Bladder Enema
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fuckedbyu 4 months ago
i would love to take a shower in that
fredd80 4 months ago
Hi!I must admit that your body is just perfect and very nice.ANYWAY... what you are doing with your bladder is extremely stupid and utterly DANGEROUS!!!as a gay spinal cord injured guy, I can certify that it is commonly considered that the bladder should not be emptied by more than 500ml all of a sudden...we daily struggle, each of us , AGAINST that risk because of ***ney risks... I guess you cannot figure out how dangerous it can be for them (the ***neys, I mean).That's the reason why I do disapprove such games... and not that I can consider myself to be one of those "morrons Conservatives"; far from that!But merely, it's a medical issue...You should not ignore that reality even though I guess you do not play those erotic games daily. THAT'S NOT A good REASON to justify that One plays with such serious matters like those...kind regards,Fredd, France.
buddyboi1979 4 months ago
that cant be healthy
jacksonz 4 months ago
why would you do that??