College Boy Physicals - Corey 2
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George1946 5 months ago
That was dumbest vid I ever saw. How that *** kept from laughing or throwing up a miracle!!!
102979 5 months ago
Sweet, cute guy. Beautiful, beautiful woodie. Love watching him get so hard. So big & so curved up, looks like he is cut. His balls get so tight as he gets harder & harder. Love to see him edging & cumming. When I had my appendix out a cute guy came in to shave me for surgery & I was hard the whole time he was shaving me. It must have taken a half hour!!! I thought I was going to cum, but I managed not to cum. I remember staying hard the rest of the morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
soulsex 5 months ago
@ 5:40 the naked dude is looking like he's never been fucked...Yeah right! That ass has seen more cock than a urinal at a Football stadium.
rickhatch1 5 months ago
He's the guy (fat or not) that makes prolly a million dollars a year making these movies!
syko 5 months ago
too creeeeeepy :(
starbuck65 5 months ago
Forget the Dr.--Corey is hot and looks like he is scared to death.
Mocaman 5 months ago
hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! it's the creepo from BSB! i knew he was a fat slab of gross! Ok, the fact the BSB guys are able to even get hard in front of him and his 3 chins and 6 bellies proves that they're gay!
Emmanuel_4 5 months ago
Chubzilla is the same fatso from "Broke boys"
nailPower 5 months ago
my ass! what is this fat house of blob doin in a wank vid!