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zero4love 5 months ago
even he doesn't move the clothes, nepssyuh
condessa 5 months ago
How much jealousy u guys show with your comments, it only tells how angry and frustrated you are in your own lives, it really pisses you off how that dirty old man -regardless of the money involved- gets to have all these young and beautiful boys and you don't! because if you did you wouldn't care what he does. Period.
putrandrew 5 months ago
Hey, fucked up how the world goes eh guys? Hetero or Homo, the hot ones downgrade for the money. I say it gives hope for the ugly people.
mascador 5 months ago
oh come on, viagra only helps if you have sexual desire but no hardon. If you have sex with that old fart, a bucket of viagra wouldnt help either. Somebody shoot this guy please
uni_hottie69 5 months ago
the things people do for money...
DerSchweize 5 months ago
viejo de mierda. Y los boludos que se dejan toquetear por ese viejo. Si el tipo tiene tanto dinero que se opere algo para verse mejor, así no da asco a esos chicos lindos que toquetea, ni les tiene que dar 3 viagras´para que se les pare cuando los toca
lovehairydudes 5 months ago
no shit. must be nice to be that loaded. you can get anyone to fuck you if you had enough money