Haze Him
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bobby2008776 5 months ago
The blond shouldn't be here? Look at his tattoos and the size of his hardening cock!! He's been around the block. If the wedding ring means anything, someone's already getting him. It's hard to say about the boy identified as scum -- too far away and he's permitted to keep his genitals hidden by his hands. I deal a lot with college boys, and these boys could all be in college.
venercute007 5 months ago
najhae 5 months ago
paulsome 5 months ago
very strange vid, but love to be there, ha
CJDubbs 5 months ago
Does anyone know where I can download the Haze Him videos for free?? I've already found several torrents, but every torrent site I visit, it's always the same ones. Any help would be appreciated.
Kitana 5 months ago
All I have to say is, "What the fuck?"
Danielr305 5 months ago
some these lads in my opinion look [banned word] especially the young in the blond and the young guy in the back row with placard saying scum on it does too gay tube really need too monitor what goes on their site more as I flagged down a russian gay video a few months ago as few of those lads looked well under 18 and sure enough it was taken of but in my opinion gay tube should screen all videos before they go out live in my opinion to protect the vulnerable I say not enough is being done in my opinion to stop perverts from videoing [banned word] ********
jojo66 5 months ago
I guess shit like this only happens in white colleges...LOL