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Description: In my line of work I have seen a lot of dicks, I mean A LOT of dicks. Short ones, fat ones, long ones, skinny ones, some that point north, south, east, or west. And well, some were just not memorable at all. This is NOT the case for Justin. Standing tall at five foot seven inches and not even weighing in at a buck fifty, I would not have taken a second look at Justin walking down the street. Well maybe a second look, he is pretty cute and has a hairy chest. But Justin has a secret. A big ten inch secret hiding under that dark denim of his. I was very skeptical when this skinny straight guy brought it up in casual conversation. That's a line I've heard before. He said he's had this burden since he was a skinny awkward [banned word] with a third leg. Justin has been trying to find balance in his life and determine whether his anaconda sized cock is a curse or compliment. Justin is a realist by nature, an actor at heart, and a porn star waiting to happen. He realized that he would be was
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