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Description: When Josh whips out his hot thick cock, John only took a few seconds before he was leaning over and jamming the military meat down his throat. He bobbed happily for several minutes on Josh's dick before he asked him to return the favor. Josh grudgingly obliged. He slipped his lips over the Staff Sergeant's shaft all the way to the base. Then slowly he starts to withdraw the other soldier's meat from his mouth, but gags as it releases from his throat. Now that these two are totally horned up, Josh needs to give John some marine fucking. He puts John on his back and slowly slides his cock into the other marine's ass. When he gets it all the way in, he begins to pump rhythmically—giving him the entire piece of meat with every stroke. He bangs away at John's ass, making the marine moan in ****. When he's satisfied that he's had a good fuck, Josh pulls out and circles around to John's face. He lets loose rope after rope of thick cum, coating John's face.
Added: Sep 02, 2013
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