Tyler Saint and Jake
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Musclestud_1977 5 months ago
Its sad that an old, fat-ass lke Jake has to (most likely) pay studs like Tyler Saint to screw him. No as far as Tyler, I'd like him tap me anytime and I am a top!
Jackson123 5 months ago
This is about as sexy as french kissing your grandmother.
yoo_yoo36 5 months ago
i love jake balls and ass
69tober 5 months ago
i like jake too...but obviously not for everyone...
mrwinter85 5 months ago
Guys! what's with the hater-raid! I think Jake is cool.
WillyJay 5 months ago
jake has the most uncharismatic cock i have ever seen. U G L Y.
SmoothTim 5 months ago
I don't care what you guys say, I would love to have Jake ride my cock every time he feels like it :)
Danielr305 5 months ago
I agree with you jake could take big cocks like this a few years no probs but every seems to shelving up on him and hes a real turn off now days in my opinion jake I think should just be a producer and not in his own shows anymore as hes has not got a firm ass anymore and it seems to me hes not as trim as he once was it seems to me. I think jake should step down from doing porn now soz jake its our opinion m8
Franken69 5 months ago
Can someone convince "granny' that he is not sexy, his body is sagging and it's disgusting to see him with young muscular guys he obviously pays.