Working Stiffs: Scene 1: Adam Russo & Thomas
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Description: As night falls, Thomas sneaks in a porn break in the work room. "Is that what I'm paying you for?"; asks boss Adam Russo, sneaking up behind him. "Let's do our own"; Adam unbuckles his bud, whose already big uncut cock quickly grows bigger between the sucker's skilled lips. Thomas whips it on his tongue, the smiling Adam taking it to the root. Thomas pulls his foreskin down to show off his shaft, Adam spitting on it and diving down again. Adam pulls up the foreskin, twirling his tongue inside and nibbling it. Adam eats and fingers his bud's hole before guiding him down. Thomas deep sucks the verbal Adam's throbber ("Go all the way down & hold it!"), then eats his ass; biting on Adam's cheeks before offering his own hole. The top smiles as he fucks him fast from behind. "Slower?"; asks Adam. "
Added: Sep 05, 2013
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