Broke Straight Boys - Cj And Damien
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flirtycock 5 months ago
CJ is getting fucked every single time and calls himself a str8 man ? Please stop these lies! He is a fucking faggot!
wesch72 5 months ago
CJ I really want you!!!
alexman273 5 months ago
CJ is fuckin hot! I don't give a crap if he's gay or not as long as he stills getting naked 4 the cameras! Fuckin hot... I want him 2 do me...!
IMEI 5 months ago
Cj is so HOT :) BTW this is a bad business I feel bad watching thses guys do it 4 the money it's just not fair if they do it coz they're gays n they wanna show off then thats fine
japeth 5 months ago
damien has a wayy cuter face, but cj has a hotter body. And my ass he's straight he look like he was enjoying the bj he was giving damien.
najhae 5 months ago
cj is cute!
seanf24 5 months ago
haha CJ is not straight, you see the way he looks at some of the guys, lol he tries to be discrete! but hes still hot, and hes straight acting which is just fine with me!
carosa 5 months ago
CJ, i don't believe a word of what you say. You are a liar. If you are not gay, you should not be coming to this place so often.
Island_human2 5 months ago
If CJ's straight, then why is he in so many gay porn movies?
jimro 5 months ago
i love cj, but i still am wondering if he is really straight?
Webryder2 5 months ago
CJ is one sexy looking guy.