Haze Him
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jojo66 5 months ago
Call me stupid or naive but there is nothing straight about the way he takes that dick up his ass.....LOL
jamie3 5 months ago
I could slap that loud mouth bastard all day and feel no remorse. Someone should stick their cock in his big gob.
dudecan25 5 months ago
look at this big mouth moron guy, guys I have some news for you u can this a pledge i call that some morons that would love to fuck guys so they pretend its part of the ritual pffff dude just get a cock in ur ass and shut up
JettBlue 5 months ago
The guy with the big fucking mouth is the one who wants to get fucked in the ass. What a loser.
texxbear 5 months ago
ridiculously stupid
rijpepeer 5 months ago
So hot, but not nice camera shot's.
yoboi01 5 months ago
i jus want to beat the piss outta that loud mouth guy then fukk the shit outta him !! lil fukker
Webryder2 5 months ago
That guy loves being fucked.
lymangel 5 months ago
As more of these vids are posted, the more stupid they become. Why do "straight" white guys have to be so moronic in their behaviour ? Yellin' and stuff. It's not cool, it's not hot. They are all pathetic bastards trying to prove something.
jerry2197 5 months ago
Played with my ass through the vid.
luxlondon 5 months ago
the camera man is the worse camera man ever... and did they use mobile?
vittorioc 5 months ago
THAT WAS HOT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
carlosvi 5 months ago
Quiero un grupo de machos que me claven asi. Estoy en montevideo, tengo 45 y me gusta la verga, la leche y las lluvias doradas.victorpis********.com
rcc512 5 months ago
This is so fake. Someone needs to take a baseball bat to the guy that is talking so much. What a dick. The guy doesn't even call out in **** when he sticks his cock in his ass. I have been fucked a lot and the first few times it hurt like hell.