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Sucking a stranger
Jayzis4 4 months ago
God I would love you on my cock and I'd take care of yours
likeitalot2 5 months ago
What a shame....the chubby guy never even got his small cock hard or blew a load. Then he gave you a hand job and didn't even blow you or do some licking????? What is he nuts????? You are a stud and could do soooo much better.
Drod5613 6 months ago
I absolutely adore you and am a huge fan, although I just joined a week ago. I find myself longing to get home to watch all of your videos and drop my loads. I would love to eat that beautiful ass & cock!! I'm sure the daddy that's with you is in HEAVEN.
MKY1701 6 months ago
The handjob was hot!
goejavin 7 months ago
mmmmmm....wow that was hot. you are truly hot and watching you suck a stranger was awesome. your cock is beautiful and wish I could suck you!!!!
aquarius044 7 months ago
oups… j'ai oublié un mot important : première phrase : Tu aimerais pas MAL mieux mon corps.
aquarius044 7 months ago
Je pense que tu aimerais pas mieux mon corps que celui de ton gros ours. J'ai pas regardé jusqu'à la fin. Si tu veux voir les détails, écris-moi. Tu prends mon nick et tu ajoutes un site de courriel bien chaud… Et je t'enverrai des photos.
kh0809 7 months ago
well, ugly and digusting
cesarin 7 months ago
bear31 7 months ago
harika göt ona sokmak isterdim icine boşalmak ve azına boşalmak fahişem olmanı isterdim