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In the Arms of an Angel
studright 4 months ago
Guys, I made this in hopes of creating some sort of serenity, some level of peace amoungst the chaos of porn. As a small ***** I fantasized that some beautiful male angel would appear and take me away from the dark side of humanity.
Denflo 4 months ago
Most of these guys just look like their wings are added as an afterthought. I know it's just a fantasy but in order to have wings and fly you would have to have very large upper muscles with tremendous strength. I wish there was an artist that could paint something more believable.
WEEMS 4 months ago
So beutiful and the song say's it all this version's lovely and Katherine Jenkin'sversion's lovey to.you do it for me every time just perfect Keep it Up<br><small>[edited]</small>
wesley2 4 months ago
Ty for this it made me cry