Unglory Hole
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elyuca26 4 months ago
Do not pay for this site, are liars. they are all actors ... I found "straights" who have acted in other pages gay ... is a total fraud
Liebestraum 5 months ago
this is the same gut that's in the Out in public vid.....
wesch72 5 months ago
nice ass moves!!!
peckerwood69 5 months ago
Well this is a fantasy for many Gays, Bi-s, curious guys. As far as thebaseball cap, it's always sexy and some guys wear them very well. I just hope the female got a shitload of cash to go shopping later! Loved the slender guys's body and the cocsuckers' face/body.
lothario 5 months ago
I don't understand why the whole charade just to get two gay guys to do a blowjob? I mean the guy knows that's not a girl sucking him LOL. The whole thing is retarded. And what guy lets some douchebag with a camera watch the whole thing? Please, so retarded. Also, how come gay guys always wear hats like that? If he knows he's gonna be slammin his mouth into a wall, why would he bring a hat with a visor? What retard gives head with a hat on???
joshua51585 5 months ago
i dont care how fake it is i want this mans dick he is sexi shit
Danielr305 5 months ago
clearly people CANNOT READ this is a GAY site and NOT a BISEXUAL site gaytube are getting lazy in NOT checking what people are downloading clearly.
kman543210 5 months ago
You can totally tell how fake these are. He didn't even look down there to check out her face or to see if she was naked. Not bad cock sucking, but stop pretending that these dudes are straight and that they don't really know what's going on.
barney60 5 months ago
All that effort and he didn't get hard