Haze Him
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Cute_Gay_Boy 4 months ago
If that was real, the quality would be medium (how many college guys own professional cameras?) and shaky. I mean, even the mistakes in moving the camera look professional to me... Plus, I don't think they would have so many videos on their website.. Nevertheless, the result is awesome:P
najhae 4 months ago
the real truth? its just a fantasy, its a gay porn site of course theyre gonna do stuff like this, its all fake, look at them actin like they dont want it, when in reality they want it badly, its just acting, nothing serious, but yeah they are loud lol, and eat the ass, thats the best part
thorne04 4 months ago
this can't be for real. does anyone know the real truth behind these videos?
jacksonz 4 months ago
what a bunch of load mouth fuckin ass holes. i would tell them to take their fraternity and stick it up their ass
TuscanyAngel 4 months ago
wow bel video!!!
DONNIEBROOKS 4 months ago
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shmidgel420 4 months ago
i wish those guys would shut the fuck up!