only one serious boyfriend, but lots of sex. When he takes his underwear off, we see he has a nice uncut and very thick cock. He usually tops, but he's pretty versatile he tells us. As Andy gets on his knees, we get to enjoy not only his lovely cock, but also a juicy bubble butt.
My Load @ 3 min. with "The Man-Handler" - No. 103 [10-13-13] .mp4
Category: Amateur
Added: 20 Oct 13
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Description: I'm back again after 3 nights. This time I bring back "The Man Handler"and stick that HUGE Cock into my TIGHT Ass. It made me want to Cum real quick pushing on my Prostate. If you look carefully, you will see my Cock throb twice and drip a little Pre-Cum just before I shoot at 3 minutes into the video. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making this.
A Thick & Gooey Load @ 4 min. - No. 104 [10-17-13] .mp4
Category: Amateur
Added: 18 Oct 13
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Description: I'm back again 4 nights after No. 103. My load is HUGE, and I came after using a popper. I hope you enjoy.....
A Thick Load - No. 102 [10-10-13] .mp4
Category: Amateur
Added: 17 Oct 13
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Description: This was a good one, and it felt great when my tight butt was throbbing on the Cock in me as I spewed. A VERY Thick & Gooey 6 night load in 2 1/2 minutes. I hope you all enjoy.....
A Gooey Spew in 6 Min. - No. 101 [10-5-13] .mp4
Category: Amateur
Added: 14 Oct 13
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Description: After a few weeks break in filming, I am back with this very gooey load at 6 minutes. Of course there is a dildo in me too. I hope you Enjoy.....
No. 100 - A Quick 2 Min. Load [9-19-13] .mp4
Category: Amateur
Added: 11 Oct 13
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Description: The Milestone No. 100. This is a rare treat. I was able to CUM without a dildo in my butt, and within 2 minutes. Enjoy.....
Troy Sluder
Category: Twink
Added: 29 Dec 13
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Duration: 0:00:34
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Description: Meet 18 year old Troy Sluder who tells us he likes long walks on the beach if anybodies interested. After his senior year, he hopes to take a road trip, but in the meantime, he hangs out with the drama club at school. When asked about why he wanted to get into doing a porn video, he says "for the experience." He realized he liked boys around 13 or 14. His first experience with another boy was with a classmate from his drama class. It started out with kissing and one thing led to another and went all the way to a "home run" :) Troy admits he's nervous but our cameraman keeps him talking and getting him more relaxed and then has him slip out of his pants. He then tells us that he has a thing for Latin boys and we get the video going to get him warmed up to the idea of taking off his underwear. As he slips out of his underwear, he's already rock hard and can't help but keep smiling at the camera. Those blue eyes and smile are a sure winner along with that cute little ass. Cum along and jo
No. 99 - Spunk in 3 Minutes [9-16-13] .mp4
Category: Amateur
Added: 24 Sep 13
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Description: Here I am 11 nights after the double loads of 9-5-13. I backed off on shooting videos, butt, not shooting loads. I was super horny and able to produce my spunk in a few minutes. I hope you enjoy.....
No. 98 My 2nd Load Tonight [9-5-13] .mp4
Category: Amateur
Added: 20 Sep 13
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Description: Here I am a few hours later that night for my 2nd load. This one is not as big as the first, Butt, it was still great to shoot it..... Enjoy.....
No. 97 Another 6 Night Load [9-5-13] .mp4
Category: Amateur
Added: 20 Sep 13
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Description: As usual, I am horny after a week of work. This is another of my 6 night loads, and it's a big one. I also put my favorite dildo into my butt. This was a bonus night. I actually shoot 2 loads (No. 98) so I hope you enjoy.....
No. 96 [8-30-13 Part 2] My Big Load .mp4
Category: Amateur
Added: 03 Sep 13
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Description: This is Part 2 of my session tonight. With the Cock still in my Butt, I manage to shoot an Impressive load. I hope you enjoy.....
No. 95 [8-30-13 Part 1] Boner Play... .mp4
Category: Amateur
Added: 03 Sep 13
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Description: Here I am back at home in the middle of my 2 week vacation and horny. I shot a load twice while traveling in Wisconsin. So this one (Part 2) took a little more effort. Be sure to watch Part 2, I really explode..... Enjoy.....
No. 93 [8-23-13]  6 Day Load in 3 Minutes .mp4
Category: Amateur
Added: 03 Sep 13
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Description: Here I am at the start of my 2 week vacation, the night before my Birthday. Always Horny, and full of CUM. I manage to shoot a HUGE load in 3 minutes with my favorite cock in my butt. Enjoy.....
Military Horse Cock Part 1
Category: Black
Added: 28 Aug 13
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Duration: 0:02:00
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Description: And that's exactly what Randy Harden does, time and time again, throughout this hot scene. It starts when Randy is going through lockers, licking boots, sniffing jocks, shirt pits, skivvies, boots and uniforms. (YUM!!!!!!) Randy is caught with his snout in the crotch of OMFG's uniform. OMFG grabs Randy by his neck chain, throws him down to the floor and commands him to suck his cock. Out pops a monster cock, which OMFG unfolds. Randy quickly sucks it up to its full 13-inch tumescence, which got my fuckin' cock hard immediately. The sight o' that fat, uncut, veiny 13-incher is enough to make any man, gay or straight, go slack jawed and weak in the knees.
No. 91 [8-17-13] My 6 Night Load Part 2 .mp4
Category: Amateur
Added: 18 Aug 13
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Description: This is Part 2 of tonight's session. Here I get down to business with "The Tool" still in my ass and spew a huge 6 night load. Enjoy.....
No. 90 [8-17-13] My 6 Night Load Part 1 .mp4
Category: Amateur
Added: 18 Aug 13
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Duration: 0:05:41
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Description: Here I am 6 nights after No. 86. Here it is in 2 parts both about 5 minutes. In Part 1, I play with my cock and get a boner while sticking "The Tool" in my ass.